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in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 



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Wasbingm C^lkge 
JOO Wasbingon <L/fPem^ 

Cbeslertmm^^m^ 21620 


Table of (Contents 







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W fc 

Thank you President Toll! 

This sixty-eighth volume of the Pe- 
gasus is dedicated to College Presi- 
dent John Toll, who after nine years at 
the helm is leaving campus. He is a 
truly great man who has done 
remarkable things for Washington 
College. A stronger academic reputa- 
tion, the creation of two academic 
centers, a more able student body, 
generous scholarships, and improved 
campus facilities are just a few of the 
outcomes of his presidency. Through- 
out his tenure, he demonstrated 
remarkable energy, tremendous 
passion for this school, and genuine 
interest in the students. Among the 
many wonderful things that Dr. Toll is 
known for is eating with students in 
the Dining Hall, and attending all our 
campus events — even those late at 
night! He has always been there for 
us, cheering for each of our successes. 



4 Dedication 





. »^^ ,M.. 



m /f" 




fc> ^H^V 

■MH^^aBk Jr^.^ 

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Student Life 



Student Life 

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8 Student Life 

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1, * 


Student Life 9 

Just having some fun... 

10 Student Life 

Student Life 11 

Around campus... 







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y^^^^S 1 

12 Student Life 

Student Life 13 










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14 Student Life 

Student Life 1^ 

Hanging out with friends, 

16 Student Life 

Candids 17 

HHnVH ' 1 



7' y 



/ / 

Candids 19 


Tr'" ^ 1 1 

m ^ a^Im 





^ \ ' 



20 Candids 

Candids 21 

22 Candids 

The Gold Pentagon Awards 

John Toll 

Brian Desaulniers 

Sophie Kerr Prize 
Angela N. Haley 

The Louis L. Goldstein '35 



24 Commencement 

Eugene B. Casey Medal 
Tara Kunkle 

Henry W. C. Catlin 1894 Medal 
Timothy M. Appel 

Clark-Porter Medal 
Florin Ivan 

George Washington Medal and 


Angela Crenshaw 


The Department of Biology 

Professional Award 

Brian Desaulniers 

Amanda Higdon 

Tara Kunkle 

The Department of Biology 

Research Award 

Matthew Kearney 

Sunipa Saha 

The Department of Biology 

Award of Special Recognition 

Shannon Modla 

26 Commencement 

The Department of Biology 

Teaching Award 

Lauren Moore 

The Department of Business 

Management Award 

Rui Pereira Gomez 

The Department of Business 

Management Senior Obligation 


Natalie Liccketto 

Schottland Business Leadership 


Allison LaMarca 

Commencenient 27 

The Joseph H. McLain '37 Prize 
Kathleen Swam 

The James R. Miller '51 Award 

for Excellence in Chemistry 

Kathleen Swam 

The Stewart Drama Award 

Katherine Bernstein 

Michael Meagher 

The Federal Reserve Bank of 

Richmond Award 

Peter Taylor 

The Wall Street Journal Award 
Timothy Appel 

The Emil J.C. Hildenbrand 
Memorial Medal 
Jazmine Gabriel 

The Writers Union Award 
Heidi Atwood 

The Enviromnent Studies 


Angela Crenshaw 

The Gender Studies Award 

Melissa Maenner 

Robert Rarmeberger 

The Arthur A. Knapp '39 

Memorial Prize in History 

Kimberly Boughan 

Matthew Burnham 

28 Commencement 

The William Cover Duvall 30 


Autum Thayer 

The Alpha Chi Omega Music 


Cregory Adams 

The Department of Philosophy 

and Religion Award 

Jasmine Cabriel 

The Political Science Award 
Tracey Stewart 

Psychology Department Award 

Michael Scappellato 

Kathryn Solon 

Candace Turner 

Tara Wagner 

The National Society of the Colonial 

Dames of America in the State of 

MD Prize 

Cregory Adams 

The Phi Alpha Theta Award 
Matthew Burnham 

The International Studies Award 

Florin Ivan 

Miako Kanetani 

The Tai Sung An Memorial Prize 
Blazej Lippay, Jr. 

The Erika and Henry SaUoch Prize 
Florin Ivan 

Comniencement 2"^ 

The Virginia M. Conner '85 

Psychology Award 

Jessica Cornett 

Anthropology Award 
Julianna Butler 

Anthropology Service Award 

Christian Mears 

Brynn Torelli 

The Margaret Horsley Award 
Stacey Ranneberger 

Sociology Service Award 
Kelly McGlynn 

The Norman James Humanities 

Award for Excellence 

John Evans 

30 Commencement 

The Doris T. Bell '50 Award 
Gina Ralston 

The Alfred Reddish Award 
John Evans 

The Thomas Reeder Spedden '17 


Sara Beegle 

Michael Dyal 

Janet Studdiford 

The Eldridge Eliason Award 

Margaret Klag 

Peter Taylor 

Richard Yost 

The Senior Athletic Awards 

Stephen Berger 

Margaret Klag 

Peter Taylor 

Sho'men Club Award 

M. Alexander Kuhn 

Allison LaMarca 

Kelly McGlynn 

The W. Dennis Berry M'87 

Leadership Award 

John Killeen 

The Karen Kaitz Emerick Award 
Minty Abraham 

The Penny J. Fall Athletic Award 
Amy Levak 

The Jonathan A. Taylor Jr. Leader- 
ship Award 
Gregory Adams 

The Non-Traditional Student Award 
Monica Heinsohn 

Outstanding Community Service 


Minty Abraham 

Jennifer Anderson 

Brian Krist 

M. Alexander Kuhn 

Allison LeMarca 

Jennifer Lanigan 

Katharine Werner 

Comniencement 31 

32 Candids 



Katy Bishop 

This year has been such a success for th 64 sisters of the Beta Pi Chapter of Alpha Chi 
Omega. Our annual Casino Night raised over $2,000 to support our philanthropy, 
vitims of domestic violence. In keeping with our dedication to our philanthropy we also 
participated in the adopt-a-highway program and held a christmas party with the 
brothers of Kappa Alpha for underpriveledged children in the area. Santa Claus greeted 
each child with toys and new clothes. A spring retreat strengthened each sister's 
committment to our values of leadership, friendship and service! Beta Pi sisters also exel 
in all of their academic pursuits. Numereous sisters have made dean's list for consecu- 
tive semesters, and are involved in various leadership and honor societies. Not only 
have we excelled as a sorority, we each take pride in reaching our personal goals. Many 
sisters have studied abroad, taken top honors in varsity sports, and hold leadership 
positions on campus. This spring we welcomed 18 exceptional women into our sister- 
hood. We look forward to another exciting year and wish the best of luck to all our 
graduating seniors!! 










Ashley Phillips 

Laura Rowan 
V.P. Finance 

Jenny Campitelli 
V.P. Education 

Mary Cambell 
V.P. Recruitment 

Jill Nehr 
Panhel Delegate 


Jeremy Cook 
Social Chair 

Christina Klecka 

V.P. Fraternal 


Sahara Feigenbaum 
Risk Management 

Mandy Duvall 


Julia Myers 

Stephanie Bendos 

34 Greek Life 

Alaina Anderson 

Ashley Newnam 

Ashley Phillips 

AphI Rosenberger 

Becky Binns 

Beth Castoro 

Betsy Davis 

Brittany Jones 

Claire Auerbach 

Cara Clements 

Claire DeRose 
Cissy Fenwick 
Courtney Hanson 
Christina Klecka 
Caryn York 
Emily Burk 
Erin Denniston 
Ellen Morrison 
Genevieve McCarron 
Julie Burke 
Jenny Campitelli 

Jeanne Clark 
Jeremy Cook 
Julie Driscoll 
Jenn Lanigan 
Julie Myers 
Jillian Nehr 
Kate Alyanakian 
Katy Bishop 
Karen Fry 
Kate Hertzler 
Kelly Logan 
Kristen Louk 
Kristen Machen 
Kelly Nealon 
Kim Olga 
Klrby Shedlowski 
Karen Simos 
Kate Ulrich 
Lauren Goetting 
Laura Jarboe 
Laura Rowan 
Laura StoutTer 

Lindsey Summers 
Lauren Wilkins 
Lindsey Wilkins 
Manna Andonova 
Mary Campbell 
Mandy Duval! 
Mana Marshall 
Margarita Vigrande 
Marcella White 
Nike Pantazes 

Priscilla Brown 
Ryan Case 
Rachel Hartman 
Stephanie Bendos 
Steph Bradley 
Sara Feigenbaum 
Steph Gerwitz 
Sunni Lange 
Stephanie Tavares 
Zarina Syed 

Greek Life 3? 



"Alpha Omicron Pi is an international women's fraternity promoting friendship for a lifetime, 
inspiring academic excellence and life-long learning, and developing leadership skills through 
service to the fraternity and community." The sisters of Sigma Tau chapter have incorporated 
this mission into every aspect of their lives, resulting in an incredible year for Alpha Omicron Pi. 
The sisters of AOII excel in academics, athletics, leadership, service, and friendship at Washing- 
ton College. The sisters are members of athletic teams, intramural sports, student government, 
academic and leadership honor societies, and participate in numerous campus clubs and organi- 
zations. Sigma Tau chapter was recognized nationally by AOII in receiving the Headquarters' 
Cup. Our chapter was also recognized locally in having been awarded the Loving Cup for 
having the highest Panhellenic GPA on campus for the second year in a row. Our sorority 
national philanthropy is arthritis research, and we held our second annual "Spike Out Arthritis" 
co-ed volleyball tournament in the fall to raise money for the foundation. Other service e\'ents in 
which sisters are actively involved include Adopt- A-Highway, Casey Time, Character Counts, 
Best Buddies, Special Olympics, and the Arthritis Walk in Washington D.C. The sisters of Alpha 
Omicron Pi look forward to what the future holds for our chapter. To our seniors, we will miss 
you! Good luck and best wishes to the class of 2004! 




NEW ■ 

36 Greek Life 

Amy Bromwell 

Amanda Jones 

Allison Lamarca 

Ashlee Reed 

Bridgette Brown 

Courtney Devine 

Carly Hankins 

Carolyn Myers 

Colleen Powell 

Crystal Rivell 

Chrissy Romano 

Diana Watts 

Erin Alessi 

Emily Cornette 

Elizabeth Gilbert 

Erin Honaker 

Erin McMahan 

Emily Rawson 

Heather Cannavale 

Jennifer Burke 

Jennifer Cox 

Jackie Hettinger 

Jeanne Santarpia 

Jeanne Seeberger 

Kathryn Cuff 

Kimberly Dannenfelser 

Koren Davis 

Katie Hickman 

Katie Orga 

Katie Piringer 

Kathryn Zajac 

Lindsey Eichner 

Lauren Ford 

Lauren Majdosz 

Laura Parr 

Lynn Pistone 

Lindsey Tegeler 

Meghan Hartzell 

Maggie Klag 

Maureen Mangan 

Min-Li Wu 

Nikki Gillum 

Stacey Clough 

Samantha Hunt 

Sara Mackeverican 

Stacey Pratt 

Sarah Riklin 

Theresa Pyzik 

Teena Tayag 

Yianna Patronas 

Nanna Kozemchek 

Traci Kraft 

Tera Gebhart 

Michele Petrino 

Anna Landry 

Anna Harrison 

Kristen Hamstead 

Leslie Meredith 

Maria Hogg 

Marcie McConn\'ille 

Sarah Gregg 

Laura Shand 

Ashley Meinders 

Gillian Strobel 

Amelia Barnard 

Megan Lucas 

Greek Life 3/ 



"Sisterhood is many things. It's a warm smile on a cold and rainy day, a friendly hug, a cheerful 
hello... It's all that a good and lasting friendship is, only better. It's treasured. It's sacred. It's 
knowing that there will always be someone there for you. It's dreams shared, and goals achieved. 
It's counting on others and being counted on. It is real." Zeta Tau Alpha, a fraternity established 
under the premises of independence, loyalty, love, and trust, was brought to Washington College 
on April 30, 1938. With this establishment, the Gamma Beta Chapter proudly became the 75th 
chapter of ZTA. Coming from all backgrounds and em'ironments, ZTAs exude confidence, 
originality, and a general loving spirit for all things. Involvement in many on and off campus 
activities including athletics, performing arts, ser\'ice projects, student government, and clubs 
allow ZTAs to spread their positive influence to others around them. Supporting the national 
Zeta Tau Alpha philanthropy, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, is one way the 
Gamma Beta Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha spreads their love and care to those beyond our commu- 
nity. Fundraisers including the Mr. ZTA Pageant for Breast Cancer Awareness, Adopt-a-High- 
way. Race for the Cure, Relay for Life, and involvement in local service activities allows Gamma 
Betas to help fight this battle against breast cancer. Though ZTAs contribute different talents and 
ideas, each is bonded in a sisterhood belie\'ing wholeheartedly that "the foundation precept of 
Zeta Tau Alpha is love, the greatest of all things." 


Kathryn Fluhr 

Samantha Hastier 
Vice President I 

Shelley Kreh 
Vice President II 

Amanda Barnes 
Vice President III 

Samantha Neely 

Kristin Koenig 

Sarah Curnoles 
Ritual Chair 

Beth Bigler 

Jami Rosencrance 
Panhel Delegate 


Amanda Whittemore 
Panhel Secretary 

38 Greek Life 

Kelly Alston 

Catie Alysworth 

Jennifer Anderson 

Amanda Barnes 

Beth Bigler 

Erin Bollinger 

Allison Burk 

Candace Busch 

Amber Chester 

Katie Cooper 

Sarah Cornacoff 

Sarah Curnoles 

Jennifer Daley 

Emily Dickert 

Brenna Doyle 

Heather Evans 

Katy Fluhr 

Julia Frazier 

Astra haldeman 

Beth Hargraves 

Kady Hartvik 

Sam Hastier 

Sarah Hill 

Lindsay Hutchinson 

Jamie Johnson 

Erin Jones 

Eileen Kasd 

Katie Kastner 

Julie Klopp 

Lindsey Knorr 

Kristin Koenig 

Erin Koster 

Shelley Kreh 

Courtney Kurtz 

Kim Last 
Natalie Licketto 

Rachel Loose 
Melissa Maenner 

Diana Martin 

Kathleen Mason 

Jennifer mead 

Heather Michaud 

Whitney Morell 

Nicole Moore 

Sam Neely 

Siobhain O'Connor 

Missy Riggs 

Tiff Roos 

Jami Rosencrance 

Kaitlyn Ruitenberg 

Erika Salomon 

Jaqui Schaffer 

Monica Sharpley 

Sarah Silbaugh 

Bridget Smith 

Kelsey Taylor 

Christine Thompson 

Kim Viens 

Tara Wagner 

Lindsey Webster 

Jessica Weitzel 

Mary Elizabeth Wilkes 

Molly Williams 

Amanda Whittemore 

Lindsey Wolfe 

Joy Woppert 

Greek Life 39 

Kappa Alpha Order 
Beta Omega 

In the fall of 2003 the brothers co-sponsored a Christmas Party for fifteen 
impoverished local children by providing them with gifts, refreshments and a visit 
from Santa. We also organized a 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament to benefit 
Muscular Dystrophy. As for spring 2004, Beta Omega held its 3''' Annual 
Spaghetti Dinner helping the chapter earn over 2100 hours of community service 
and raise over $2000 for MDA. When not organizing events or parties (Beach Bash 
or Mard Gras) the brothers maintain the highest fraternal GPA. Beta Omega is 
currently the largest fraternity on campus with 42 brothers. 



Benjamin Hyson 

Timmy Metzler 

Brian Krist 

Brian Norris 



Brad Hartzel 

Peter Knox 

David Strieker 
Sergeant at Arms 

Jon Beall 

40 Greek Life 

David Gallara 

Rui Pereira 

Adam Steficek 

Matt Edwards 

Chris Mears 

John Wilhelm 

Michael Coppola 

Benjamin Hyson 

Brian Norris 

Timmy Metzler 

Wayne Creeden 

David Strieker 

Rich Skip 

Jay McEvoy 

Jim Barossi 

Jamie Legg 

Scott Thompson 

Matt Kibler - III 

Howard Jones 

Tyler Virts 

Dru Slater 


Will Grofic 
Jon Beall 

Peter Knox 
Tom Murray 
Brad Hartzel 
Mike Parton 

George Best 

John Hartman 

Mike Phillips 

Kevin Marshall 

Joe Wilson 
Jason Bro\vn 
Walter Pyzik 
Brian Bender 

Jon Ulrich 
Matt Bounds 
Ste\"e Sweet 
Mike Mcmen 
Zack Dixon 
Josh x\mie 

Greek Life 41 

Phi Delta Theta 

Dawson Hunter 

James Agnor 

Brendan Cunningham 

Tatsuro Otsuki 

Karl Denney 

Ed Barbour-Lacey 

Scott Walton 

Nick Mikalevsky 

Chris Dodge, 

Justin Levine 

Justin Gunn 

Joe Nicastri 

Brian Matthews 

Dr. Garry 


Nate Jones 

Trey Hudson 

Jack Richards-Bohrer 

George Sperlbaum III 

David Brooks II 

Stephan Pawlowski 

Justin Smith 

Teben HT Glebus 

Nat Thompson 

Lars Kalp 

D. Trevor 

B. Carouge 

Tyler Raven 




42 Greek Life 

Greek Life 43 

44 Candids 

46 Clubs 

Clubs 47 

Curren, Megan (Capt) 
Graillot, Sjoukje (Capt) 
Gates, Chelsea (Pres) 
Smith, Julie (VP) 

Douglass, Melissa 

Franckle, Jennifer 
Match Secretary 

Porter, Mandy 

Dewey, Heather 

Women's Rugby 

Alpert, Nicole 
Alston, Kelly 
Anderson, Johanna 
Arnoult, Amanda 
Ahvood, Heidi 
Clark, Jade 
DeMott, Renee 
Dickert, Emily 
Forester, Ashley 
Franckle, Marvbeth 
Fritz, Sarah 
Jones, Erin 
Kademian, Kellv 
Kelly, Jill 
Lange, Julia 
Mazhar, Fatima 
Naundorf, Erika 
Paza, Lexi 
Porter, Tammarisk 
SuUivan, Kate 
Taute, Dawn 
True, Chelsea 

Dr. James R. Locker 
Faculty Advisor 

I Dr. Anne Marteel- 
Faculty Advisor 
Dr. Gary Hiel 

ASC Student 

Nana Afari-Armah 
Rai Gary 

Theresa Donohue 
Diana Feldstein 
Jennifer Franckle 
Shawn Hampt 
Rachel Hoelman 
Daniel Himmelberger 
Ryan Humphries 
Keshi Kanya 
Nicole Moore 
Thomas Stromberg 
Andrew Waters 
Brant Whisler 
Megan White 
Min-li Wu 

Melissa Pasterkiewicz 

Mike Ridgaway 

Sarah Curnoles 

Andrew Cowles 
Technical Director 

Carrie Chapter 

L 1 

Writers Theatre 

Michael Meager 
John Hefner 
Mah Rover 
Terri Deprima 
Michael Barron 
Kevin Brotzman 
David Earle 
Chris Herrmann 
Heather Martin 
E\a Hanley 
Beth Kerr 
Kelly Myler 
Cindy Orndorf 
Erika Salomon 
Val Larson 
Molly Weeks 
Sarah Middleton 
joe Gates 
Alvssa Checkai 
Liam Daiev 

48 Clubs 

East Hall 

Samantha Shaffer, Rosa Snouffer, 
Anna Henning, Ana Prado, Emily 
Rawson, Ctiau Ba Minh Vu, 
Stephanie Becker, Kirby 
Shedlowski, Olukorede Gisanrin, 
Rie Nakayama, Christina Maguiat, 
Stephanie Gardiner, Elisabeth 
Azoulav, Andrea Neighbors, Laura 
Parr, Mayuko Ohashi, Babv-Jane 
Minah, Rebecca Holtzer, Ceren 
Barlas, Alejandra Giangiulio-Lobo 

Middle Hall 

Kathryn Walsh, Laura Greenback, Erika 
Salomon, Lindsay Bergman, Marian Kelleher, 
Brian Cornelius, Heidi Atwood, Joseph Gates, 
Stephen Yanek, Lauren Kimball, Jaki Grier, 
Michelle Disney, Sarah Middleton, Tobyn 
Nuttall, Amanda Lewis, Heather Martin, Mel- 
issa Pasterkiewicz, Amanda Barnes, Michael 
Barron, Christopher Herrmann, Charles 
Sikorski, George Cheatham, Katherine Coots, 
Nicole Chalas, Teresa DePrima, Marian Royer, 
Madeleine Perry 


West Hall 

Megan White, Kristin Koenig, Kathleer 

Swam, Diana Feldstein, Christianne Dat 

Nicole Moore, Jennifer Franckle, Allisoi 

Wade, Laura Hundemami, Heather Dew( 

Rachel Hoelman, Ryan Humphries, Brion 

Williams, JaneFlora Kanya, Nana Atari 

Armah, Alyse Shelton, Shannon Modla 

Kanika Davis 

50 Residential 

Living on campus gives you lots of opportunities close at hand. 

Queen Anne 1st floor 

artin Dunphy, Christopher Ehmer, Marc 
irvkel, Thomas Crise, Derek Schatel, Jacob 
er, Matthew Crisp, Jason Mitchell, Ronald 
ksai, Jacob Kahan, Anthony Capone, Brian 
andifer, Brandon Horbal, Mark Stevens, 
Gregory Adams, Erik Lyon, Edward 
ahenstein, Stephen Sweet, David Hosey, 
tthew Johnston, Matthew Bounds, Adrian 
erson, Tyler Raven, Andrew Bright, Asad 
isuf, David Nguyen, Daniel Blumenfeld, 
lian Steinwedel, Mickael Manen, Zachary 

Queen Anne 2nd floor 

Carol Landis, Genevieve Trego, Ashley 

Crisler, Megan Crisler, Cynthia Omdorf, 

Stacy Lex, Caitlyn Koehier, JachTi Thornton, 

Kathrvn Belmonte, Melanie Ruppert, Lindsav 

Merhige, Erin Jones, Jessica Knight, Rebecca 

Goldstein, Heather WTiiting, Lindsay Bell, 

Megan Miller, Erin Thorp, Jessica Bush, Erica 

McDaniel, Kristin Porter, Theresa Donohue, 

Aimee' Kidd, Dominique Steiner, Michelle 

Stryjewski, Elizabeth Mumford, Heather 

Blain, Erin Messer, Danielle Harlan, Sarah 

Willie, Jay Van Der Wall, Andrew CowTes, 

Justin Armetta, Thomas Nichols, Christopher 

Johnson-Amritt, Joshua Le%vis 

Living on Campus is convenient! The classes, dining hall, and the dorms are only a short 
distance away from each other. 

Residential 51 

I love dorm life, my roommate is one of my best friends. It's a blast! 

Kent 1st floor 

MoUie Binotto, Katelyn Densford, 
Christopher McMorrow, Walter Miros, 
Mary Line, Elizabeth Stevens, Erin 
Honaker, Stephen Gorsuch, Alexander 
Mudge, Kevin Nolan, Daniel MacDonald, 
David Carouge, Kvle Higginbottom, Scott 
Vane, Jonathan Kenney, Matthew Sparks, 
Michael Hughes, Jade Clark, Brendan 
Hopkins, Brian Halaiko, Christopher 
Mancini, Tyler Larkin, Steven Smith, 
Anthony Hidell, Kyle Ott, Wells Scheller, 
Nicholas Larkin, Andrew^ Ostrusky, Sara 
Yurish, Heather Holiday, Gina D'Anna, 
Christina Klemkowski, George Best, 
Melissa Douglass, Caroline Trossbach, 
Stephen Reaves, William Leong, Amber 
Reader, Meredith Ross, Isaac Quinn, 
Stephen Dietrich 

Kent 2nd floor 

Kathrvn Stapleton, Sidra Carman, Ellen 
Boone, Vanessa Nutt, Amy Zarick, Alicia 
Henry, Matalie Myers, Elizabeth Shoemaker, 
Sara Wuillermin, Brandi Cherry, Lynn 
Gasper, Stephanie Harris, Ashley Meinders, 
Megan Block, Feii Atualevao, Kristen Kulik, 
Elizabeth McMackin, Lauren May, EUse 
Ware, Elizabeth Dello Russo, Katharine 
Macon, Heidi Cornell, Sarah Fritz, Renee 
DeMott, Jeffrev Jenkins, Christopher Da\-is, 
Julia Lange, Elizabeth Benham, Elizabeth 
Nesbit, Ana Thomas, Alaina Anderson, 
Chelsea True, Charlene Phillips, Katherine 
Wilson, Erin Jones, Colleen RubLn-Buchalski, 
Aubrey Cohen, Katie Schriner, Caitlin Dorer, 
Abigail Skibinski, Abigail Benson, Celeste 
Stanley, Mary Sullivan 

Living on campus at Washington College is cool because although there are regulations, v^-e ha\e a lot of freedom 
Wliat I love most is being independent and living amongst my friends. 

52 Residential 

line 1st floor 

ler Laufmnn, Daniel Jacobs, Kyle 
•ner, Maximilian Bentzin, Jason 
Adam Askham, Gregory 
?fer, Owen Ridolfi, Ian Trusheim, 
:n Morse, Timothy Huston, David 
s, Jeffrey Schwendener, David 
er, Kentavius Jones, George 
lelly, Jesse Wolcott, Jordan Lange, 
'ell Mundy, Christopher Tinsman, 
e, John Bialick, Gregg Brill, Tebin 
us, Jonathan Martin, Justin Mills 

Caroline 2nd floor 

Lara Nestler, Molly Gavin, Michelle Green, 
Kelly Yancone, Sarah Shrieves, Allison 
Sullivan, Megan Feist, Erin HuUett, Ashley 
Smith, Jillian Kelly, Amelia Gould, Sfiane 
Moser, Lauren Sampson, Megan Walbum, 
Amanda Schmidt, Rachel Mauro, Melanie 
Denzer, Bridget Smith, Julia Irwin, Megan 
Angwin, Amanda Smallwood, Laura 
Wiseman, Emily Houck, Dariarme Craven, 
Jennifer Chapman, Emily Reitz, KatehTi 
Polhemus, Jennifer Smith, Ellen Kutzer, 
Leslie O'NeiU 

line 3rd floor 

J Mozzer, Rachel Stahm, Jessica 
Wendy Glock, Teresa Endicott, 
Ritter, Megan Chapman, Ashley 
er, Allison Kyler, Kimberly 
nan, Helen Farr, BCristin Ward, 
Park, Mary Bruzzese, Erin Kube, 
cca Lowenkron, Caitlin Auger, 
sn Duckworth, Jamie Johnson, 
a Daly, Leslie Montferret, Dorothy 
., Kimberly Kraeer, Cynthia 
ell, Michelle Silva, Katherine 
er, Ingrid Dean, Kathleen Downs, 
Jtine Chop 

Residential j3 


Minta Martin 1st floor 
Alicia Moore, Rachel Loose, Margaret 
Clarke, Cynthia Sebian-Lander, Tara 
Crouch, Jennifer Bockmiller, Chelsea 
Prior, Caitlyn On\x, Margaret Von Rump 
Mon Ho, Yasmina Moukarzel, Lea Farrell, 
Shristhi Puri, Katherine Ryan, Porsche 
Johnson, Rachel Hartman, Katherine 
Hurley, Shannon McWilliams 

Minta Martin 2nd floor 

Erica Schultz, Erin Denniston, Kristen Machen, 
Stephanie Bradley, Jillian Nehr, Elizabeth Davis, 
Laura Jarboe, Sara Feigenbaum, Emily Burk, Marina 
Andonova, Mary Campbell, Stephanie Bendos, 
Meghan Booth, Tatiana Borukhova, Julia Myers, 
Lindsay Sapp, Marybeth Franckle, Katherine 
Bishop, Colleen McLoughlin, Danielle 
Maraventano, Ashley Phillips, Priscilla Brown, 
Ashley Newnam, Lauren Goetting, Christina 
Klecka, Margaret Kratz, Shanna Remson, Stephanie 
Gervvitz, Caryn York, Amy Shaw, Mary Elizabeth 
Wilkes, Amanda Whittemore, Katherine Miller, 
Kimberly Last, Kate Hertzler, Elizabeth Smith, 
Lindsey Wilkins, Lauren Wilkins, Ryan Case, Anna 
Harrison, Jeanne Clark, Cara Clements, Sarah 
Janner, Kimberly Kann, Jessica Hoffman, Kaitlin 
Thomas, Margarita Vigrande, Arin Huebel 

Minta Martin 3rd floor 

Jami Rosencrance, Emily Dickert, 
lacquelyn Bauer, MarilTO Wheatley, Lea 
S\endsen, Ambika Vishwanath, Bethany 
Kerr, Rachel Deller, Stacey Ranneberger, 
Kathrvn Fluhr, Robin Albright, Sarah Hill, 
Lindsay Hutchinson, Stephaiiie Wicks, 
Jessica Weitzel, Lindsay Webster, Astra 
Haldeman, Carley Haberkorn, Anna 
Stern, Melissa Riggs, Kelsey Taylor, Jamie 
Reed, Jennifer Mead, Hajar Belahsen, 
Hind Kassite, Heather Evans, Rachel 
Calhoun, Rebecca Scarborough, Francisca 
Fenwick, Elise Knovvles, Allison Clarfce, 
Anna Lodwick, Justine Hendricks, Sayaka 
Hakuta, Kelly Minchik, Olivia HaU, Claire 
Auerbach, Regina Barrett, Vanessa 
Anderson, Abigail Chrismer, Caitlin 
Beane, Chole Hey-Felperin, Kelly 
Biringer, Laura Ward, Cassandra Lytle, 
Meryam Marseli, Elizabeth Hartman, 
Hollis Marsden, Joy Woppert, Jessica 
Smeigh, Molly Weeks, Bridget Romano 

54 Residential 

When you live with your friends, you share a special bond that you just can't get living off campus. 

a Martin 4th floor 

^ey Wolfe, Tara Wagner, Natalie 
etto, Katherine Kastner, Kimberley 
>, Jacqueline Shaffer, Candace Busch, 
ntha Hastier, Laura Nace, Bronwen 
IS, Whitney Ritchie, Catherine 
vorth, Eva Hanley, Kathleen Mason, 
t Curnoles, Megan Lucas, Kady 
/ik, Traci Kraft, Sarah Cornacoff, 
e Chapter, Jessica Quarto, Kathleen 
I Anna Landry, Samantha Neely, 
Itine Thompson, Michelle Kieh, Katie 
ier, Erin Bollinger, Christina 
mchak, Julia Frazier, Afton Wood- 
;, Carly Mitchell, Kristen Hamstead, 
slle Sabatini, Tera Gebhardt 

Laura Blough, Cara Ramsey, Jolyce Harig- 

.e living on campus because I feel more of a part of the Washiiigton College community. I don't have to go ver\- far 
3 get to class, the dining hall, or even to go hang out in a friend's room. I feel like its a safe place to be and I love 
being able to just walk down the hall and talk to friends. 

Residential oc> 

Living on campus is a great experience. I have made so many connections with different people form 
all over the coimtry and around the world. 


Hanh Nguyen, Samantha Halpin, Nicole 
Beelen, Shia Johnson 

Reid 1st floor 

Katherine Klimas, Victoria Cunningham, 
Amanda Sample, Lea McCauley, Kaitlyn 
Ruitenberg, Aimee Brown, Bethany Heilman, 
Elizabeth Rideout, Mari Takeuchi, Jaime 
Usilton, Wenny Kang, Saeko Takada, Laura 
Stouffer, Courtney Ackerman, Aimee Kirby, 
Kimberly Lyall, Amanda Appier, Amanda 

Be receptive and think outside of the box by making new friends from all socioeconomic, ethnic, and 
geographic backgrounds; This will assure your success as a resident student at Washington College! 

56 Residential 

Reid 2nd floor 

Anne Links, Christina Uhorchuk, 
Mary Rybicki, Misty Christcnsen, 
Renee Farrah, Jennifer Sutphin, 
Rebecca Binns, Beth Margraves, 
Sarah Waller, Elizabeth Kapp, 
Courteny Grillo, Bridgette Brown, 
Jeanne Seeberger, Gillian Strobe!, 
Amelia Barnard, Sarah Kuhlmann, 
Sara Gendal, Kathryn Retkvva, 
Reiko Machida, Ashley Taylor, 
Kelly Gallagher 

}rd floor 

Batcheller, Katharine Werner, Tomeka 
, Aja Martin, Alexis Paza, Sarah 
igh, Natalie Finch, Christina Stepnitz, 
■ia Larson, Kaitlin Edwards, GabrieUe 
)n, Brittany Jones, Karri Bragg, Jennifer 
rell, Ashley Standiford, Danielle 
on, Erika Kayukawa, Claire DeRose, 
J Syed, Kelly Alston, Leslie Meredith, 
a Checkai, Kelly Myler 

Residential o7 

The best part I like about living on campus is the easy access I have to my classes, the library, the 
gym, and the dining hall. Everything is within a five minute walking distance from my dorm. 

White Cottage 

Marsha Banks, Minety Abraham, 
Adrienne Nash, Katherine Moore 

Living on campus at Washington College is an experience you'll ne\'er want to miss! From the close 

ties made between roommates, dormmates, or suitemates to the exciting and fun dorm events — 

everything is truly an amazing experience. 

58 Residential 

nico 1st floor 

nder Rizor, Raymond Severin, Colin 
Brendan Murphy, Jin Song, William 
/, David Finniss, David Carlton, 
m Burger, Daniel Jacobs, Liam Daley, 
opher Smith, Matthew Wakelee, Eric 
ein, Jeremy Rothwell, Matthew 
bly, Zachary Huba 

Wicomico 2nd floor 

Katelyn McLallen, Amv Linthicum, 
Sarah Brown, Marv Porter, Bn.Tm 
Torelli, Kimberlv Boughan, Elaine 
Pranski, Emily Bisulca, Carli 
Borcherding, Tiffan\- Rods, Allison 
Simons, Kelsey Pont, Christine Gordon, 
Maria Hogg, Jacquelyn Platz, Amanda 
Platz, Rachel Levengood, Victoria 
Pearson, Diane Moreland, Kerry 

Residential 59 


Charles Shaffer, Pamela Boccuzzi, Charles^ 
Hohman, Christopher Fuller, Naka Miwa, 
Jon Ulrich, Joshua Todd, Kentaro 
Muravama, Andrew Sears, Christopher . 
DenBleyker, Ross Taliaferro, Adam ■ 

Schuman, Erin Koster, Elizabeth Dietrich,^ 
Amy Uebel, Andrea Braverman, Christine 
Schott, Jennifer Ward, Lara Simmons, 
Sarah McCarthy, Eileen Douglass, Emih- 
Richardson, Aubrey Blome, Hilary Sama 
Blair Haring, Bonnie Loder, Brooke Shaw 
Lindsey Bowman, Lauren Leffler, 
Christina Bell 

Living on campus at WAC, in some ways is like living with family. After a while you get 

so close to people that you really feel connected to them. That's what I like most about 

living on campus - the companionship, the connection. 

Somerset 1st floor 

Justin Dye, Jonathan Jenkins, Jarrod 
Nickoloff, Albin Kowalewski, James Ives, 
Matthew HoUis, Robert Hodgson, Walter 
Koerber, Lars Kalp, Joseph Foy 

60 Residential 


set 2nd floor 

Cohee, Nathaniel Thompson, Brain 
Matthew Gwin, Jonathan Fallica, Hugh 
1, Ryan Nielsen, Phillip Schuman, 
s Rutkowski, Gregory Duckman, 
, Hampt, Sean Ferri, Kyle Murray, 
as Wright 

Somerset 3rd floor 

Andrew Rittenhouse, Timothy Riskie, Dean 
Campbell, Stephen Hayes, Conor Barrett, 
Jared Hornyak, Matthew Greever, Kevin 
Marshbum, Darren Colanarmi, Michael 
DeBartolome, David Earle, Jaron Putmon, 
Douglas Cline, Jeffrey String 

rset 4th floor 

;1 Lane, Alexander Schuetz, Michael 
neer, Brendan McPoyle, Brandon Davis- 
on, James Vorhies, Vertino Yeldon, 

Residential 61 


John Alexander, Travis Moore, Andre\v 
Hill, Christopher Mury, Dustin Abbate, 
Eric Blumenthal, George Sperlbaum, John 
Hefner, Christopher Rommel, Brant 
Whistler, Keith Zickar, William Spencer, , 
Shota Goto, Keith Parker, Ryan Goff, j 
Charles LiBretto, Matthew Kersteter, j 
Andrew Wesolek, Jeffrey Drury, Mark j 
Fischer, Devin Murphy, Darrin Brozene, 
Luke Hauf, Jeremy Gibb 


Rui Pereira, Amin Barnes, David Strieker, 
Timothy Metzler, Joseph Wilson, Scott 
Thompson, Benjamin Hyson, William Grofic, 
Jonathan Beall, Adam Steficek, Peter Knox, 
Joshua Amje, Tyler Virts, Brian Norris, James 
McEvoy, James Barossi, James Legg, David 
Gallara, Howard Jones, Walter Pyzik, Bradley 
Hartzel, Matthew Edwards, Michael Parton, 
Jason Brown 


Jeremy Alexander, Kyle Laubich, 
Jesse St. John, Jonathan Webb, 
William Peden, Ryan Howanski, Karl 
Denney, Brian Matthews, Frank 
Hudson, James Agnor, Stephan 
Pawlowski, Jared Dellinger, Shane 
Walsh, Harry Wright, Henry 
Manship, Gilbert Schaefer, Nicholas 
Mikhalevsky, Christopher Dodge, 
Justin Smith, David Brooks, Daryl 
McDuffie, Corey Smith /' 

62 Residential 

By living on campus, I have gained a home away from home 

Ward, Johanna Anderson, Amanda 
'ell, Stephanie Perrone, Elizaveta 
:ngelskaya, Nicole Vattimo, Morgan 
r, Julia Shinderman, Sarah Gregg, Laura 
, Faith Paulick, Margaret Sentman, 
I Amasia, Elizabeth Golden, Rehekah 
', Catherine Everitt, Claire Tomkin, 
1 Synnott 

The sense of community that exists in each dorm allows for great friends and the experience of li\-ing 

on your own. 

Residential 63 

Garrett Hall 

Tara Kunkle, Tammy Barnes, Lauren Moore, Katherine 
Lamb, Jessica Chiartas, Laurianne Faure, Sarah McCloskey, 

Yasuyo Kurosawa, Ayanna Dorsey, Amanda Grossman, 

Fatima Mazhar, Jonathan Balog, Daniel Holler, Christopher 

Michaels, Patrick Tremblay 

Montgomery Hall 

Matthew Stover, Michael ScapeUato, Richard 
Skipp, Christopher Crowley, Raimon Cary, 
Brian Desaulniers, Matthew Kearney, Robert 
Rannegerger, Amy Varner, Kerri Davis, Sara 
Beegle, Kathryn Riley, Britt Petzold, Elizabeth 
Pinchorski, Jayme Freeman, Natalie Merkel 

Allegany Hall j 

Courtney DeVine, Yianna Patronas, Thet 

Pyzik, Nikki Gillum, Crystal Rivell, Tee 

Tayag, Meghan Hartzell, Sara MacKeveri 

Allison LaMarca, Catherine Piringer, 

Margaret Klag, Carolyn Myers, Amy 

Bromwell, Carly Hankins, Jennifer Cox, : 


64 Residential 

Carroll Hall 

BW Waters, Daniel Himmeiberger, Tho- 
jtronberg, Giovanny Inca, Brendan Sisk, 
c Bayne, Simon Hiiltman, Jedediah St. 
HI, Marcella White, Jennifer Lanigan, Julie 
.ill, Maria Marshall, Amanda Duvall, Lilli 
tag, Kelly Nealon, Kristen Louk 

Howard Hall 

Eleni Pantazes, Kathryn Ulrich, Karen Fry, 
Maureen Mangan, Jessica Mitchell, Tracey 
Stewart, Sarah Snyder, Amanda Feigley, 
Jaclyn Smith, Allison Rickards, Virginia 
Rowley, Kiere Skinner, Miako Kanetani, 
Linda Hooks, Christina Vouros, Shoko 

The best thing is that you experi- 
ence everyday life with the same 
group of good people and don't 
have to worry about finding 
friends or something to do, 
because everything is right there. 

Residential 65 

Be prepared to experience new things, think a little differently, keep an open mind and grow. 

Anne Arundel Hall 

Justin Layfield, Kivin Connor, William 
Murphy, Marco Muscella, John 
Marshall, Adam Golding, Eric 
Gerstein, Alexander Jacobine, 
Christopher Rubacky, Christopher 
Hayden, Alem Lemes, Justin Thomas, 
Sharif Dodd, Noah Eichinger, Brian 
Bender, Stephen Schnur 

Calvert Hall 

Gregory Ordile, Justin Smith, Patrick McGrail- 
Peasley, Peter Taylor, Kenneth Jensen, 
Michael Lynch, Jonathan Lange, Gregory 
Smith, James Pope, Nicholas Faherty, 
Geoffrey Foltyn, Ryan Miller, Danielle 
Mathers, Sara Knies, Amy Champion, Emily 

Getting involved in campus activities will make living on campus a lot of fun. There are lots of 
activities and you are so close to everything. 

66 Residential 

iry's Hall 

hy Perkins, Stephen Dejter, Joseph Orr, 

Bciuer, William Lowry, Vincent Sibilia, 
Kuhn, Allison Burk, Molly Williams, 

Kasda, Jennifer Anderson, Melissa 
Farra Boulden, Leah Reese, Diana 

Charles Hall 

Mandv Porter, Kelly Kademian, loana 
Secosan, Sjoukje Graillot, Matthew 
Ferry, Nicholas Smith-Rengarts, 
Autumn Thayer, Zina Hense, Colleen 
Costello, Johanna Bjornsdottir, David 
Strand, Blazej Lippay, Tyan Jesien, 
Joseph Brooks 

rick Hall 

,ennon, David Horvath, Jeffrey 
hon, Andrew Gentile, Maximilian 
oth, Thomas Baker, David Douglas, 
Elliott, Kathryn Zajac, Karen Simos, 
2r CAmpitelli, Jeremy Cook, Yako 
a, Christina Lee, Marisa Lombardo, 
ia Brown 

Residential 67 

Prince George's Hall 

Michael Meagher, Kevin Brotzman, 
Michael Ridgaway, Amy Levak, 
Lindsay Parks, Gina Ralston, Chelsea 
Gates, Tanya Briddell, Amanda 
Darda, Meredith Flynn, Candace 
Turner, Lindsev Knorr, Jennifer 
Daley, Amber Ghester, Monica 

I love living on a campus that makes walking to and from anywhere I need to be so quick and conve- 
nient. There are a lot of things that college students need to get done every day, so being able to walk 
around campus in a reasonable amount of time really helps us all out. I also enjoy being able to see 

my friends everywhere I go. 

Harford 1st floor 

Lauren Ford, Heather Cannavale, Jaclyn 
Hettinger, Kathryn Cuff, Sarah Riklin, 
Kimberly Dannenfelser, Amanda Jones, 
Stacey Pratt, Katie Hickman, Christine 
Romano, Michele Petrino, Jaclyn Moore, 
Sara Custis, Min-li Wu, Joanna Santarpia, 
Lindsey Eicliner, Colleen Powell, Koren 
Davis, Lynn Pistone, Jennifer Burke, 
Tamarisk Porter, Sara Campbell, Lindsey 
Riley, Kathryn Madron, Tara Harrigan, 
Brenna Doyle, Erika Naundorf 

68 Residential 

d 2nd floor 

le Steele, Jessica Bradley, Virginia Holt, 
.in McCully, Cassie Slentz, Rebecca 
;ton, Kathryn Solon, Jessica Hobbs, 
Dn Lomax, Elizabeth Schaaf, Diana 
Alana Wase, Nerina Burton, Andrew 
rson, Mohammad Alzaben, Marshall 
Geoffrey Rogers, Brandon Metcalf, 
irady, Adam Mabrouk, Sally Shoe- 
Marcia McConville, Jennifer Koch, 
jdenheimer, Stefanie Alexander, 
ir Baker, Annaliese O'Brien, Matthew 
Jonathan Hartman, Thomas Murray 

The dorms are like one big family! It's really nice because it's not too big and everyone is usually ver\' 
respectful of eachother's need to be quiet at night, or when we're all studying. 

Harford 3rd floor 

Julianne Marton, Sarah Byrne, Kelly 
Gilmartin, Amy Gilmartin, Ashley 
Morris, Katherine Harman, Megan 
Rosencranz, Kevin Marshall, Michael 
Philipp, Jemes Kelble, Ryan Dean, 
Kevin White, Brian DeMavo, Noah 
Cook, Erin Thomas, Carly Nester, 
Carla Chance, Sara Figiel, DanieDe 
Trucano, Diana Green, Stacey Coomer, 
Sachi Kakishima, Elizabeth Bigler, Erin 
Woole\'er, Heather Thompson, 
Alexandra Walchonski, WTiitney 
Morell, Lauren McCartney, Brenna 
Schneider, Kascie Herron, Jill 

Residential 69 

Out and About 

70 Candids 


2004 Roster ■ 





Phil Schuman 


Kevin Thibadeau 


Richard Yost (C) 


Mike Hughes 


Jon Spivey 


Anthony Hidell 


Stephen Berger (C) 


Topher Brewer 


Chris Dodge 


Dan MacDonald 


Michael Dyle 


Kyle Mitten 


Matt Sparks 


Jason Hull 


Carter Hilliard 


Brent Renner 


Jon Kenney 


Gregory Vetter 


Brendan Hopkins 


Kentavius Jones 


Conor BaiTett 


Brian Halaiko 


Brendan McPoyle J^B 
Greg Duckman ^H 



Tim KeiT 


Austin Sanders 


Matt King 


Tom Parr 


Jon Caccia 


Dan Jacobs 


Neil Hayes 


Andrew Ostrusky 


Nicholas Larkin 


Sam Lane 


Kevin Nolan 


Michael McWiUiams 


Chris Mancini 


Tyler Larkin 

Head Coach: J.B. Clarke 

Assistant Coach: Scott 

Bramble, Jon Fellows, Curtis 

Gilbert, Sean Woods 




2004 Results 










Wesley an 
































Muhlenburg 12-4 


Swathmore 10-3 





McDaniel 13-8 W 
Centennial Conf. Semifinal 

Gettysburg 6-7 L 

Centennial Conf. Champ. 

er 9-8 W 

NCAA Playoffs-2nd Round 

Mens Lacrosse 

2004 Roster 

No . Name 

1 Beppy Smith 

2 Caitlin Beane 

3 Megan Block 

4 Kelly Gallagher 

5 Liddy Campbell 

6 Casey Sawma 

7 Lauren Sampson 

8 Megan Chrisler 

9 Cassy Lytle 

10 Beth Stevens 

13 Devon Mackesey 

1 5 Erin Alessi 

1 6 Katie Geldennan 
1 8 Lindsay Eichner 

20 Meredith Ross 

2 1 Erin BoUiniger 

22 Emmy Hyde 

23 Janet Studdiford 
25 Minta Sayres (C) 
27 Melanie Ruppert 
34 Diana Martin (C) 
99 Ashley Crisler 
00 Mollie Binotto 


Assistant Coach: Laura 



74 Sports 


1 2004 


Marymount 1 






Lynchburg 12-6 


St. John 















Swathmore 13-11 


Gettysburg 12-18 













College of 
New Jersey 7-20 




Women's Lacrosse 73 


2004 Roster 





Kyle Stem 


Travis Moore 


Andrew Gentile (C) 


John Alexander 


Dustin Abbate 


Jonathan Webb 


David Horvath 


Jeremy Alexander 


Drew Hill 


Buck Howanskii 


Chris Muiy 


Kevin Marshbum 


Chris Davis 


Jeff McMahon 


Ryan Nielsen 


Eric Blumenthal 


Joe Breslin 

Head Coach: Rob Nugent 
Assistant Coach: James 
Willen, Rob Middleton 
Student Assitant: Chris 





2004 Results 

5t. Joseph's 93-80 


Aircast Tip-Off Classic 


Newark 98-87 W 

Aircast Tip-Off Classic 

Villa Julie 








Captains Shootout 

C. Newport 66-79 L 

Captains Shootout 

Muhlenburg 89-91 L 

Swartlimore97-101 L 

J. Hopkins 63-70 L 

Gettysburg 77-68 W 

Dickinson 79-71 W 

F&M 64-84 L 

Haverford 74-92 L 

Muhlenburg 77-95 L 

McDaniel 86-72 W 

Dickinson 74-73 L 

Ursinus 89-85 W 

J. Hopkins 79-96 L 

Haverford 90-94 L 

Gettysburg 71-77 L 

Swarthmore 79-62 W 

F&M 78-96 L 

McDaniel 97-89 W_ 


Men's Basketball 71 

2004 Roster 

No . Name 

10 Yianna Patronas 

12 Regina Barrett 

14 Lauren 


20 Katie Piringer (C) 

22 Jeremy Cook 

24 Kathryn Zajac 

30 LaToya Turner 

32 Jenny Campitelli 

34 Meghan Hartzell 

40 Katie Ryan 

42 Mary Rybicki 

44 Karen Simos (C) 

50 Chelsea Prior 

54 Liz Smith 

Head Coach: Gail 


Assistant Coach: Randi 

Baran, Sunny Pitrof, 

Nicole Tuscan 

78 Sports 



2004 Results 


Valley 67-89 L 

Cabrini College Tip-Off 
Hill 83-68 W 

Cabrini College Tip-Off 
J.Hopkins 43-71 L 
McDaniel 61-81 L 
BrynMawr 65-50 W 

Central 55-72 L 

Adidas D-3 Desert Shootout 
Bridgewater 44-60 L 
Adidas D-3 Desert Shootout 
Muhlenburg 73-116 L 
Swarthmore 45-54 L 
Hood 73-71 W 

Gettysburg 62-78 L 

Dickinson 55-72 L 
F&M 42-77 L 

Haverford 74-52 

Muhlenburg 54-101 L 

McDaniel 58-74 L 

ickinson 62-75 
Ursinus 65-68 

Biblical 72-60 

Haverford 69-55 
Wesley 54-36 

Gettysburg 52-68 
Swarthmore 47-59 
F&M 42-63 

Bryn MawT 7 1 -45 


8 W-17 L 


Women's Basketball 79 

2004 Roster 


No. Name 


Ryan Miller 


Josh Todd 


Adam Bear (C) 


Geoff Foltyn(C) 


Eric Dalski 


Chas Lynam 


Matt Kibler 


Jaron Putmon 


Kevin Shipley 


Matthew Watson 


Justin Layfield 


Tom Baker 


Derek "Cuz" 



Jimmy Pope 


Ben Fulford 


Adam Schuman 


Doug Cline fl 


Jeff String ^ 


Jordan Lange 


Jonnie Jenkins 


David Hieber 


Sean Ferri 

Head Coach: Lin Outten 

Assistant Coach: Scott 


Student Assistant: Nick 


80 Sports 


2004 Results 

Bridgewater 1 -0 

Mens Soccer 

2004 Roster 

No . Name 

1 Christine Chop 

2 Kaithn Thomas 

4 Colleen 

5 Laura Mozzer 

6 Meghan Hartzell 

8 Jen Cox 

9 Erin Alessi 

11 GinaD'Anna 

12 Whitney Morell 

14 Kimberly Kann 

15 Samantha Hunt 

17 Joanna Santarpia 

1 8 Allison LaMarca 

22 Steph Bradley 

23 Natalie Myers 
00 Jennifer 


Head Coach: Suzie 
Assistant Coach: 
Megan Ramey 



82 Sports 



I 2004 Results 












Villa Julie 



Catholic 1 























Gettysburg 0- 1 








Haverford 1 









Bryn Mawr 



1 5W-11L-1T 


s Soccer 8: 

2004 Roster 




Eric Lickstein 


Justin Dye 


Tyler Feane 


Walt Pyzik 


Jay McEvoy 


Bill Murphy 


Jordan Lange 


Marco Muscella 


Clint Connolly 


Steve Smith 


Kevin Connor 


Eric Gerstein 





Zachary Huba 



Golding (C) 


Jim Barossi 


Shawn Hampt 


Paul Franklin 





Howard Jones 


Alex Jacobine 


Matt Stover (C) 


John Schmidt, Jr. 


John Marshall 


Mike Parton 


Head Coach: Al Streelman 
Assistant Coach: Steve 
Sandebeck, Scott Gartlan, 
Hal McBee, Mike Spry 

84 Sports 

2004 Roster 


No . Name 

1 Diane Green 

2 Tara Harrigan 

3 Amelia Barnard 

4 Jess Hoff 

5 Laura Mozzer 

6 Meg Lucas 

8 Alex Walchonski 

9 Pamela 

10 Maria Hogg 

1 1 Andrea 

12 Natalie 

14 Jessica Quarto 

1 5 Laura Scimeca (C) 
1 7 Beth Anne 

19 Eileen Douglass 
21 Theresa Pyzik (C) 

Head Coach: Lin Outten 
Assistant Coach: Vincent 

86 Sports 


2004 Results 



















Davis & 











Villa Julie 


















































9 W-8L 



2004 Roster 




Diana Green 


Chloe Showell 


Melanie Ruppert 


Bonnie Loder 


Wendy Clock 


Molly Gavin 


Erin Woolever 


Missy Tine (C) 


Laura Scimeca 


Erin Thomas (C) 


Lindsey Riley 


Erin Peyton 


Taniel Sisco (C) 


Kristin Ward 


Meggie Kratz 


Traci Sodano 


Ally Simons 


Chelsea True 


Breahn McAteer 


Shane Moser 


Kate Macon 


Katie Madron 


Zina Hense (C) 

Head Coach: Rachel 


Assistant Coach: Katie 

Richardson. Megai, 





i 2004 






Notre Dame 






St. Mary's 






Rowan 2-1 

















Salisbury 0-3 


Gettysburg 2 









Villa Julie 






10 W-7 L 

Field Hockey 89] 

2004 Roster 


Rick Adrian 
Josh Amie 
Adam Askham 
Andrew Bright 
Martin Dunphy 
Chris Hodgson 
Jared Homyak 
Jonathan Lange (C) 
Kevin Marshall 
Edward Mundy 
Tom Murray 
Caitlyn Onyx 
Adrian Peterson 
Mike Philipp 
Tyler Raven 
Greg Smith (C) 
Justin Smith 
Ryan Trone 
Amanda Whittemore 
Dwayne Yerger 

Head Coach: Mike 


Men's Rowing Coach 

Pat Brown 

photos courtesy of Cait Onyx 

90 Sports 



2004 Results 

Occoquan Chase 

Head of Charles 

Head of Schuylkill 

Tapke Chase 

Head of Occoquan 

Keuper Cup 

Caspersen Cup 1 st 


Washington W 


Kjiecht Cup 

Atlantic Collegiate 

League Sprints 


Mid-Atlantic Collegiate 
Crew Championships 

ECAC Championships 

Men"s Rowing 91 

2004 Roster 

Courtney Ackerman 
Sara Beegle (C) 
Jennifer Bockmiller 
Sarah Brown 
Sidra Carman 
Meg Chapman 
Jeanne Clark 
Katie Cooper 
Leona Dalton 
Betsy Davis 
Helen Farr 
Meredith Flynn 
Tera Gebhardt 
Sara Gendal 
Stephanie Gerwitz 
Blair Haring 
Danielle Harlan 
Sam Hastier 
Caitlyn Koehler 
Erin Koster 
Sarah Kuhlmann 
Kristen Kulik 
Lauren Leffler 
Amy Levak (C) 
Kelly McGlynn (C) 
Leslie Meredith 
Amy Park 
Chelsea Prior 
Gina Ralston 
Emily Richardson 
Beth Rideout 
Sarah Riklin 
Jeamie Seeberger 
Cassie Ann Slentz 
Liz Smith 
Amy Uebel 
Maggie Von Rump 
Megan Walbum 
Jess Weitzel 
Emily Willie 
Katherine Wilson 
Head Coach: Mike 


92 Sports 

Women s Rowing 

'Dream Big. Its all heart*' 

2004 Results 

Occoquan Chase 
Head of Charles 
Head of Schuylkill 
Keuper Cup 
Caspersen Cup 1 sf 



Tufts, Wesleyan, Bates 
Knecht Cup 

Atlantic Collegiate 

League Sprints 


ECAC Championships 

Women's Rowina 9| 

2004 Roster 

Dean Campbell 

John Paul Evans (C) 

Ken Jensen 

Lars Kalp 

Alex Kuhn (C) 

Tyler Lowry 

Michael Manen 

Colin Soper 

Chris Tinsman 

Shane Walsh 

Andy Wesolek 

Head Coach: Kim 


Assistant Coach: Allen 

Gilchrest, Kelley 



94 Sports 



^ ' jH 












2004 Results 

Tsburg 57-146 L 

Salisbury 102-100 W 

Ursinus 114-66 W 

F&M 74-122 L 


117-38 W, 

Widener 77-97 l' 

Goucher 132-47 W 

Dickinson 68-135 L 

McDaniel 43-52 

Swarthmore76-127 L 

Centennial Conference 


6th out of 7 


Men's Swimmina 95 


2004 Roster 

. Jen Anderson 

tCaitlin Auger 

, Becky Binns 
Sidra Carman 

FErin Jones 
Eileen Kasda (C) 
Margaret Klag (C) 
Lindsey Knorr 
Kimmy Kraeer 
Carolyn Myers (C) 

iKelsey Pont 

Ana Prado 

Emily Rawson 

Chrissy Romano 

Samantha Shaffer 

Liz Shoemaker 

Ally Simons 

^ Ana Thomas 


|6 Sports 



2004 Results 

jettysburg 75-130 I 

Salisbury 153-52 W 

Ursinus 122-83 W 

F&M 82-123 


142-61 W 

Widener 107-88 W 

BrynMawr 153-53 W 

Goucher 137-67 W 

Dickinson 116-89 W 

McDaniel 53-42 W 

Swarthmore 122-83 W 

Centennial Conference 


5th out of 8 

NCAA Division III Champi- 


Women's Swinunina 

I 2004 Roster 1 


Vivian Chhetri 
Ben Demis 
Asfand Farouk 
Ronen Kashvin 
Nick Komljenovic 
Maciek Pryula 
Tim Riskie 

fArturo Solic 
Pete Taylor (C) 
Brant Whisler 

1 Womens 

fLyndsey Beidle 

I Ne'kro Browder (C) 

Sara Custis 

Samantha Halpin 
; Erika Kayukawa 
I Marisa Lombardo 
I Jaclyn Moore 
; Shoko Nakamura (C) 

Head Coach: Constantine 
I Ananiadis 

Assistant Coach: Michael 
Duquette, Louis 
Blanchette, Marta 


98 Sports 



r 2004 Results 

Cjoucher 7-0 


Piedmont 6-1 


Dickinson 7-0 


Ursinus 7-0 


Averett 5-1 


Muhlenberg 7-0 


J.Hopkins 6-1 


Gettysburg 7-0 


Washington & 

Lee 3-4 


Richmond 0-7 


F&M 7-0 


Emory 1 -6 




Permeter 2-4 



Washington 2-5 


Swarthmore 5-2 


Haverford 6-1 


McDaniel 7-0 


Salisbury 7-0 


Centennial Conference 


ii ^'^^ 

NCAA Singles & Doubles 




2004 Roster 


Vanessa Anderson 
Lindsey Bowman 
Chad Hillyer 
Carl Horrocks 
Alex Mudge 
Nat Thompson 

Head Coach: Scott 

Assistant Coach: 
Charles Shade, Tom 
Noble, John Wright 

100 Sports 


2004 Results 

Anderson Trophy- 1 st/24 

Captain Hurst~2nd/24 


Navy Laser Open~Horrocks- 

St. Mary's Open--7th/ 18 
Laser Qualifier South 
Tom Curtis-- 11th/ 1 8 
Danmark Trophy-8th/l 8 
Hobart & William Smith Fall 
Intersectional-6th/l 6 
MAISA Singlehanded- 
Horrocks- 1 1 th 
WC Open-8thyi2 
Navy Fall Intersectional— 

King's Point Dinghy 

MAISA Freshman- 1 5th/ 


War Memorial-5th/16 
ACC Dinghy- 11th/ 16 
Rose Bowl Regatta-4th/20 
MAISA Team Race-6th/7 
ODU Open- 1st/ 17 
OCC Spring Open- 1st 18 
Owen Trophy-2nd, 16 
UMBC Spring Open- 1st/ 

Maryland Spring Open— 

Admiral's Cup- 15th/ 18 
Thompson Trophy— 14th/' 

America Trophy— 7th 16 

Sailing 101 

2004 Roster 

No . Name 

6 Marcie 

7 Abigail 

10 Nanna 

1 1 Katie Orga 

12 Laura Shand 

13 Lauren Ford 
1 5 Terri DePrima 
17 Kim 

19 Jen Koch 

Head Coach: KJ 


Assistant Coach: Kathy 



102 Sports 


2004 Results 





1 Moravian 
■ J.Hopkins 




Villa Julie 

J. Hopkins 

Villa Julie 






Gettysburg 0-3 

Dickinson 0-3 

Hood 3-1 

SwarthiBore 3-2 









































Washington 1-3 















Vollevbal! !0.- 

Womeii s Kugby 

104 Sports 


IM Sports IOd 

Good Times 

106 Candids 


Dean Maxcy 

Dean Hoesly 

Dean Scholz 

108 Faculty 

Faculty 109 

American Studies 

American Studies has evolved as a major that enables students 
to sample the latest in media studies, popular cultural studies, 
and commimications. In keeping with the latest national devel- 
opments in American Studies programs, the major at Washing- 
ton College is currently expanding to include more opportunities 
for employment-related internships and for international shidy, 
including study abroad. American Studies majors become 
familiar vs^ith all the methodologies of the liberal arts and sci- 
ences while exploring a variety of subject areas, including, in 
addition to those of the standard humanities and social sciences, 
the new areas of ethnicity, gender, and popular culture. 

^^ .M 


Richard DeProspo 

Ted Widmer, Director 

Michael Harvey 


W. Robert Fallaw 

Richard Striner 

110 Faculty 


Art majors learn to understand, interpret and create art through a 
range of basic and advanced courses in art history, theory and studio 
art. The student interested primarily in the visual arts of the past is 
given the tools for historical analysis as well as some understanding 
of concepts of current studio practice. 


Carrie Ann Jones-Baade 

Robert Duemling 


Donald McColl, Chair 

Ellen Avitts Menefee 

Jennifer O'Neill 

Susan Tesseni 

112 Faculty 

Faculty 113 


As the face of corporate America evolves and as 
market-driven economies develop around the world, 
the potential for new business opportunities is 
practically boundless. The business program at 
Washington College offers students the knowledge 
and know-how they will need to succeed in the 
business world. The general management program 
encourages student mastery of oral and written 
communication skills, technological, analytic and 
quantitative skills, leadership and interpersonal 
skills, critical thinking and decision-making skills, 
and an ethical and global awareness. 

Terrence Scout, Chair 

James Darazsdi 

Irving H. DeGraw 

Michael Harvey 

Steven Migdal 

Karen L. Senecal 

Lee Schultz 

Susan A. Vowels 

Faculn- 11: 


The program in chemistry at Washington College strives to integrate 
classroom instruction with laboratory experimentation and faculty- 
student collaborative research. Our program, approved by the 
American Chemical Society, is planned to prepare students for 
graduate work in pure chemistry, to give students the chemical 
training necessary for professional work in other scientific fields such 
as medicine, engineering, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, or veterinary 
science, and to prepare students for teaching at the secondary school 
level and for work in industrial or governmental laboratories. 

Milissa A. Bolcar 

James R. Locker, Chair 

John A. Conkling 

Frank Creegan 

Anne Marteel 

Rosette M. Roat 

Leslie Sherman 


The dramatic arts offer students an imagina- 
tive perspective of themselves and the oppor- 
tunity to experience another's view of the 
universe. The drama major provides study in 
the theories and techniques of dramatic and 
theatrical art within the broader framework of 
the liberal arts. 

Dale Daigle, Chair 

Jason Rubin 

Lawrence Stahl 

Michele M. Volansky 

Faculty li; 


Economics is the pulse of modern civilization. The study of 
economics prepares stvidents to play meaningful roles in 
improving the human condition by contributing to a healthy 
economic climate. Majors learn to reason as economists, to 
evaluate facts and ideas analytically, to understand economic 
issues of historical and contemporary importance, and to 
achieve clarity of expression and independence of learning so 
that they are prepared for further education, responsible 
citizenship, and rewarding careers. 







-~ J 

i.^^ M 

1 ^ 



^m. .. 

Lisa Daniels, Acting Chair 

Robert Lynch, Chair 

Michael Bailey 

Robert Dawson 

David Wharton 


The department aims: a) to provide the professional preparation 
for certification required by the State Department of Education in 
Maryland and the 43 states with whom Maryland has reciprocal 
certification agreements; b) to explore the social, psychological, 
philosophical, and historical foundations of education in our 
society; and c) to stimulate inquiry concerning the nature of our 
educational institutions. The department, recognizing that the 
world of schooling is a primary socializing agency for the Ameri- 
can polity, has the further aim of inviting students in elective 
courses to inquire into the nature of education and its relationship 
to their future lives as citizens, parents, or educators. 

Sean O'Connor, Chair 

Peggy Donnelly 

Jack Hamilton 

Michelle Johnson 

Rachel Scholz 

120 Faculty 

Richard DeProspo 

Sandra Hiortdahl 

Bennett Lamond 

Kathryn Moncrief 

Robert Mooney 

Katherine E. Wagner 

Faculty 121 

Environmental Studies U 

The environmental studies nnajor at Washington College takes a 
multidisciplinary approach to teaching and learning. Students interested in 
environmental topics, but not wanting to major in science, can pursue a degree 
in environmental studies without having to commit themselves to any science. 
Conversely, those students with a scientific interest have the option of pursuing 
a major that offers a scientific core along with the opportunity to investigate 
non-scientific aspects in the major. Environmental studies at Washington 
College is a flexible multidiscipline that allows students to engage in a coherent 
course of studies ranging from marine and estuarine biology to environmental 
economics to the nature writers of American literature. 

Donald A. Munson, Chair 

Wayne H. Bell 

Robert Dawson 

Karl Kehnt 

John Seidel 

Leslie Sherman 


The history program is designed to foster, through study of the 
past, the student's informed thinking on issues presently 
confronting humanity, to enrich the student's cultural back- 
ground, and to prepare students for graduate work in history 
and for professional careers in teaching, law, journalism, 
international work, public service, museum curatorships, 
archive management, and historical restoration. 


T. Clayton Black, Chair 

W. Robert Fallaw 

Janet Sorrentino 

Richard Striner 

Ted Widmer 

Carol Wilson 

Foreign Languages 

The Department offers majors in International Literature and 
Culture, French Studies, German Studies, and Hispanic 
Studies. These majors prepare students for graduate studies 
and professional careers in medicine, teaching, business, 
government service, and other areas where foreign language 
proficiency and the understanding of a foreign culture are 

George Shivers, Chair 

Fernando J. Barroso 

Carolyn Becker 

Raffaella Calabria 

Cecilia Mameli 

Katherine Maynard 

Noriko Narita 

Lisa Noetzel 

Christine A. Pabon 

Thomas Pabon 

Pamela A. Pears 

Roxane Riegler 

Joachim Scholz 

Faculty 123 


The International Studies major gives students a strong 
foundation of theoretical knowledge as well as practical 
experience that prepares them for careers and advanced 
training in teaching, politics, business, journalism, interna- 
tional work, and public service. The curriculum is enhanced 
with opportunities for internships; study abroad and foreign 
exchanges; extracurricular activities such as the Model 
United Nations, Model African Union, and Model Organiza- 
tion of American States programs; as well as on-campus 
programming through the International House and Interna- 
tional Studies Council. 

Tahir Shad, Chair 

T. Clayton Black 

Alexa Crawley 

Lisa Daniels 

126 Faculty 


M -«r (:Sm 







• - 1 


Michael Harvey 

Andrew Oros 

Jeanette Sherbondy 


George Shivers 

Christine Wade 

Facultv 127 

Mathematics & 
Computer Science 

The mathematics curriculum gives students a broad foundation 
of reasoning and analytical skills that can be applied to many 
fields. Students trained in mathematics can teach in secondary 
schools, pursue graduate work in computer science or math- 
ematics, work in government and industry, or use quantitative 
techniques in the related natural or social sciences. 


Louise Amick, Chair 

Eugene Hamilton 

Austin Lobo 

Foster McGeary 

Michael McLendon 

Marty Suydam 


The music department at Washington College is committed to 
assisting both students who expect to study music in prepara- 
tion for a professional career as well as those who wish to 
pursue music as an interest or avocation. Music majors are 
expected to acquire a thorough grounding in history and litera- 
ture, in theory, and in performance, as well as the ability to 
apply this knowledge creatively. The course offerings provide 
solid preparation for lifelong study and for the making and 
teaching of music. 

Garry Clarke, Chair 

Thomas Anthony 

Ann Matthews 

ni «i!iw»" 

Amzie D. Parcell 

Elizabeth Parcell 

Kenneth Schweitzer 

Michael A. Strauss 


The courses of the Department of Philosophy and Rehgion have four 
main purposes: (1) to acquaint the student with some of the great 
philosophical questions of the past and present and with leading 
attempts to answer them; (2) to exhibit the connections between 
philosophy and such related areas as art, business, law, literature, 
medicine, science, religion, and the environment; (3) to develop the 
student's capacities for clear thinking and critical analysis; and (4) to 
provide the basis for reflecting on right versus wrong and good 
versus evil in the present-day world. These aims are pursued in the 
atmosphere of diverse philosophical interests and approaches found 
among the staff of the department. 

Kevin Brien, Chair 

Robert Anderson 

Mihaela Fistioc 

David Newell 

Peter Weigel 

Physical Education 

All full-time students may take physical education 
classes for credit or for audit. To receive academic 
credits, students must successfully complete one theory 
and one activity course in the same semester to receive a 
grade worth two credits. To receive the maximum of 
four credits in physical education, one of the theory 
courses must be Lifetime Fitness. 

to '' 

Karen Smith, Chatr 

Thomas Finnegan 

Sandra Griffiths 

Kim Lessard 

Thad Moore 

Ken Noble 


Physics is the most fundamental of sciences. 
Taking as its domain all forms of matter and 
energy, it seeks to discover the laws that 
govern motions of material objects and waves 
and the interactions between particles. 
Application of these universal laws to sys- 
tems ranging from atoms and molecules to 
clusters of galaxies gives rise to challenging 
problems whose solution requires creative 
insight alongside logical rigor and math- 
ematical reasoning. Study of physics helps 
the student understand the scientific method 
and its implications — how to make rational 
inferences from data and how to test hypoth- 
eses critically. It also leads to an appreciation 
of the aesthetic dimensions of a scientist's 
work and the interrelationship of physics 
with other areas of knowledge and its 
technological applications. 


Satinder Sidhu, Chair 


Karl Kehm 


Juan Ltn 

132 Faculty 

Political Science 

As the saying goes, politics is not an exact science, but an art. 
How do political forces mesh to bring about change? How 
are conflicting demands resolved? Who is really in charge? 
The political science major is designed to provide an under- 
standing of the political forces, institutions, ideas, and 
problems of contemporary society. 

John B. Taylor, Chair 

Melissa Deckman 

Alvin Drischler 

Andrew L. Oros 

Tahir Shad 

Christine J. Wade 

Sociology & 

Sociology is the study of human social interaction. Courses in 
sociology will help students to gain a general understanding 
of human society, to understand how individuals' lives are 
shaped by social forces, to develop theoretical and analytic 
skills appropriate for graduate or professional school pro- 
grams, to prepare for careers in social service or allied fields, 
and to acquire theorehcal and practical knowledge for careers 
in business and industry. Anthropology is the study of 
human nature, human society, and the human past. The 
concept of culture illuminates the human condition in power- 
ful ways. Anthropology helps students understand human 
biocultural diversity and the dependence of the human 
species on culture for survival. 

Steven Cades, Chair 

Nancy Connolly 

Almon C. Barrell 

134 Faculty 

Deborah Tatib 

Faculty 13o 


Psychology addresses the fundamental premises of 
human behavior and the brain's complex role in deter- 
mining who we are. Stvidents are kept abreast of the latest 
scientific advances and research methods in this burgeon- 
ing field. 


Michael T. Kerchner, Chair 

Sheila Barry 

Katherine Cameron 

Lauren Littlefield 

Kevin McKillop 

George Spilich 

A m 

Left: Student Affairs 

Below: Financial Aide 

Faculty Y: 

138 Faculty 


Faculty 139 

Weekends were made for fun! 


^^B ' 



rj ^ ■ '^--^ 

' '■ J 





ILl ^^iI 


1 '^H\ 

KB'/ ■' . 



140 Candids 



Hometown: Curtis Bay, MD 

Major: Sociology 

Activities: SGA, Amnesty International, 

Sociology Club, Anthropology Club 

My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue, an 
everlasting vision of the ever changing view." Leona, 
no matter how far we travel you will always be in my 
heart. Can you imagine us years from today sharing a 
park bench quietly? Sara, Lose your dreams and you 
will lose your mind. Kerri, I wish you the best of luck 
with everything, you deserve it. Smitty, your mind is a 
temple, keep it beautiful and free. Scoomer, stay 
beautiful! Danielle, insert Golden Girls theme here. 
My family, how am I supposed to say thank you for the 
past 21 years? Thank you just isn't enough to say to 
my Daddy who let me lay on his stomach when I was 
a sick baby, my Mom who always told me to follow my 
dreams, my Pop, the finest years I ever knew were all 
the years I had with you, now all I have are the 
memories of those years, my Grandma who is my 
kindred spirit, my Aunt who supported my educational 
and personal growth. You were always my driving 
force, I wouldn't be where I am today without you. 
Thanks for loving me enough to let me go, even If you 
didn't agree with the direction I was set in. Dum Spiro 

Love is all there is, it makes the world go around. Love 

and only love, it can't be denied. 

- Bob Dylan, I Threw It All Away 

^ r 

Hometown: Bowie, MD ' 

Major: Anthropology 

Minor: History 

Activities: Varsity Rowing, Lambda Alpha, 

Society of Junior Fellows, Anthropology 

Club, Amnesty International 

"I listen to the wind, to the wind of my soul. Where I'll 
end up well I think only God really knows"- CS I've 
seen the world and experienced so much in the past 
four years, and in the process, discovered myself. 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Theresa, Kevin and Rachael for 
helping me to be successful and supporting me in all 
my endeavors. Rakastan! Katie: "Old friends sat on 
their park bench like bookends."-S&G We've been 
through it all... throwing up on me in NY, visiting in 
Finland (pulla), Neil Young and Simon and Garfunkel 
concerts, random trips to DC, bench sitting and just 
wasting time. If it's not random, it's not Riley. 
Meredith: "Oh Canada!" Watch out for the curb at 
crack corner! Thanks for being a great friend. Crew 
Team especially Kelly, Amy and Gina: You all showed 
me what it really mean to work hard and truly be great. 
Thanks for all the memories and taking this four-year 
journey with me. 'Time it was, and what a time it 
was..." Bockmiller: My pair partner, you really made all 
those crew trips an adventure. Freak out NOW! Beth- 
Thanks for always pushing me to be better. "I spent 
four years prostrate to the higher mind, got my paper. 
Now I'm free."-IG "Look around, the grass is high, the 
fields are ripe, it's the springtime of my life."-S&G 

142 Seniors 

Hometown: Sicklerville, NJ 
Majors: Spanish, French, Education 
Activities: Tennis, Sigma Delta Pi, Society 
of Junior Fellows, French Club, Spanish 
Club, International Relations Club, Am- 
nesty International, Japanese Club, 
Education Honor Society, Education Club 

There are so many people I am going to miss Inere. 
I have been a part of many activities here and they 
have all enhanced my life. I will never forget my 
favorite room mate Elizabeth Haag and how we had 
the 1 oreo = 1 mile sign up when we were fresh- 
man! I'll always remember that flamingos have 2 
legs, the salt in the bed, and all of the late night 
parties and tall<s. I'll miss all of the tennis team 
trips. Also, thanl< you to all of the people in the 2003 
Ed Blocl<, you are all great! I will also miss Kim 
Boughan, Kate Werner, Greg Adams, David 
Strieker, Aimee Brown, Christine Garrett, Cynthia 
Stowell, Christina Vouros, Shol<o Nal<amura, and 
last but certainly not least my roomie E-beth! Thank 
you also to Dr. Pears, Dr. Shivers, and Dr. 
O'Connor....! have learned so much from all of you! 
IVIost of all, thank you to my parents for always 
supporting me and making all of my time here at 
Washington College possible. 

fiometown: Clearfield, PA 
Major: German, Political Science 
Activities: Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Alpha 
Theta, Pi Sigma Alpha, Society of Junior 
Fellows, Early Music Consort, Vocal 
Consort, Concert Band, Voice, Jazz Band, 
German Club, MD Federation of College 
Republicans, Republican Women, MD 
General Assembly, Chesapeake Youth 
Chorale, Presbyterian Church Choir 

Many thanks to my scholarship donors, Mr. 
Sweely and Mr. Caspersen for making 
college possible. To my professors: Dr. 
Taylor, Dean Scholz, Dr. Clarke, Dr. 
Parcel!, Ann Mathews, Lisa Graham, Dr. 
Oros, Dr. Deckman, Dr. Shad, Dr. Meyer 
and Dr. Premo for helping me grow. To 
Dr. Gladu for her supportive attendance at 
musical/theatrical performances. To Joe 
Holt and all of first floor at the Buntagon for 
sharing laughs, newspapers, portable 
heaters, television, scissors, pens and 
other random office equipment. To Dr. 
Clarke and Mrs. Casey for tickets to see 
Turandot, Don Giovanni, Die Fledermaus, 
and BSO performances. 

Seniors 143 

Hometown: Dieppe, New Brunswick, 


IViajor: Camputer Science 

Activities: WC Men's Tennis 

I would like to thank my parents for their support 
of my choice to study at Washington College. 
Being from Canada, I was not an easy task and 
many uncertainties were brought about, but with a 
lot of tenacity, I was able to finish all four years. I 
was finally able to complete my goal which was 
the degree in computer science thanks to the help 
of very encouraging professors, especially Dr. 
Lobo (adviser and teacher). This college was 
everything I expected and even more. With the 
tennis team, I was able to travel all around the 
country and participate in many national team 
championships. Matt Rose was a great head 
coach for a nationally ranked team and we have 
learned a lot from him. I hope the tennis program 
will keep doing well with the new coach 
Constantine Ananiadls and I wish him all the best. 
I would also like to thank my girlfriend Galina for 
supporting me during the hard times. She made 
my last two years at Washington College very 

Hometown: Church Hill, MD 
Major: Math 

The best advice I have ever gotten has come from 
Shel Silverstein. The following three poems can 
help you through any major step in your life. 

The Voice (Falling Up): There is a voice inside of 
you/That whispers ail day long,/"l feel that this is 
right for me,/! know that this is wrong.7No teacher, 
preacher, parent, friend/Or wise man can decide/ 
What's right for you — just listen to/The voice that 
speaks inside 

Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda (Falling Up): All the 
Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas/Layin' in the sun,/Talkin' 
'bout the things/They woulda-coulda-shoulda done . 
. ,/But those Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas/AII ran away 
and hid/From one little did. 

LISTEN TO THE MUSTNTS (Where the Sidewalk 
Ends): Listen to the MUSTNTS, child,/Listen to the 
DONTS/Listen to the SHOULDNTS/The 
HAVES/Then listen close to me — /Anything can 
happen, child,/ANYTHING can be. 

Always dream what you want to dream; go where 
you want to go; be what you want to be, because 
you have only one life and one chance to do all of 
the things you want to do. Life is not measured by 
the number of breaths you take, but by the moments 
that take our breath away. 

144 Seniors 

Hometown: Spokane, Washington 

Major: Art 

Activities: Women's Rugby Club, Society of 

Junior Fellows 

"I just don't wanna die without a few scars..." Lucky 
for me rugby and a certain wall in Kent made sure I 
won't. Angle, you were the first real friend I made 
on this campus - thanks tor many dinners in solitary 
confinement, bringing home everything from 
watermelons to lawn flamingos and always making 
me laugh, even if it was about stachybotrys. Gina, 
I'm so glad we got to live in the 'Nation' and had the 
opportunity to experience a little bit of Europe 
together - 1 have to say your influence has made 
me much more tolerant of the color pink. The best 
times I ever had playing LIFE were with you two. 
Curren, thanks for introducing me to the wonders of 
cherry wheat and for the occasional fight club. 
MEC, my lifeline. (Okay sorry, I just had to fit that 
in.) Jade, thanks for many a night playing asshole 
in your room, listening to Queens. 
DNAAAAAAAAA. Misa, thanks for being so damn 
friendly and fun to hang out with, you made me feel 
totally welcome when I got back from St Andrews. 
Honestly, I never liked weeknights so much til I met 
you three, you made my senior year kick ass and I'll 
miss you. To all my friends and especially the 
Women's Rugby Team, I wish you much happiness, 
success on and off the field, and plentiful kegs. 

. "Nothing is Static." ...on to the next. j 

Hometown: Wilimington, DE 
Major: Business Management 
Activities: Best Buddies, Special 
Olympics, SIFE, Swimming, 
Character Counts 

Thank you to all who have sup- 
ported me the past 4 and a half 
years. My family, you are my 
backbone and the heart of all that I 
have accomplished. Kim, you have 
been my second mom and I will 
truly miss your guidance and 
friendship. To all of my friends.. .you 
all have a special place in my hear, 
good luck in all you do and keep in 
touch. To the future WC swimmers, 
good luck. "I am not afraid of the 
future for I have seen yesterday and 
I love today." 


Hometown: Cambridge, MD 

Major: History 

Activities: Music, Sailing, Skiing, MSL, 

Weight Training, Society of Junior Fellows, 

History and Political Science Honor 


Dad, Mom, Erik and Morgan thank you for 
being tine best family I could ever want. 
Grandmom Jean and Pam, Pop John and 
Brooks: With all of your stories no wonder I 
majored in history; I had a head start. 
Ryan and Kyle, you all are truly my older 
brothers. Blazej, "Man you are the Man." 
You have been my best friend. Max 
thanks for letting me jam with you. Tom 
Robbins, my musical role model, thanks 
for doing it all first. Ryan Humphries, Lisa, 
Dan, Emory-(Senor Diablo), Shoko, 
Christina, Andrea, Annette, Andrej, David 
the crazy Aussie and David the Dane you 
all will always be my friends (no matter 
what bridges we may burn). Thanks to all 
the people-- who laughed with me, even 
when I forgot the punch line. 

Hometown: Iselin, NJ 
Major: International Studies, Economics 
Activities: International Relations Club, 
International Studies Council, Model UN, 
Society of Junior Fellows 

These four years at Washington College have been 
he most wonderful part of my life. This however, 
would not be possible without the sacrifice of my 
Darents and brother to whom I would like to thank very 
Tiuch for giving me this astonishing opportunity to 
study at Washington College. Mom, dad, and Andrej 
hank you! Also, I would like to thank to all the people 
(vho made my stay at Washington College such joyful 
jxperience. David thanks man for being such a nice 
oommate! You influenced me a lot man. Victor alias 
^ablo Phoenix, you are the best and it was pleasure to 
hare the glory with you. Max, Joe, Christina, and 
=iyan, thanks for being great and supportive friends. 
Jessica thank you for everything, you always will be in 
ny heart. Be nice as you are, I hope we will keep in 
ouch. Kathy, Joanna, and Marsha thanks for all the 
Fequila...;-) Lionel, Alema, Tom, Christina G, Katelyn, 
zrik, you were great and wonderful friends! Thank 
/ou all for being always here and thank you all the 
jood time we had together. Four years ago it seemed 
o me that we are here forever but now I realized that 
t was only a second. 

..But touch my tears with your lips; Touch my world 
with your fingertips; And we can have forever; And we 
:an love forever; Forever is our today; Who wants to 
ive forever? Who wants to live forever? Forever is 
3ur today; Who waits forever anyway? 

146 Seniors 

Hometown: Manchester, MD 
Major: Drama and Pshchology 
Activities: Fakespeare, RSP, Dance Club, 
WT, Psychology Club, Pegasus, Omicron 
Delta Kappa, Psi Chi, Society of Junior 

Fellows, TA 

I would like to say that these have been some of 
the most heart-wrenching and stressful, yet 
glorious and loving years of my life. I'm glad I had 
so many wonderful people to help me in this crazy 
experimental time called college. I give much 
appreciation to the Drama Department for making 
me who I wanted to be. Thanks to the Psych 
Department for allowing me to understand people. 
I give credit to both for guidance. To all my friends, 
I could never single out one of you to express my 
gratitude towards. You have all been there for me 
in your own ways and I love you equally for that. 
My family, I love you. Mom and Dad, the four 
years here were the finest gifts to give a child. And 
of course there is Scott. You have been here for 
me for quite a long time now. I couldn't think of a 
better person to stand by me during these past 
crucial years. You give me hope for whatever lies 
ahead and allow me to understand that If you face 
challenges head on, you will never fail. Take it to 
heart when someone tells you to live every day as 
if it were your last, and remember that "the future 
puts us in many places, but our memories keep us 

fiometown: Oxford, MD 

Major: Drama 

Minor: Music 

Activities: Riverside Players, Society of 

Junior Fellows, Omicron Delta Kappa, Vocal 

Consort, Students for Women's Rights 

"It's our turn to dance, our turn to sing." -Livingston 

Jill, Lindsay, Jillian- Magnetic Poetry, Moulin Rouge, 
Quote Board, Lemmings, Shoop. You were the best 
roommates ever. I've never had more fun. Jillian- 
Hedwig the Coconut says hi. He wants to know when 
we'll play Martha Ball again while dancing to Ma- 
donna. Lizzzzz- 49 West, Dutch Family, Big Blow Up 
things in Dover. The fun never stops! Catharine- My 
favorite suitable drinking partner. You are the Dog's 
Bollacks. Like 10,000 Hot Dogs! "I yell the loudest" 
Britt- You wear the best fuzzy shoes. Macaroni Grill? 
Emily- My twin. Apple Pie Shots forever. Drama Girls- 
Larry's Lassies! Drama Majors- Go Work Calls! And 
Goats! PGA boys- What was with the wrestling craze? 
You're cool anyway. Mikey- 1 owe you about 1 .000 
backrubs. RJ- All the talks. You know more about 
why I'm crazy than you need to know. Thank you. 
Sharif- Be all the Diva you can be! Jess- Big Red! 
Let's drink a lot and be stupid. Love you, and Binkles 
too. Chas- You're my favorite Ben Folds/ Josie/ 
Richmond drinking partner. You got any Gum? The 
Clarke Family- Thanks for all the dinners and the 
stories. Dale, TM, Jason- What is Art? Thank you. 
Michele, Polly, Larry- Auditing, TA, Concert Series 
program notes. "Time passes. Listen. Time Passes.' 
" ylan Thomas 


Seniors 147 

Hometown: Ocean City, MD 
Major: Sociology 
Minor: Gender Studies 

These past four years have been so much more 
that just "school." The amount of knowledge I 
have gained from the wonderful people who 
surround me can not be measured. Four years of 
friends, fights, love, hatred, anger, and compas- 
sion. Now the rest of my life looms ahead, with so 
many questions waiting to be answered. Mom 
and Dad- Without you, I wouldn't be the person I 
am nor would I have had the opportunity to live my 
dreams if not for your continual faith, love, and 
encouragement. I love you both so very much. To 
my brother Sean- 1 have learned so much from 
watching you grow. I am so proud of you and all 
you have accomplished. Shaun- You have 
struggled with me these past four years. Thank 
you for your patience. Words cannot express how 
much you mean to me. Emily and Fox- My only 
regret is that we didn't become closer sooner. I 
admire you both so much for your strength. We 
have gone insane together, but it was you two that 
kept me sane. To the gang (Rob, Will, Mike, 
Darianne, and Fox)- 1 would like to thank you for 
caring when I needed you and for pushing me 
along the way when I most needed and resisted it. 
I have enjoyed my time over the years and will 
miss everyone. 

Hometown: Bethlehem, PA 
Major: Sociology 

I would like to thank my parents, not only 
because they would kill me if I didn't, but also 
because 1 honestly would not be who I am 
without them. All of their support has gotten 
me to this point, and will get me further in life, 
and I will never forget that. I would also like 
to thank my sister for helping me without 
even knowing it. She is the reason I came to 
Washington College; I wanted to be close to 
her because I know that I could have never 
made it through school without her. Most of 
my first year at WaC was spent sleeping on 
her couch, or just hanging out it her suite. 
Living in "evil 2B" my junior year made that 
year go by a lot faster and very enjoyable. 
And now senior year we have a 3C glass of 
water that will never get drank, we will be 
together forever. Moving twice in one year 
definitely affected me, but I am so happy that 
the "0-4" has stuck together, now with the 
addition of a halo, we are another group that 
will never separate. Winter break this year 
was so much fun with my girls, which finally 
makes me realize that it will not be so bad to 
graduate and move back home. I love you all 
and hope to never lose touch with anyone. 
Without late night phone calls, visiting 
friends, and moral support, I would not be 
graduating this year. 

148 Seniors 

Hometown: Somersville, CT 
Vlajor: International Studies 
^ctivities: Model United Nations, ISC, 
Amnesty International 

Many thanks to my wonderful family, 
Abby, Mom and Dad-your love and 
support means the world to me. To my 
brilliant friends, Niem, Yukiko, Andria, 
Jorge, Florin, Jen, Tim, Leeanne, 
Christine, wherever in the world we may 
be, I will always find myself at home with 
you. My most gracious thanks to so 
many people who have enriched my life 
over the past four years; you have all 
made me so very happy. John, you are 
amazing-thank you. 

Major: International Literature & Culture 
Activities: Model UN, International 
Studies Review, Living Wage Campaign, 
International Dining Club, Russian Space 

It could be this home of ours has been 

the conduit we will pour from- 

we may gleam on the rocks like stranded trout: 

or it could be that we are the rain 

and Washington College will now spill across the 


like maple seed helicopters. 


Seniors 149 

Hometown: Bladensburg, MD 

Major: Behavioral Neuroscience Psychology 

Minor: Biology 

Activities: Alpha Chi Omega 

"The happiest moments my heart knows are those in 
which it is pouring forth its affections to a few 
esteemed characters." - Thomas Jefferson 

Without the support of family and friends the time I 
have spent here would not have been possible not to 
mention the best time of my life! I have shared some 
of the best moments with the most outstanding and 
commendable group of friends anyone can ever wish 
for. Kirby and Stephanie we've been the sketchy trio 
from the first day of Reid bonding over old lady bingo, 
boys and wild road trips and the fun is no way near 
over! I'll love you always. Jenn you are the most 
inspirational person I know. Our relationship has 
blossomed into a friendship that can never be broken, 
as SF03 will always hold us together. Maria you're my 
island jewel... your wisdom and craziness makes you 
such a beautiful person never let anyone take that 
from you! Sam you make the booty department! AXO 
it's been a blast! JB, APIE, KEL, BlinkJr and most of 
all Mablelynn you're an outstanding group of ladies I'll 
cherish all the memories and wacky times of the past 
and look fonward to the road ahead knowing all of you 
will be there! 

^Hometown: Port Deposit, MD ^ 

Major: Biology 

Activities: Alpha Chi Omega, Habitat for 
Humanity, Service Council, SGA 

Your friend is someone who knows all about you and still 
loves you.'-Elburt Hubbard 

Before I begin to tell everyone at WAG how much I love and 
adore them, I have to say thank you to my family. You have 
been so supportive of all my decisions during the last four 
years and I can't tell you how much that means to me! Mere- 
Mere what can I say it has been a crazy four years, and we 
have gone through a lot together. We have been there for 
each other and I know we will continue to do so. Laura, I 
can't remember what life was like without you. oh yeah boring 
and no coffee. You are an amazing person, and a true risk 
taker. Our friendship means so much to me, I know it will only 
continue to blossom in the future. Kirbs, I don't know where 
to begin every since that fateful night in Reid hall we have 
been true friends through and through. We have had our fair 
share of bumps in the road, but I know that I couldn't have 
made it here without you. I really do love you like a sister! 
Cel. you are the type of person I can only aspire to be. You 
have had such a large impact on me, especially how sketchy I 
have become. I know we'll be doctors together some day 
soon. Maria, you are a nut case! You have taught me so 
much, like how to relax and laugh at life instead of getting 
upset. I can't imagine this past year or my life without you! 
Carroll girls (and Apes), you have changed me forever; I will 
never make a daiquiri the same again. AXOs you giris are 
crazy and I wouldn't change you for the world! You all have 
touched me so much. Disney fam, you truly are princesses 
and deserved to be treated that way! I can't imagine being in 
another family, even if Maria didn't want me. 

150 Seniors 

Hometown: Lititz, PA 

Vlajor: Sociology 

Activities: Swimming, Alpina Omicrom Pi, 

Sociology Club 

"Live all you can; it's a mistake not to. It doesn't so 

much matter what you do in particular, so long as you 

have your life. If you haven't had that, 

what have you had?" 

--Henry James 

"Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life 
changes." -Hugh Prather 

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD 

Major: Biology 

Minor: Psychology 

Activities: Swimming, Beta Beta Beta, Alpha 

Omicrom Pi 

"We ride and never worry about the fall, I guess that is 

the cowboy in us all!" 

"Chance is always powerful, let your hook be always 

cast in the pool where you least expect there to be a 

fish" Ovid 

Thank you to everyone that has helped me reach all 
my goals and kept me dreaming for more. Thank you 
to everyone for encouraging me, sticking with me, and 
kept me always reaching for more... never stop. AOPi 
for liiliiiiife!! GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE!!!! 

Seniors 151 

Hometown: New York, NY 
Major: Humanities 

To my family: Thank you for giving me tfie 

chance to live, love, and experience pure 

wonder. 'The live which is unexamined is not 

worth living" -Plato. 

To my Kent rats: Through laughs and tears we 
have made this journey together. Thank you all 
for being the most amazing and unique friends 
a gal could ever ask for. 
"Without friends no one would choose to live" - 

To Trey: You are my rock, my world. Love you 
"Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly 
desired" -Robert Frost 

Hometown: Seattle, WA 
iVlajor: Fine Arts 

To all my fellow Kent Rats and other partners 
in crime, you know who you are. We've had 
some crazy times together, if only we could 
remember them. Ha ha. I love you all and will 
never forget any of you. To all my girls, 
together we've gone where no others been. I 
can't wait for the next adventure. To all the 
boys, you've all made the journey interesting, 
thanks for the comic relief. Lauren you've 
helped me see the lights for all that they are 
and shown me how to escape the crazy 
reality that is life. Don't worry one day you will 
finish the puzzle. Nora you brought me back 
to reality and helped me have a great time in 
it. Thanks for being there and for patching up 
all my injuries. You are both awesome people 
and the best roommates I could ask for. 
Here's to wild nights on Kent porch, random 
road trips, getting lost in corn fields, Thursday 
nights, making C-town home, and all the 
drama that has made us all who we are. 
Thank you all for making the last four years a 
blast. I hope the next stop is a good one. 
Never stop playing. 

Peace, Annie 

152 Seniors 

Hometown: Greenwich, CT 
Major: Environmental Studies 

Thanks to my family. I love you guys. 
Mom, Dad, Kim, thanks for all your 
support. I do not think I would have 
survived college without you. Justin, 
thanks for being my best friend. I don't 
know what I would have done without 
you for these past four years. You 
always make me smile and know how 
to make feel better when I am down. 
Words can't express how much I love 
you. Thanks for being a part of my life. 

Hometown: Baltimore County, MD 
Majors: Environmental Studies and 

Thank you to my dad, mom, and grandparents 
for their continued support. I can't say college 
was fun, but it was interesting. It was challeng- 
ing to go to class everyday surrounded by 
hippies, drunks, and teachers who were not in 
touch with the real world. However. I got 
through it. Most of all, thank you Robin for being 
such an important part of my life. You were 
always there for me when I needed you. We 
have had a great four years together and I look 
forward to many more. I love you very much. 

Seniors 153 

Hometown: Castroville, TX "The Little 

Alsace of Texas" 

Major: English 

Activities: College Republicans, Catholic 

Campus Ministry, International Relations 


So that everyone (who wants to) can remember me: 
Texas by Charlie Daniels 

There's a place not too far away from here/Out with the 
cows and the Lonestar Beer/Where the livin' and lovin' 
is quite alright with me/Well they call it Texas it's a might 
tine place to be 

It runs from Texarkana to El Paso/Oklahoma down to 
old fy/lexico/And there's Houston, Dallas, Austin and San 
Antone/People in Texas sure do make you feel at home 

They just want everybody to leave them alone/While 
they drink their whiskey and roll their own/And they like 
their music with a little bit of Southern Sound/Kick up 
their heels every evening when the sun goes down 

You can call it country and they don't care/And if you 
don't like the way they wear their hair/You can take your 
lights and shove 'em on up the line/People in Texas 
don't care if the sun don't shine 

Thanks for the ride: Christine, Beth, Sarah, Kim, Kate, 
Greg, Linda, Lionel, Annette, Bodil, Florin, Blazej, Kathy, 
Sara, Natalie, Cynthia, Ronnie, Erin, Sally, Andrew, 
IVIolly, Dr. Shoge, Dr. Gillin, Dr. O'Connor, Jeff, Jenny, 
Graham, Ryo, Sze-Sze, Joe, Dr. Scout, Dawn, Bryan, 
and anyone I may have forgot. 

Hometown: Parkton, MD 

Majors: Anthropology and International 


It's been a crazy four years. To all 
my good friends old and new, thank 
you for sharing such great 
memories with me. My door is 
always open to you, wherever I 
might be in the future. To my mom, 
thank you. You're always there for 
me, even when I'm half way across 
the world. Your support means 
everything to me. To Rainer: isn't it 
strange that we had to go to 
Finland to find each other? Thanks 
for your love, your support, and our 
amazing memories. Rakastan 
sinua, minun kana. 

154 Seniors 

Hometown: St. Michaels, MD 
Major: Philosophy 

Thank you to all the people who have 
made these four years fun, meaningful, 
and truly beautiful. To Sara, Laura, Lou, 
Kate and all the friends from over the 
years, you've made the good times good 
and the bad times bearable. Pat, thanks 
for being here Senior year, I love you. To 
the philosophy majors and professors, 
thanks for all you've taught me, I'm forever 
blessed for learning alongside of you. To 
everyone else, best wishes and good luck. 
Remember that good memories will 
sustain you for a lifetime... 

Hometown: Esperance, NY 

Major: Biology 

Minors: Chemistry and Music 

"You only live once, but If you work It right, once 
is enough." Thanks to everyone who has taught 
me even the littlest of things. To my good 
friends, I love you because of your affection, 
your patience, your generosity, and your being 
you; I thank you for the talks, the hugs, the 
laughs, and the true college memories. Thanks 
also (of course) to Mom, Dad, Sarah, Nate, Jari-- 
for your consistent support these four years, and 
encouragement when I needed it the most. To 
the future! 

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is 
the mysterious. It Is the source of all true art and 
all science. He to whom this emotion is a 
stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder 
and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his 
eyes are closed." --Albert Einstein 
"Learn as if you were going to live forever. Live 
as if you were going to die tomorrow." - 
Mahatma Gandhi 

Seniors 155 

Hometown: Bel Air, MD 

Major: English 

Activities: Social Chair for Cleopatra's Daughters, 

Writer's Union, Collegian, Japanese Club 

Hometown: Seaford, DE 
Major: International Studies 
Activities: International Relations Club, 
Society of Junior Fellows, Pi Sigma Alpha, 
Omicron Delta Epsiion, Model UN 

As I sit here attempting to fit all of my special 
moments and many tfianks into a few sfiort words. 
I feel the utter confusion, yet incredible excitement 
as this new chapter of life opens for us all. My 
experience at Washington College has been a 
thrilling ride to help me better and learn much 
about myself, each day learning many new 
lessons which I will hold close to my heart forever. 
First, I must thank my wonderful family for all of 
their support and love to help me better myself 
and my life. Your love for God always gave me 
the encouragement to know that I was never 
alone. You words gave me the ability to always 
want to learn more and never be satisfied with 
anything but the best and taught me that my mind 
and my heart are the best assets I can give the 
world. To all my loving friends I have met at 
Washington College, you will always be in my 
heart, life, and mind, some of you I have met along 
the way, and some of you I met that first freshman 
day hauling numerous boxes up to that third floor 
of Reid Hall. Speaking of which let us never forget 
those precious moments on the third floor balcony, 
numerous chachacha lessons, laughter, tears, and 
most of all undying friendship. Much love, many 
prayers, and best wishes for all of our new lives 
ahead of us today. 

156 Seniors 

Hometown: Maryland 

Vlajor: Business Management 

Activities: SGA, College Republicans 

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work 
and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no 
play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play 
makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes 
Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a 
dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. 
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work 
and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no 
play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play 
makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes 
Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a 
dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. 
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work 
and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no 
play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play 
makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes 
Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a 
dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. 
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work 
and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no 
play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play 
makes Jack a dull boy. 

Hometown: Point Pleasant, NJ 
Major: English 

Activities: IM Sports, Club Lax, Drama 
Productions, The Elm 

"I don't remember who met who first, 
or who fell in love first. All I remem- 
ber is all of us being together"- 
St. Elmo's Fire 

From the first days at Somerset and 

all that followed after, the memories I 

have with all of you will never be 

forgotten. I have loved these days 

and I love you all. 

"Someday when we all reminisce, 

we'll say there wasn't too much we 

missed and we will smile as we 

recall, for a while we had it all." - 

David Foster 

Seniors 157 

Hometown: Redmond, WA 

Major Humanities 

Activities: Zeta Tau Alpha, The Elm 

Mom and Dad, thank you so much for evefyttiing. 

i love you B^h: thanks for being the best ilfle 

ever. [ am so proud of you and everything that 
yoo have done. I'll miss you. Siobhain: thanks for 
te'-z 3-:'- 5 ::■:■- ''5-d. Thursday nights have 
z==- -e - :- ;": :' -. .veekaByear. ri a lw a ys 

re -ej ':'.:- =': '. miss you so much. 

Ke ,. ;:-'■.;■?■.-;■•;: nerson that ! met at WAC 
arc -=.i - = z ;: ~5'.. great times with you 

the past four yea's \a:a e r:"':^;".:. 
what to say and •-. ': ": :' '■ :" ■■ "i. :: sa. ■: 

done more for me than >:_;:.:?, r'e.e- 
kr^aw. I really can't ever e-: = --:.'. ~.:" i~ 

to me and i wiii miss you aii, lots of ZLAM and 
good luck with everytho^. 

/fiometown: Banington. NJ 
Major Business Management 
Activities: Softtjail, Zeta Tau Alpha, The Elrr 
Sigma Beta Delta, Order of Omega 

yau-- = - 

158 Seniors 

Hometown: Perkasie, PA 

Major: Clinical Psychology 

Activities: Kappa Alpha Order, Order of 

Omega, Psi Chi, Jazz Band, Concert Band 

"I want to thank my family for all their 
support. Most of all I would like to thank my 
Dad, because he has taught me about real 
life, all of which I could not learn in the 
classroom. This has made me who am I 
today. You truly are my hero." 

Hometown: Weedsport, NY 
Major: Business Management 
Activities: Kappa Alpha Order 

I want to thank my family, without such a great 
family none of this would have ever been 
possible, I love you all and thank you. Natalie - 
You have changed my life more than you'll ever 
know, you have shown me a whole new world 
and opened me up to it, I love you 4ever + 1 . 
KA - You all are family to me. keep in touch, 
remember that loose lips sink ships so support 
each other and keep the boat moving ahead. 
"What we do in life echoes in eternity.^ I hope I 
have impacted Beta Omega as much as it's 
impacted me. Dave, John, Adam, Rui, Rob - 
and then there was 6. remember the good times 
and I'm always here for ya -- KA for life. Larry - 
my big lil, I'll be in touch and thanks for 
everything bro. Hojo, just keep your head on 
straight and great things will happen. Lindsay, 
you're the best kind of friend everyone should 
have, you desen/e the best. Everyone else - 
it's been fun. And Timmy, remember to wear 
your helmet. 


Seniors 159 

Hometown: Towson, MD 
Majors: Environmental Studies and Educa- 
Activities: Alplia Ctii Omega 

Thanks for all who have been there for me 
through the years!. JC, Pia, & Em, I love you 
girls; you are my true sisters! Jess, Wayles, 
Julia, & Pnutt, you were a great escape junior 
year! K8 & Lindsey I couldn't have gotten 
through it without you! Lindsey, Happy Hour will 
continue forever! Kelly & Kris, you girls are the 
best! Don't forget the power of three! Kel, I'm so 
glad you stayed at WAC, I have had so much fun 
with you and look forward to many more 
"unforgettable" times! Alpha Chi's, you each 
Inspired me and I love all of you and treasure the 
friendships I have made. Best of luck in the 
years to come! Sunni, Priscilla, & Nike, I love 
you! Bermuda was great, "Swizzle inn, Swagger 
out!" Uncle Don, you are unforgettable! Colin & 
Chad, Fox is awesome, thanks for an amazing 
summer, it changed me forever! Special thanks 
to my parents for allowing me to explore and 
always supporting me, I love you! 

Hometown: Salisbury, MD 
Majors: Sociology and Elementary 


"First, have a definite, clear practical ideal; a goal, an 
objective. Second, have the necessary means to 
achieve your ends; wisdom, money, materials, and 
methods. Third, adjust all your means to that end. - 

Thanks to everyone at WAC that has made this such a 
memorable expehence. I couldn't have done it 
without my BB club and all my junior year study 
breaks! Adam thanks for being there through the 
good and the bad; the happy and the sad! I don't 
know what I am going to do without you. Katie, Kelly, 
Kristen, don't forget our pact, one of these days! We 
also must have another road trip! Ellen thanks for 
being such a great roomie, and always letting me 
procrastinate on my work. Simos, where did you go? 
Thanks for all of those CRAZY nights! K-Fry and 
Nike, thanks for all those random nights. I'm going to 
miss you two! Sam, best little ever! If it wasn't me 
taking care of you it was you taking care of me! 
Spring 2000 girls, I will never forget the fantastic times 
we shared together. Mom and Dad, thanks for all your 
support! I couldn't have done it without you. 

Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just 
like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. 
The important thing is to make it meaningful: a 
rneaningful friend -- or a meaningful day." j 

160 Seniors 

Hometown: Pasadena, MD 
Major: Clinical Psychology 
Activities: Psychology Club, Education Club 

Psi Chi 

This is for everyone who has touched my heart along 
the way. Mom, you have provided me with love and 
support in all that I do. Your guidance and wisdom 
has created a foundation that allows me to achieve all 
of my hopes and dreams. Mark, I have been so lucky 
to have you in my life. The title of "stepfather" is not 
the one for you. You have done more for me than I 
ever could have hoped for, and for that reason, you 
deserve the title of "Dad". Gram, the strength you 
have demonstrated over the years has taught me to 
never give up and to always strive for more. Lys, the 
older we become, the closer we grow. Your fun, 
carefree spirit brings out the best in me. You remind 
me that there is more to life then books and school. 
Friends will come and go, but you and I share a bond 
that will last a lifetime. John MaHoney, without you in 
my life, I am incomplete. We have spent many good 
times together and I look fonward to seeing what the 
future holds. I love you very much. Angela, as 
always, you are "the wind beneath my wings". AC, 
ET, AK, WW and MM, you girls are the best. My 
experience at WAC would not have been the same 
without you. Your friendships mean so much to me, 
and as we go on our separate paths, we must never 
lose touch. 

Hometown: Baldwin, MD 

Major: Art 

Activities: Alpha Chi Omega 

Dad and Mom- Thanks for everything you have 
done for me. I would never have made it 
through these past four years without you! You 
both are the best parents that anyone could ever 
ask for. I love you! Don't worry Dad, I studied 
day and night!! Jennie- Well I made it! Thanks 
for being my sister and helping me grow over the 
years. You have truly helped me through so 
much. I love you! Kevin Emory- Well what can I 
possibly say.... You mean the world to me. You 
are my best friend and my love! You have 
changed my life so much; I love you more than 
words can say! Stephie- You are the best 
roomie! Thanks for all the crazy memories. I 
will miss your Spanish music! I love you girl! 
Thanks for being such a wonderful friend. Jilly- 
Good luck next year! I know you will do 
awesome and you will go far in life. Here, there 
where?!?! Thanks for opening my eyes to so 
much! You are truly an amazing friend, I love 
you! AXO- Thanks for all the wonderful 
memories girls! You all deserve the best. I'll 
miss you all, good luck in everything that you do! 


Seniors 161 

162 Seniors 

Hometown: Milford, DE 
Major: Anthropology 

Activities: Field Hockey, Softball, Lambda 
Alpha, Anthropology Club 

Thanks to all of my friends and family that 
have supported my time here at WaC. I 
could not have done this without you! Mom, 
Dad, Brooke, Jeff, John- Thanks for 
everything, good luck Jeff!! Alexis and Erin- 
you were like my first friends here at WaC! 
Freshman year was crazy girls and I love you 
both so much! Em- 1 am so happy I found you 
as a friend Sophomore year! Ho house, 
dance parties, Plan Easton, us on May Day- 
you're the greatest girl! I love ya! T siz- you 
were one of my first friends at school too and 
you have been one of my best friends 
throughout our time here- clubbing, random 
drunken nites at Rofa-guys, food, whatever 
you name It, you've been there for me, love 
ya girl! T-bone - you are the greatest girl- 
HFG's!!! Jeremy- You were a huge surprise! I 
never expected to meet someone like you. 
From the very first day you have made me so 
happy, that it's hard to explain! But in you I 
have found my very best friend and I love you 
for that! Thanks for all of the amazing times 
and always being there for me, Good luck 
next year stud!! 

Hometown: Liberia 

Major: Political Science 

Activities: International Relations Club, 

Model UN, Society of Junior Fellows, 

International Studies Council, SGA, 

Service Council 

First and foremost, I would like to thank 
the Almighty God for all of the blessings 
he has bestowed upon my family and 
me. To my grandparents who have 
been wonderful mentors; my family, 
friends, and all the wonderful people I 
have befriended during my time at 
Washington College, thank you for your 
support and encouragement. To the 
ladies of the service house. I love you! 

Seniors 163 

Hometown: Toms River, NJ 
Major: Political Science 
Activities: Zeta Tau Alpha, Habitat for 
Humanity, Class of 2004 Webmaster, 
Pro-Life, Pre-law Club 

"Ideals are like stars: you will not succeed in 
touching them with your hands, but like the 
seafaring man on the ocean desert of waters, you 
choose them as your guides, and following them, 
you reach your destiny." -Carl Schurz 

Jenn and Jami- these years have been the best we 
had so many adventures and I hope we have many 
more. James-its been super fun being friends. I'll try 
to work my way out of heather-land every once in a 
while so I can be normal (if there is such a thing). 
Kim, Kelly, Mary Elizabeth and Rachel- I'm so glad I 
got to know you before I graduated. Make the most 
of your next three years. They go by faster then you 
could ever imagine. And always follow your 
dreams. To my Zeta Family, you mean the world to 
me; I'm so glad that we will always be a part of each 
others lives. To all my sisters- Zeta has made my 
college experience whole. You are what made 
these last 2 years so great. I will always remember 
you guys, whenever I see the word 'sister' I'll know 
what it really means, not girls born of the same 
parents but of the same mind. I love you all- ZLAM. 
To my parents, thank you for all that you have done 
for me these last four years. MOM- Although I have 
not always known who I am or what I am going to 
do, you have always stood by me. Thank you. 

^ r 

Hometown: Centerviile, MD 

Major: History 

Activities: Zeta Tau Alpha, Pro-Life Club 

In the past year so much has changed and yet 
things still feel the same. The biggest change is 
that when we leave here in May, this time we won't 
be coming back after the three months of summer 
vacation has passed. This time when we leave it's 
time for the great beginning. Some of us will be 
going on to more schooling, others will be going 
out and starting that first post-graduation job. while 
still others will be looking for that first job. It's not 
just our classes that have brought us to this point 
in our lives: it's also our friends and family, and the 
experiences we gain through them. We may not 
be ready for this last step as an undergraduate but 
we must take it and in doing so we will take 
another step toward becoming the person we were 
always meant to become. To all of you: You've all 
meant something different and special to me and 
there's no way to thank any of you enough. Thank 
you for being there for me and for helping and 
supporting me along this path that I've chosen. 

164 Seniors 

Hometown: Woodbine, MD 

Major: Biology 

Minor: Pshychology 

Activities: Swimming, Zeta Tau Alpha, Best 

Buddies, SGA, Theater 

Mom and Pops: I guess a small part of growing up, is 
realizing how amazingly cool your parents really are, 
and then coming to value how precious the time spent 
with your family truly is. I don't think I can possibly 
begin to thank you enough. Thank you for always 
supporting and encouraging me, and teaching me to 
do what is right. You have been phenomenal role 
models. I am so lucky to have parents that believe in 
me, as much as you two do. Joanna, Mary Beth, and 
Rebecca: I couldn't have been blessed with three 
better sisters. Thanks for always being there. And 
even though, I am supposed to be the older sister, you 
guys will never know how much you have taught me. 
love you guys so much! Always follow your dreams, 
and never sell yourself short. You are all amazing 
women with incredible capabilities. To the crew (you 
all know who you are): Wow, It has been one wild and 
crazy ride. Words can't do us justice. We have 
shared and grown so much together. My most 
treasured memories are with you guys. Thanks for all 
the good times. "Some people come into our lives and 
quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints 
on our hearts. And we are never the same." 

Hometown: Baltimore, MD 

Major: Humanities 

Activities: Zeta Tau Alpha, Musicians' Union 

Women's Rugby, Theatre 

these days... i understand chaos im not sure whether 
or not it understands me. im leaving behind: cliff city, 
boobitang, beowulf, belmit, panda-kicking, british 
woohoos, freakmunk, youre a god/really cool guy, 
and the 'would you rather game, i liked beatles 
show, dead show, boh, spanky, bonnaroo. yoshi, 
bay, nag champa, eileen's desk, angels, the cat, 
doma, and the hurricane, leener youre my best friend 
ever, make me some ragu and follow me to philly. i 
promise ill leave your desk alone, jenny your strength 
inspires me, lets laugh in procs parking lot. nicole. my 
how youve grown, best little ever, nothing but love for 
you. andy, always have love for you dude. Jones, my 
princess, cool zetas wear tiedye i miss you already, 
linds, bundle of sunshine, you will go so far i know it. 
poo, you went ivy but we still love you. norass. too 
talented for words, keep playing you bastard, my real 
family, thanks for the money n love n food n support, 
others i love- johnny e. sam, joe. sketch, ryan. mikey. 
Justin, harry, adam, rachel, ruggers, ted k. heather, 
manda, all my zeta sisters esp. my funky fam. let 
your love cover me like a pair of angel wings, stay 
true to your past but dont look back, make the 
mistakes youve got to make but dont go too far, cuz 
life doesnt have a reset button, no matter who you 
are. laugh in the sunshine, sing, cry in the dark, fly 
through the night. 

Seniors 165 

Hometown: Hazlet, NJ ^ 

Major; Sociology 

Minor: English 

Activities: Rugby, The Elm, The Collegian 

Hey guys! I just have to say that these four years have 
been the most incredible years of my life thus far, I 
have met so many people that have not only made my 
years here fulfilling and amazing, but have also 
touched my heart and soul in a way that I will always 
cherish, Bryan: Hey monkey! You are the most 
wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. You 
have made such a profound impact on me as a 
person. Your love, generosity, and compassion have 
made my life complete and I'm a better person for 
being with you. Here are to the best parents 2 kitties 
could ever have! Aimee: You have been one of the 
closest fhends I have made here. Survivor, 
Phonathon, game night, recipes, chocoholics!, 
margaritas, Bon Jovi, practicing karaoke in my car, 
and everything else. Thanks for being such a good 
friend, Rugby girls: Joining the team is the best thing 
I've done here at WAC, Tackling, songs, 'These 
apples he got!", Heidi: remember "A man came in for 
some shrubbery." Sarah Fritz: "Is your name German? 
No, it's Fritz", the Kit Kat Klub- for people who stand 
around and be cool and we're the presidents. And to 
everyone else: Daryl, Matt, Mandi, Renee, Stacey C, 
Kate, Kim: You've all been so wonderful. You've all 
touched my heart in a way that I will always remem- 
ber. "We've gotta hold on, ready or not. You live for 
the fight when that's all that you got!" I love you guys! 

Hometown: Grasonvilie, MD 

Major: History 

Activities: Varsity Men's Rowing 

Well, first I would like to say that WAC was one of 
the best experiences in my life, especially having 
the chance to stay in London and visit the 
homeland. Dawn- You were the best thing to 
happen to me in college: you have opened a 
whole new world to me that this eastern shore 
yokel might never have seen, and I hope I can 
make you as happy in the future as you make me, 
I love you. and we'll get that house in Scotland on 
day. Crew guys- Sorry I was not there last year, 
life happens, but the experiences I have from 
three years of being around you are some of my 
most cherished, I have never been so pround in 
my life when we shaved our heads for Brit after 
she was diagnosed with cancer, and one day I 
hope we can get that boat for her. To my family- 
Without you. college would never have been 
possible, especially you Mama Seward, whom I 
admire most in my life, thank you. My fhends- 
Thanks for putting up with all the stuff that comes 
out of my mouth: I don't know what I'm gonna do 
without my football and bar buddies. I hope we 
still take the gambling trips when we are old and 
feeble. Good luck to everyone!!!! - R.E, Lee 

"Rain or shine the day is mine," -Sean Connery 

166 Seniors 

Hometown: Baltimore, MD 
Major: Psychology 
Minor: Sociology 
Activities: Psychology Club 

I would like to thank my parents for all of tfieir love 
and support. I would hiave never made it through 
freshmen year, let alone all four years, without you. 
To my sisters, Jennifer and Kara--thanks for all the 
great advice over the years ("Don't sweat the petty 
things, and don't pet the sweaty things"). To 
Melissa and Tarra-I'm glad I got to share senior 
year with you ("Let's get drunk now, and then 
STOP!"). To my best friend, Diana--who would 
have ever thought that the first week of freshmen 
year would turn into the friendship we have now?? 
I'm so glad to have had the chance to go through all 
of this crap with you! I never would have made it 
without our late night talks ("Let's stay up all night, 
and then go to class tomorrow"), trips to 
McDonald's ("$5.. .that's like 2 whole meals!"), 
hanging out in Baltimore (with straw microphones), 
quoting movies ("We got no food, we got no jobs... 
our PETS' HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!"), the Bird, 
Andy's, and much more. I can't wait for you to 
move to Baltimore, we're going to have so much 
fun! Jason--who would have ever thought the 
Softball team would have so much impact on our 
lives? I will always be your beer girl. Thanks for all 
the great memories, cheers to the many more to 
"On tops of mountains, as everywhere to hopeful 
souls, it is always morning"--Thoreau 

Hometown: Boothwyn, PA 
Major: Business Management 
Activities: Varsity Women's Lacrosse, 
Zeta Tau Alpha 

I want to thank my family for your love and support 
throughout these four years. Without you I would 
not have made it this far. I love you! To Leah-It 
has been a fun ride and I am glad that I was able 
to share it all with you. We have been through the 
good and the bad and always have a good time 
doing both. I could not imagine college without 
you. To Tara and Melissa-You have definitely 
made my senior year what it was: a great time. I 
know you both will go far in everything you 
pursue. To my ZTA sisters-l would not be who I 
am if I had not found all of you through ZTA. 
Thank you for the friendships and love you each 
have given me. You are a great group of girls and 
always remember that... ZLAM! To my lil' 
Amanda-I am so proud to call you my little sister 
and remember that I will always be here for you. 
Continue our family tree with pride-"Only the best 
get crowned." To my lacrosse girls-l had the time 
of my life sharing the field with each of you. Keep 
the drive to win inside you and you all will do great 
things! GO WAC! 

Seniors 167 

Hometown: Auddubon, NJ 

Major: Drama 

Activities: Riverside Players, Vocal Consort, 

Chester River Chorale, Summer Stock, 

Philadelphia Theatre Company 

Great times with some crazy people! Who could 
have asked for anything more in a college 
education? WAC Drama rules! Drama majors 
(past and present): Thank you so much for all the 
great times! See ya when we all get jobs on The 
Great White Way! To Dale, Jason, TM. Larry, 
fvlichele and Polly: Thank you for helping to make 
the theater feel like a second home! You all are 
great no matter what people say (yuck yuck yuck). 
To my "family" (Mel, Theordora, and Dogboy): 
What else could a father want in life but a family 

like ours? Ummm Don't answer that. To my 

friends (especially Michelle, Chalas, and Amanda 
(QAF fiend!): Thank you for everything! I could not 
have imagined four years ago that I would know all 
of you amazing people! Melissa: Hello! What 
else can I say? I love ya! FLYING NUN!!! 
MWAH! To my real family: Thank you for always 
being there for me when I needed you and 
supporting me in all that I do. Love you! Seniors 
2004: Good luck in all your endeavors! Senior 
Drama majors: Break a leg! 

C \ 


/Hometown: Lester, PA "^ 

Majors: Drama and Humanities 
Minors: English and Gender Studies 
Activities: Drama, Vocal Consort, Concert 
Band, Jazz Band, Riverside Players, ZTA 

Lets start at the very beginning... Family-Thank you for 
always supporting me in all that I do. I love you immensely 
and will never let you forget that yes, I am the favorite. 
Theodora and Dogboy- you girls are the best children a 
mother could ask for! I can't wait to see what you do in the 
future- 1 know it will be amazing. Just remember, there's 
always Accapella Rocks! Dale, Jason, TM. Michele, Polly. 
Larry and the goat-you're the best drama prof's in the 
universe! Without you guys, I'd be a bio major. THANK YOU! 
Kiplin Hall peeps- All I need in this life is gin, me and Dr Gillin! 
Work it! Own it! Girls, I need you to be my eyes! REWIND! 
What great memories we've created. May they never die. 
See you on Hellvellyn. Leigh- one word: COACH! Britt. 
Amanda. Shane- RoFa runs at midnight always make me feel 
good, and the kittens love you! ZTA-remember, we're all 
sisters by heart! The boys- what can I say? You're always 
there to make me laugh, break my heart, remind me what not 
to do, and encourage me to do the things I shouldn't. Thanks, 
I think... Non-drama folks- thank you for taking me out of the 
theatre every now and then. Drama folks- LOVE LOVE 
LOVE! What a fantabulous year of productions. We all rock. 
Treat the costume depo with respect, cause I'll be back to 
check up on it! And keep the cast parties lively. Michelle & 
Liz- your talents never cease to amaze me! NYU for grad 
school, yes? In any event, see you on broadway! Am I 
forgetting someone?? Oh yeah. Chuck a roo- what can I say? 
Feels like I've known you for years... much more than four. 
From Pnck to Lucille it's been quite a ride! Thank you for your 
fnendship. I love you always and forever and give me my 
brain back. 

Goodbye WAC. It's been fun :) 

168 Seniors 

Hometown: Dover, DE 

Major: Political Science 

Activities: Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Sigma 

Alpha, Society of Junior Fellows, College 

Republicans, Maryland Federation of College 

Republicans, SGA 

I will never forget the experiences, struggles, and 
friendships that I have had over the last four years at 
Washington College; all have made me into who I am 
today. I have achieved so much thanks to the support 
of my wonderful friends and family. Thank you my 
dear family and friends, because of all of you I will 
never stop dreaming my dreams! 

Don't Ever Stop Dreaming Your Dreams 
Don't ever try to understand everything- some things 
will just never make sense. Don't ever be reluctant to 
show your feelings- when you're happy, give in to it! 
When you're not, live with it. Don't ever be afraid to 
try to make things better- you might be surprised at 
the results. Don't ever take the weight of the world on 
your shoulders. ..Don't ever feel threatened by the 
future- take life one day at a time. Don't ever feel 
guilty about the past- what's done is done. Learn from 
any mistakes you might have made. Don't ever feel 
that you are alone-there is always somebody there for 
you to reach out to. Don't ever forget that you can 
achieve so many of the things you can imagine- 
imagine that! It's not as hard as it seems. Don't ever 
stop loving, don't ever stop believing, don't ever stop 
dreaming your dreams. -Laine Parsons 

Hometown: Exeter, Rl/Keedysville, MD 
Majors: Political Science and Philosophy 
Activities: Amnesty International, SGA, SJF, 
Swimming, Philosophy Club, Honor Board, 
International Relations Club, Maryland 
Student Legislature, Dance Club 

They came to sit & dangle their feet off the edge of the 

world & after awhile they forgot everything but the 

good & true things they would do someday. ~ Brian 


To the three most important people in my life — Mom, 
Dad, and Chuck: I am grateful for being able to share 
my life with you. I hope that my life is and will be a 
living testament to your love and patience, and all of 
the life lessons you have taught me. 

For a long time, she flew only when she thought no 
one else was watching. 

To my companions, confidants, gang members, and 
future tropical penguin ranchers — your lives have 
touched me in a way that is more meaningful than 
words can convey. 1 heart each and every one of you 
silly people. Hugs all around! To those who have just 
started out, some advice: Set a goal, and work hard to 
reach it. Know when to speak, and when to play mute. 
Travel at least six times zones in either direction. Do a 
good deed. Don't tell anyone you did it. Play fair. Have 
fun! Grandpop, Aunt Emma. Uncle Al, Tom, Carol, 
Simon — I wish you could have been there for the sun 
& the rain & the long, hard hills. For the sound of a 
thousand conversations scattered along the road. For 
the people laughing & crying & remembering at the 
end. But, mainly. I wish you could have been there. 

Seniors 169 

Hometown: Arnold, MD 
Major: Art History 

I want to thank my Mom and Dad for all the 
sacrifices that they made for me to be able to 
attend school here. I will appreciate that more 
than you will ever know. To Michael and 
Carey, I love you both dearly. Thanks for the 
support and enthusiasm you have always given 

To my brothers, Casey, Peter, Dawson, Jack, 
Smitty - you are the best brothers I could have 
ever asked for. I am proud to have been your 
friend and brother in the time I was here and 
into the future. You guys know where to find 
me if you ever need anything. 

To my friends. Hunt, Dustin, Louie, and Noah - 
I just wanted to say that the time we have 
spent together has always been a blast. From 
Chestertown to New Orleans to Boston and 
back, we have shared the best of times during 
college that I will never forget. 

To everyone else that has been a friend to me 
- there is never enough time or space to 
explain what your friendship has meant to me. 
Thank you. 

Hometown: Lancaster, PA 
Major: International Studies 

170 Seniors 

^Hometown: Madison, Wl ^ 

Major: Art 

Minor: Business Management 
Activities: The Elm, Photograpiier for 
Washington College website. Student 
Supervisor at The Cove, W.C. Central 

First, thanks to WAC for giving me an amazing four 
years. Tlianl<s Miss Bev and Miss Katie for being both 
wonderful supervisors and also wonderful friends. 
Andria, Steph, Jen, and Christina: You'll probably 
never see this, but you all mean the world to me and I 
know I wouldn't be who I am today without your 
friendships. John and Emily: Two sweet people who 
were always kind enough to laugh at my stupid 
jokes... I wish you the best! Amie Brown: Thanks for 
always being kind to me despite my liberal beliefs. 
Kate Werner: I hope you forgive me for stealing your 
roommate. Good luck! Andrew: We've shared some 
pretty good times, conscience and otherwise. Thanks 
for being a friend I'll never forget. Chris: Way too many 
things to say, but simply, thanks for being the best 
roommate I've ever had and, with out a doubt, ever 
will have. I am forever indebted to you and I hope I 
have you as a friend until the day I leave this world. 
Finally... Kim-Bou: You've inspired me to be a person 
I never knew I could be. When I was younger, I always 
would make a wish... hundreds of pennies thrown into 
fountains and wells... always the same wish. Then I 
met you... and I finally knew I had gotten my wish. 
Thanks for being the best thing I discovered at WAC. I 
love you. Everyone else: You're special too! 

^ Hometown: Damascus, MD ^ 

Major: History 
Minor: Art 

Activities: Art History Club, 
Catholic Campus Ministry, History Club, 
Target Tutoring, SJF, 
Phi Alpha Theta, Tourguide 

These past few years have been wonderful. ..I've 
learned so much about myself and who I am. How a 
freshman me would gape at all that has happened in just 
these four years. To My Parents; Nobody ever gives 
you thanks like you deserve. Thanks for scrimping and 
saving and allowing me to go to Washington College. I 
love you! To Jeff: Button, button, who's got the button? 
Angel of mine, you are everything I have ever wished for 
or wanted. With you, I am blessed. I hope you always 
know how much you are a part of my heart. It belongs 
to you. I love you Wisconsin Boy. To Christine, Rob, 
Josh, Karin, and Patrick: I love you guys. ..what 
wonderful siblings. ..thanks for all the advice. Kate: My 
dearest roomie. ..what can I say, I'm so glad that we met 
our freshman year...! can't imagine having to share a 
room with anyone else... here's to airplanes and Moulin 
Rouge! Greg: I am special yes I am, thanks for being my 
brother on campus. Amin: Cookie Monster!! My other 
brother on campus! Aimee: Heya Texas girl, here's to 
Sunday school "you can't be St. Francis, St. Francis 
doesn't have that!" Katie and Jenny; Don't Eat the 
Pictures!! Where's McColl when you need him. 
honestly! Linda; Ed Block!! AHH!! We did it!! Send 
them to the principal. Ed Block 2003; FOG DELAYS!! 
Only you can Prevent Classroom Explosions. To all else; 
Carpe Diem, the world is too precious to not enjoy every 
moment you can. 

Seniors 171 

'f^ometown: East Rockaway, NY ^ 

Major: Humanities 

Activities: Residential Life, Softball, Habitat 
for Humanity, Student Life Faculty 


There is nothing I can say that will make all this "O.K." 
and express what I am really feeling. Time passes so 
fast, it is incredible. Res. Life-it has helped me be who 
I am. Sue and Bob-thank you, I wish you the best. 
Dean Mclntire-thank you for all your advise and 
humor. Diane-thank you for giving me the opportunity 
to get to know you, it has been a blast and not 
something to forget. My graduated people-thank you 
for helping me go through your obstacles to learn for 
my own. Andrea: excuse me. ..what? You mean the 
world to me, memories we have together are price- 
less, we've been through a lot together, there's more 
on the way I love you. Michael: when you know, you 
know. We have barely just begun I love you. Mandi: 
I'm so happy that we got to know each other and work 
closely the way we did. Your focus and drive inspire 
me. Mandy: it is interesting how one week opened us 
up, I am lucky to have gotten to know you and we'll 
keep in touch. Britt and Elizabeth: from Freshman 
year, you have been my main support system, it's 
been a rollercoaster, but it's not over. Everyone else. 
Tammy. Brant, Bill, Tara, Matt, Mark, and everyone 
not mentioned. ..please keep in touch. Thank you to 
my whole family for unconditional love and support, 
mom dad and di~l love you. The future belongs to 
those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. 
.-Eleanor Roosevelt 

Hometown: Catonsville, MD 
Major: Biology 
Minor: Chemistry 
Activities: WC Gospel Choir, 
Soccer, Beta Beta Beta, 
Habitat for Humanity 

Here's to four great 
years with many great 
friends, and many more 
of both to come. 

172 Seniors 

Hometown: Glenwood, MD 

Major: Biology 

Activities: Student Events Board, SGA, 


"Life is only as good as the memories we make," 

Tlianks to everyone who made living in the middle 
of nowhere worthwhile. I will leave WAC with great 
memories and friends. Do you guys wanna play a 
game or watch a movie? Yeah Microbiology! Fruit 
Baseball. Snowball fights. SEB events. Ocean 
City. Parties in Monty. The Inner Harbor. GO 
NAVY! BEAT ARMY! South Street Philly. Deep 
Creek Lake. SGA craziness. Halloween Parade. 
The Bluebird. Atlanta. RIP Fiero. All the crazi- 
ness. My Family: Thank you for your continued 
love and support in everything I do. You believe in 
me even when I don't believe in myself. 
Mandi: You have been there for me in everything I 
do. Thank you for your love and support. I love 
you more today than yesterday but not as much as 
tomorrow. You are my true companion. 

"And when this hourglass has filtered out Its final 

grain of sand, I'll raise my glass to the memories we 


Hometown: Sykesville, MD 

Majors: Intergrated Childhood Theories and 

Elementary Education 

Activities: Student Teaching Intern, 

Residential Area Director, Resident 

Assistant, Student Events Board, Omicron Delta 

Kappa, Society of Junior Fellows, Peer Mentor, 

Education Club, Habitat for 


"If the future seems overwhelming, remember that it 
comes one moment at a time." How quickly the 
moments went and how soon our future arrived! 
There have been so many people who mean so 
much to me — ^friends, professors, everyone in the 
Student Affairs Office, thank you for you guidance, 
humor, support and encouragement: you were my 
surrogate parents and siblings, mentors, and 
listening ears. CHES and WES, my co-ops and other 
interns- thanks for showing me what I am capable of 
and giving me the opportunity to learn with you and 
from you. Mandy, my roommate and double-mint 
twin for two years, what would I have done without 
our kitchen chats, "Cheeeers!" and your constant 
support? My true companion, words can't express 
just what you mean to me and how much more you 
mean to me every day. You are my rock. Lobe you 
bug! To all my other friends, alum and '04 alike, what 
a trip it has been, thanks for being there to make me 
stop and laugh when I needed to! Ron, Andrew, 
Brooke, Mom and Dad... "You never see the hard 
days in a photo album, but those are the days that 
get you from one happy shot to the next." I'm so 
lucky to have so many of those happy shots, thanks 
for making them possible. I love you! 

Seniors 173 

Hometown: Newark, DE 
Major: Environmental Studies 
Activities: Phi Delta Theta 
Club Lacrosse 

First of all, I want to thank my parents 

for all of tfieir support and help. 

Thank you. 

To all the Phi's, it's been one hell of a 
trip. Keep the traditions going. 

And finally, to all my good friends, 

Rhett, Scott, Jami, Karl, Kat, 

Meaghan, Trey, and Nate: You have 

made these past four years truly 

memorable for me. Thank you. 

Hometown: Baltimore, MD 

Majors: Business Management and 


Activities: Phi Delta Theta, Toastmasters, 

Club Lacrosse 

Freshmen year in Harford hanging out 
with the basketball team, crazy late 
nights in London, and all night pong in 
Cecil are memories I will never forget. 
Weekend Raven games, 'Go Ravens!' 
A late night drive with Matthews, 'It 
never happened'. Along with the 
wonderful experiences taught to me 
by the dinning hall. Thanks to 
everyone who contributed to these 
wonderful memories. Thanks to my 
friends and family who helped me 
through all the good and bad times. I 
could not have done it without you! 

174 Seniors 

Hometown: Annapolis, MD 
Major: Environmental Studies 
Activities: Baseball, Society of Junior 
Fellows, Student Environmental Alliance 

Mom and Dad, thanks for your endless support. 
You did more for me than you could ever know. 
Colleen, thanks for keeping me grounded, I'm 
extremely lucky to have you as a sister. Mike, 
(a.k.a. Pistol Pete) we've had some great 
memories, drawing on people, AC, kayaking. 
Chris, (a.k.a. Cristobal) here's to great begin- 
nings and even better endings, now go make 
movies. Rich, (a.k.a. Paco) take it easy man, 
Don't drink all the beer, save some for everyone 
else. Mandy, Matt, and Mandy, I've had a lot of 
fun, and you guys sure can cook! Katie, Matt, 
and Natalie, I wish you all the best in the future. 
To WC Baseball, Don't give up, you Can win the 
conference, but don't forget to have great flops, 
and crown the slow-man. It's been a great 4 
years, thanks to all who made It so memorable! 

Hometown: Vineland, NJ 

Major: Clinical/Counseling Psychology 

To Mom, Dad, Charlie, Beau and Sebastian: 
Thanks giving me something that many others do 
not have: love, support, faith, and most importantly 
family. Of all the wonderful parts of my life, you 
are the most important part. I have been blessed 
with so many talents, and you have helped me 
discover each and every one by giving me every 
opportunity to express them. My life is wonderful 
because of you, and I truly feel "there is no place 
like home". To all my wonderful friends; You have 
shown me a spectacular time and helped me make 
these two years unforgettable. Sometimes were 
hard, other times were not, but we made it through 
together, and we did it in style. To my suitemates: 
Matt, Rich, and Chris, you guys are like family to 
me. Living with you has been incredible, and if I 
could do it again, I wouldn't change a thing. Well, 
maybe I would force Chris to wash the dishes. To 
my Psych pals: You know who you are! Mamma 
Candice, Sister Amanda, and my newest sisters 
Meredith, and T, I love you all, and I will miss so 
much next year. To my Pearl; You are my best 
friend and the love of my life, thank you for 
supporting me and loving me, and making my life 
incredible. To me: Time to move on Mike, life has 
many wonderful things in store for you. just be 
patient, have faith, and keep dreaming. 


Hometown: Baltimore, MD 
Major: Business Management 

Hometown: Joppa, MD 

Majors: Environmental Studies and Philosophy 

"Don't get up gentlemen, I'm only passing through." --Bob Dylan, Things have 


Thanks: Mom and Dad; my Grandparents and family; each of my professors, espe- 
cially Prof. Munson, Prof. Fistioc, Prof. Gladu, and, last but not least, Prof. Anderson; 
and all of my friends, especially Christine, Brendan, Ben, Jed, Tex, Jackie, Danny, 
Alex, J.C, and Simon. 

176 Seniors 

Hometown: Baltimore, MD 

Vlajor: English 

'Activities: Break the Silence, EROS, Drama 

SARA Team 

Will: Anything I say will sound like good-bye, which I 
know isn't the case. I love you. Darlanne: Ninja 
Mono... you're amazingly warm and kind. Please 
move to Baltimore! Fox: Fierce and driven; you'll 
become everything you've always desired. Don't ever 
lose your incredible spirit. Stacey: The cousin I never 
knew I had, I can't wait to see you walk down the 
aisle next year! Shafe: Summer 2003 in C-town. 'nuff 
said! Erin: Our time together was ail-too brief! Brian 
and Bridget, never stop being wonderfully loveable; 
IVIatt, the elusive one, it was like I had my own 
bathroom, and Rai, the hot one, thanks for putting up 
with statements like the one I just made. Tamanya, 
thanks for letting me be a part of something incred- 
ible. Matty B., you crazy dude... I'm glad I got to do 
shows with such a great actor. Gallara, you're a good 
kisser, for a straight boy. Chuck and Melissa, what 
can I say? You're both just too hot for words. 
Wuillermin: you'll always be my cool extraneous 
fhend. Take care of Shaffer. Dave H.: You put up 
with me freshman year. I don't think this school 
could've put two people together who were more 
different, but you respected me, and for that I thank 
you. Keith Z: Take care of yourself, kid. Don't ever let 
anyone make you unhappy. Christina: I'll leave here 
remembering all the wonderful times we spent 
together. I wish you nothing but happiness. 

Hometown: Baltimore, MD 

Major: Psychology 

Minor: Sociology 

Activities: AOTT, Psychology Club, 

Sociology Club, Volleyball 

It's amazing to me that college has came and went, 
yet i can still remember the very first day at WAC 
like it was yesterday. It's true, college is the best 
time of your life. 1 have had the most fun and made 
the best friends ever. To all of my girls, you have 
been great and I'll miss you all next year, you're the 
best friends, i have so many memories!! To my 
AOPi's, I'm so glad I got to be sisters with such a 
fun group of girls! To my KA boys, you guys are 
the best ever I'll miss you all! To my Drubie. you 
have made the past three years wonderful, you've 
been there for me through everything. I luv you 
balooga! To the most supportive family i could ever 
have. Mom, Tracy, and Carly I luv you all you are 
so strong and such a force in my life. Finally, to my 
Daddy, I miss you, if it weren't for you i would have 
never had the opportunity to come to WAC. I luv 
you and know you're watching over me from up 
above. 'Tve seen fire and I've seen rain, I've seen 
sunny days that I thought would never end, I've 
seen lonely times when I could not find a friend, but 
I always thought that I'd see you again." 


Hometown: Baltimore, MD 

Major: Psychology/Applied Clinical Concentration 

Activities: Rowing 

Thinking back over the past four years, I've been looking for the perfect thing to say and the 
perfect way to say it. I've come to the conclusion that there is no way to summarize the four 
most amazing years of my life. The best way to remember is to thank everyone that has ever 
touched my life. To my friends, thank you for being there every irrational time. WAC Crew, 
thanks for making me believe again, in everything. It's been a blast and I can't imagine a 
better group to spend my time with. Mom and Dad, there's clearly not enough room, but thank 
you for bringing me into this world and giving me the dreams to help change it. Erin, you 
taught me what was important in life and most often, it wasn't whatever I was complaining 
about. Erik, we've had our differences, but I'm glad we made it through. To anyone that's ever 
hurt me, the joke's on you. All the pain has made me a little more stubborn ancf many times 
stronger, Thank you. 

"I'm only this far and only tomorrow leads my way" -The Dave Matthews Band; #41 

Hometown: Aberdeen, MD 

Major: Chemistry 

Activities: American Chemical Society 

Student Affiliates, Society of Junior Fellows, 

Concert Band, Hands Out 

Mom and Dad: You have sacrificed and invested 
so mucfi to ensure ttiat I always had the best 
opportunities. Thanl<s for your endless love and 
encouragement, and for shaping me into who I 
am. I love you. My professors: Thanks for all your 
guidance and support, and for always being willing 
to help. My West Hall girlies: Thanks for an 
awesome three years and for being there 
whenever I needed you. I will never forget you 
and all the crazy times. We will always have the 
memories of snow days, welfare Christmases, o- 
chem study sessions, the IF club, VC passing on 
the table-dancing torch, Scurvy's running man. 
and so much more. I heart you guys! Bobby: 
Thanks for all your love and support, for always 
being able to make me laugh, and for making my 
senior year the best yet. I love you! 

"Work like you don't need the money. Love like 

you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody's 

watching." - Satchel Paige 

178 Seniors 

/Hometown: Bel Air, MD 
Major: Biology 

Activities: SGA, Society of Junior Fellows, 
Beta Beta Beta 

Though it is certainly time to move on, 1 will always 
look back on my time at WAC with great fondness. 
A lot of people came into and out of my life in those 
four years, and all hold a place in my heart. Here's 
to the Homer Hell No Crew (You won't!). Bottom 
Feeders, numerous Operations, Sigma Gamma 
Alpha, annual Elk Neck camping trips. Six Flags 
trips, dock walks, penthouse memories, squishies at 
RoFo, Gomer festivities, famous electric lemonade, 
PS bribes, and space cowboy sleepovers (moo!). To 
my parents and brother: Thank you so much for the 
moral (and financial!) support. Gram and Poppy: 
Thanks for always being there, my "other parents!" 
Rai and Min-li: Thanks for being sane and always 
understanding! Smitty (Amy): My life changed when I 
met you. You have been my partner in crime and 
best friend from day one. I will forever miss IM'ing 
you from one room away! Thank you so much for 
always being there, introducing me to the love of my 
life, and being my Maid of Honor. Mwah! Darrin: I 
was meant to be at WAC to meet you, I am sure of it. 
I can't wait to start our life together as husband and 
wife. Thanks so much for all of the late nights spent 
helping me study and for being my shoulder to cry 
on. I love you. 

"If you've never stared off into the distance then your 
life is a shame." 

/fiometown: New Windsor, MD 
Major: Sociology 
Minor: Political Science 
Activities: SGA, Society of Junior Fellows 
Senior Class Vice President, Pi Sigma Alpha 

To God: for blessing me. To my family: the past 
?1 years would've been so much harder without your 
constant love and support. I love you. Mom & Dad: 
hank you for always standing behind my decisions 
and trusting that I'll do the right thing. Kerri: you're 
jne of the greatest girls I've ever met. I don't know 
what I would have done without you as my sidekick for 
he past 3years, who would I worry with? I wish you 
and Darrin the best of the best, you both deserve 
nothing less. Everybody else: I thank you for leaving 
/our footprints on the beach that is my life. I couldn't 
De the person I am today without gathering bits and 
Dieces from everyone who has touched me. For all 
he good times: falling off the wagon. Operation Spool 
nd pirates, our Harford suite, on your knees boy!. 
Sigma Gamma Alpha, contested party hats, the 
dssing palm tree, it's raining men, I will survive and 
Duild me up buttercup, camping trips, Luau and 
Halloween parties, hip hop in Talbot, gomer house 
3roupies, electric lemonade, 60nuggets, Spanky. 
welding during the fire ban and so many more... The 
Dast 4years have been amazing... 

Who's to say where the wind will take you: Who's to 
know what it is will break you: I don't know which way 
the wind will blow: Who's to know when the time has 

come around: Don't wanna see you cry: 1 know that 
. this is not goodbye -U2 

Seniors 179 

Hometown: Baltimore, MD 

Major: Psychology, concentration in 

Behavioral Neuroscience 

Minor: Biology 

Activities: Zeta Tau Alpha, SGA, Men's 

Rowing, Character Counts, Best Buddies, 

Pep Squad, Psychology Club 

To my mother, sister, grams 
and gramps: thank you for 
your love and support. To 
Douglas: I love you... you 
make me smile. Wise words, " 
Be who you are and say what 
you feel cause people who 
mind don't matter, and people 
who matter don't mind," Dr. 
Seuss. I will always cherish 
my fond memories at Washing- 
ton College. 


Major: Biology, concentration in 3:2 Nursing 
Minor: Psychology 

Activities; Zeta Tau Alpha, Beta Beta Beta 
NBHS, Dance Company, Martial Arts Club 

ShalnA iS curRrenTly BeiNg Held 
HosTagE at JoHns HopkiNS UniVerSity 
SchOoL oF NursiNG. PleaSe send StuDenT 
Loan RePAymeNt CheCks ASAP, (hehe) 

Thank You & I Love You All 

"Just Remember, Smile." Brittney Salmons 

180 Seniors 

Hometown: Baltimore, MD ' 

Major: Psychology Minor: Sociology 
Activities: Zeta Tau Alpha, Psychology Club 
Society of Junior Fellows, Psi Chi, Order of 
Omega, Best Buddies, Pegasus Yearbook 

"This one's for the girls." That pretty much sums up my 
college years. Without the love and support of my sisters and 
friends, my college experience would never have been the 
same. Thank you all so muchi! Sarah, you're my rock. I'll 
never forget our TV dates, cheese-curl obsession, or endless 
hours talking about boys. Lindsey, what would I have done 
without you across the hall?? So glad we've been given the 
chance to share all the memories. To the Thursday-night Blue 
Bird gang (you know who you are!!), I must say that these are 
some of my favorite memories!! The jukebox, the townies, 
the bartenders - "I love this bar!" Lauren, it was rough at 
times, but we weathered the storm and I'm glad to have come 
out on top. Good luck Ms. Moore. Leah, I've enjoyed all of 
the laughs! To all of my ZTA sisters, you girls are the best!!! 
I could never have asked for a better group of girls to call my 
sisters. You all hold a special place in my heart. I will miss 
you. Chris, my Little Sister, I'm glad you picked me as your 
Big! Best of luck in the future. Jim, thank you so much for 
providing me with the inspiration to pursue a career in 
psychology. My admiration and gratitude for your guidance 
and assistance will last an eternity. Thank you for being an 
amazing role-model and more importantly, a fhend. Charlie, 
thank you for your never-ending support and encouragement. 
No matter what comes our way, you will always be in my 
heart. And, lastly and most importantly, thank you Mom and 
Dad for all of your love and support throughout the years. 
Without your encouragement and words of wisdom, I would 
never have been able to succeed. One day, I will repay you, 
but for now. all I can offer is my sincerest gratitude and 
appreciation. I love you. 

Hometown: Dundalk, MD 
Major: Political Science 
Activities: Zeta Tau Alpha, SGA 

These are the days... all the smiles shared, all the 
tears caught in love and friendship, never before I 
came here had I faced fears I had never known, 
and figured out how to make them make ME 
without breaking who I came in as but forever 
changing the person I have become. There are no 
words that can explain the way that each of you 
has touched my heart. I will never forget any of you 
- forever taking pieces of you with me throughout 
my life, wherever it may lead. ..we'll remember. 
Eileen, Jen, Molly & Jenna-Bean: From the 
beginning it has always been you girls that have 
been by my side whenever I needed you. I will 
always be here to help you if you need it- please 
remember that. Kelly & Tara: dont worry we'll keep 
lighting those fires! PINK Sarah: good luck next 
year and in the years to come, I am glad that we 
have gotten closer this year. Thank you to all of my 
friends; both near and far without you I surely 
would not be where I am today. Adam: I may not 
have made it through without your wisdom and 
patience. Gracious & J'taime. Most of all thank 
you to my family- you have always told me that I 
can do whatever I put my mind to do. You would 
never believe how many times I have thought about 
those words in my four years here. Thank you and i 
love you. 



Hometown: Haddon Heights, NJ 

Majors: English, Drama, Secondary 


Activities: Kappa Alpha Order, SGA, 

The Elm 

Thanks Mom and Dad for supporting me these past 
22 years. I hope I have made you proud. I love you 
guys. To all those people I have come into contact 
with over the past four years, I hope you remember 
the great times we have spent together and the 
things we have learned from eacfi other. Regard- 
less of the ups and downs, the twists and turns, it's 
been a great ride. Natalie, thanks for being a great 
friend for the past seven years. We came here for a 
reason, and I'm glad we each found out what those 
reasons were. Siobhain, thank you for being a part 
of my life for the past 4 years. I'll always remember 
what we have shared. To the KA's, thank you all for 
being the brothers I never had. Talbot has been my 
home away from home for the past four years 
because of each and every one of you. Remember 
why we are here and what we have done, but don't 
forget to have a good time while doing it. Keep the 
tradition going. Pledge Brothers, thanks for the 
great times we have spent with each other; I'll never 
forget you guys. Spring 2002, keep your heads up, 
and remember what we've done together. 

Watch your thoughts, they become your words. 
Watch your words, they become your actions. 
Watch your actions, they become your habits. 
Watch your habits, they become your character. 
Watch your character, it becomes your life. 


Hometown: Barquisimeto, Venezuela 

Majors: Business Management and 


Activities: President of Students in Free 

Enterprise, Kappa Alpha Order, Sigma Beta 

Delta, Omicron Delta Kappa, Omicron Delta 

Epsilon, SJF, Basketball 

Papa, mama y nana gracias por su apoyo 
incondicional, sin ustedes jamas lo habria 
logrado y me hubiese sido imposible llegar a 
donde hoy estoy, los quiero por siempre. I also 
want to thank my second family all my KA 
brothers. We have been through some hard times 
but I will always remember the fun ones, we have 
had some crazy parties together. We have come 
a long way to make this place better; keep 
improving there is always room for it! Thanks to 
all that made these four years a blast and always 
made me feel at home; Teris you were like my 
big brother, I will always look up to you. Copes, I 
m glad you were my housemate my second year; 
otherwise, I would have hurt someone, hahaha. 
Pledge class, lets drink on April 16th. Stephanie, 
keep smiling u deserve the best. Finally, I want to 
thank a special someone that has made my last 
year here in College very special. ...TAM. 

182 Seniors 

Hometown: Hawthorne, NJ 
Major: Business Management 
Activities: Rugby, Campus Democrats, 
Service Council 

"we used to laugh alot.only becasue we thought, that 
everything good would remain, nothing is gonna change 
there is no need to complain." Jack Johnson. ..And I 
thought farm living wasnt the life for me! Good friends 
and better enemies have made my four years at WAC 
so great. .to mom and dad thanks for the "book" money if 
you only knew I love you! To my other _ IVIandy who 
knew one bad CNW would create such a great 
friendship and help us relate everything back to 
Socrates! Thanks for being the better version of me. To 
the North Jersey crew I love you! To my WAC friends 
no words can leagally describe all we have been 
through. To the rugby girls-Shake it like a polariod 
picture! And now for alot of randomness that will only be 
understood by those who know all that is the Kadems: 
Champagne Toasts, 34&5,K-pez,Mandy=4,SJ 
beatings, B-more crew,Roadtrips w/She Bangs, Crazy 
Games of Poker/UNO, "Day"cookies,Shaddy 
K/lcShaderson&Sketch t^cGee, March. LA&Honk cuddle 
buddies, L buy me a puppy, BK sample sales, LW.. my 
hippie, Miss you shady, Fabs talks, Jen my best friend for 
life,Jen F I'll be back, 

SteveJeffBobMarleyTedNugent,Dewdrop be good,Curr 
rep the 973 proud. Jersey what,SuperTroopers, movie 
days,GoorsLight,BW2000,Miss u C&T,"dad",frosh year 
roomies where are u,BD I always win ©madden 
2002, Kent soccer.lbiza room soph year,GW aint dead 
he is minature in the head. ,Tex,Ang.. this is your mother 
mrs.paul,theCAT,SJ I love country, PIP, lOyear 
plans, Skoal, after party® Kenti 05, away 
messages, baby, showers,ceader chips and 
coal,popers....°one day these could be the days but who 
.could have known. "J.J. 

^ Hometown: Baltimore, MD ^ 

Major: Psychology 
Minor: Sociology 
Activities: Rugby, Service Council 

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of 
their dreams." -Eleanor Roosevelt. I could not have 
begun to understand myself or my dream without the help 
of my parents. Mom and Dad, thank you for your love 
and support. Thank you for congratulating me on the 
great moments in life and consoling me on the setbacks. 
I appreciate everything you have given me. Thank you 
for accepting me and my decisions, even if they weren't 
the best courses of action. I love you both so much. D, I 
could not have asked for a better sister. Without you, I 
would be hungry, poor, and wearing dirty clothes. I 
appreciate the long talks, the advice, and the (not so) 
sisterly love. I already miss the bad hiccups, flip-flops, 
and mud! To my friends at WAC, thank you for all of the 
good times. You made the stay at WashColl an 
enjoyable one, despite the cornfields and classes. Kels, 
who would have thought that one bad CNW class, would 
turn into a friendship like this? We'll always remember 
the good times and many more memories are to come. 
Let's hear it for the 10 year plan, bad champagne toasts, 
and bathtub adventures. Thank you to the rugby girls, 
without you I would have been drinking alone. I love all 
of you and I wish you the best. To my friends at home, 
thank you for everything, especially accepting me for who 
I am. I couldn't have made it without the talks on im or 
the long distance phone calls. I'll miss you "living" here 
with me, celebrating 21st birthdays and stealing pink 
flamingos. And here's to the future: The purpose of a 
liberal education is to make you philosophical enough to 
accept that you will never make much money." - 

Seniors 183 

/'Hometown: Wilmington, DE ^ 

Major; Mathematics and Secondary 

Activities: Volleyball, Basketball, Alpha 
Omicron Pi, Peer Mentor, Student Athlete 
Mentor, Intramurals 

Mom & Dad: "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for 
always, as long as I'm living, your Katie I'll be." 
Gpops: I hope I made you proud, ily. Bethy: You got 
me througfi the craziest time in my life. Al: Being 
2000 miles away doesn't change how wonderful you 
are. Tony, Billy, Dave: "Brothers and sisters are as 
close as hands and feet." "You don't go to college to 
meet your husband, but your bridesmaids." Cox: I will 
never forget losing you freshman year. Thank God I 
got you back. Oily Cheeks, Finals week, Briggs... I 
can depend on you for anything. Alessi; "You and 
me have a better time than most can dream." 
Between the fights, laughter, and tears we shared 
everything. Sammy: The funniest girl I know: 
Montreal, snowboarding, scuba diving, you make 
everything an adventure. Rin: I love your sneaky 
ways! Let's get the Thetas! Carly: My III soulmate. 
See you in Dr. Axe's office. Amanda: You always 
make it interesting. See you on the tennis court. 
Tbone & Linds: Its always a good time with you two. 
Meghan: Newts! Krock: Bro, you were a great 
stripper. Marce, Case, Trace, KP, Liz, Becky, Pammy, 
Pincus: "Do what you will always, walk where you 
like, your steps. Do as you please, I'll back you up." 
You made all the difference. Dr. O'Connor: Your 
lessons last a lifetime. Thad: It wouldn't have been 
the same without you. Bball&Vball: Always play with 
eart. AOII for liiife 

Hometown: Baldwin, MD 

Major: Business Management 

Minor: Psychology 

Activities: Alpha Omicron Pi, Lacrosse, 


To Mom Dad Mikey Grandma Nancy: Thank you for 
your never ending support and love. I am so lucky to 
have such an amazing family who provides me with 
incredible opportunities. I would not be the person I 
am today without you and I love you very much. To 
KOEMSHJCABCHLDKPMH: You all mean the world 
to me. I want to thank you for being such an 
important part of my life and for all our incredible 
memories. I love you all dearly. "In high seas or in 
low seas I'm gonna be your friend. In high tide or in 
low tide I'll be by your side." Katie: Words cannot 
describe what you mean to me. You have been by 
my side through everything and I want to thank you. I 
couldn't of asked for a more supportive, loving and 
amazing best friend. Simply a match made in 
heaven! Amy: My lil III III! I knew it from the beginning 
that we were a perfect fit! Rintin: Thanks for always 
being the one to make me smile. .."Juangobar?!" 
Sammy: Not too many get to know the real 
Samantha, thanks for letting me be one of em! Fox: 
You and that camera always getting me into trouble, 
guess that's why we're the bad news bears...! mean 
make out bandits! Great times @ 809! AOTT for 
liiiffe- keep livin it up girls! Special love to my pledge 
class! Good luck lax & soccer girls! 

"Pop, I carry you with me always** 

184 Seniors 

Hometown: Monkton, MD 

Majors: Computer Science and Math 

Activities: Soccer, Alpha Omicron Pi, Society 

of Junior Fellows 

Parents: Thanks for always supporting me. especially 
at my soccer games, even though we never won. 
I'm glad I'll always be your little girl because that 
means you'll always pay all my bills, right? Tommy: 
Thanks for always being there for me. ..oh wait. 
never came to anything. Soccer girls: I've had so 
much fun playing with you guys in my pants. It makes 
me so sad to know that I'll never play on a team 
again, so remember to enjoy it while you can in my 
pants. Best of luck to you guys; let's hope for a 
winning season in my pants! Sisters: I knew from my 
very first day at WAC that I wanted to be an AOPi. I've 
had such a great time. A lot of people criticize us for 
paying for our friends, but it was worth it to me. I'm so 
proud to call you my sisters. AOPi for liiiiiiiiiife!!! 
Thad: I finally got the last word! Best buds: You know 
who you are. I've had such an amazing time these 
past few years with you guys. As I've been saying for 
awhile now, I DON'T WANT TO GRADUATE! I'm sad 
to move on into the real world; no more staying up til 
4, sleeping in til 2, late night beer tears, living only 
seconds from each other, and eating greasy food 
while telling each other what we didn't remember 
doing the night before, but I'm comforted knowing that 
I've made friends for life. Thanks for making me want 
to stay at WAC forever. I love you guys! 

Hometown: Bayville, NJ 

Major: Biology 

Minor: Anthropology 

Activities: Soccer, Alpha Omicron Pi, 

Beta Beta Beta 

Erin, Rin, Orga: The 4 Horsemen: Thank you for 
being my best friends during these crazy years. 
You guys mean the world to me! Never Forget: 
late night McDonald's, food fights with Thetas. 
AOPiggies, "in my pants", suites not sweets, 
anything to do with Pincus, "Where's Katie?". 
LoRs, "you're fat if ...", TV nights, sorority 
parties, drunk phone calls and the other million 
things that we did together over four years. 
Meghan, Joe, Foxy: Thank you for always 
making me laugh. I wouldn't have made it 
through our all star soccer season without all of 
you. Erin, Orga. Foxy. Meghan: All I have to 
say is Balls and let us never sit through another 
speech concerning them. Liz: You are a 
wonderful girl, you'll always have a friend in me. 
AOPis : You guys are fantastic! Keep on having 
fun and remember to always keep a drink in 
both hands. Love and Roses. 


/'Hometown: Hyde Park, NY ^ 

Major: Political Science 
Minor: Business Management 
Activities: Men's Rowing, Student Athlete 
Mentor, Class of 2004 President, SGA, 
Wakeboard Club 

"It is not in the stars to tiold our destiny but in our- 
selves."- William Stiakespeare 

I would like to begin by thanking my parents who made 
my academic endeavors possible. Their selfless 
commitment to the betterment of their sons inspires me 
to be a better person. Thanks for the love and support. 
To all my friends that made these four years at the little 
college at Chester so incredible, a well deserved 
thanks. Years after our departure from Washington 
College it is not the equations or theories that we will 
remember, but the relationships we formed and the 
lifelong friendships we established. To my fellow 
rowers- "Rowing is a sport for dreamers. As long as you 
put in the work, you can own the dream. When the work 
stops, the dream disappears." -Jim Dietz. Good luck 
next season and it has been my pleasure rowing with 
you guys. Thanks for the memories. Jordan- "ski hard, 
take risks, jump off cliffs"- keep up the good work. I will 
always be proud of you. To my Amy- Thanks for always 
being there for me. You truly are a wonderful individual 
and I am blessed to have you in my life. "Smiling just to 
see the smile on your face... I could not ask for more" 
And finally to the graduating class of 2004; "Go 
confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life 
you have imagined"-Henry David Thoreau 

Hometown: Sykesville, MD 

Major: History 

Activities: Men's Crew, SAM, Photo Editor 

for The Elm, SGA 

"Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to 
explain. It's not something you learn in school. But 
if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, 
you really haven't learned anything." Thanks to all 
of my friends from freshman to senior year for 
making these past four years some of the best of 
my life. We had a lot of good times together, and I 
could not have asked for a better group of people to 
call my friends. It has been an honor being a part 
of Washington College Men's Crew Team. The 
most important lessons I have learned during these 
past four years have not been from the classroom, 
but have been from the disciplines of rowing. We 
have rowed a lot of meters together during these 
past four years. We have always pushed each 
other, helping one another break through every wall 
and barrier that was in our way. Thanks for all of 
those morning practices on the water and erg, for 
every race we rowed, and for all the success we 
shared together. Continue to row strong and proud. 
RAGE. Finally, theses past four years would not 
have been possible if it was not for my family. 
Thanks mom and dad, you have always supported 
and encouraged me to do my best, enforcing upon 
me your optimistic virtue that anything is possible. 

"It's hard to fail; but worse never to have tried to 
succeed." - T. R. 

186 Seniors 

Hometown: Quakertown, PA 

Major: Mathematics 

Minors: Music and Computer Science 

I cannot believe it is over. ..these years at Washington 
College have definitely been some of the best. Mom, 
Dad, Nana, Pappy: Thank you so much for every- 
thing — the support, the love, everything — you are the 
best. Sarah: I am so lucky to have such a wonderful 
friend. All of the silly creative things we have done 
since freshman year, all the friends, all the situations, 
all the stories, all the nicknames; everything is a 
treasured memory. We are so weird. I don't think I 
would have made it through four years here if it hadn't 
been for you and our friendship. Thank you for always 
being there! Pete: Thank you for always understand- 
ing. You are my very best friend... Melissa: You 
have been a great mom! Right from the beginning 
with A Cappella Rocks until now, I am glad the family 
lasted through it all. Greg Smith: Since the Wicomico 
days and through all the parties, speeches, singing 
(drunken and sober), and just hanging out, it has been 
a great time. I am so glad we are still friends. Patrick: 
Hamilton is the best! From webras to Real Analysis 
homework it has been hilarious. To all my friends: 
Thank you for all the wonderful memories! 

"Would you tell me, please, which way 

I ought to go from here?" 

'That depends a good deal on where you want to get 

to," said the Cat. -Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland 

Hometown: Lititz, PA 

Major: Englisii 

Minor: Gender Studies 

Activities: Drama, Vocal Consort, Writer's 

Union, Society of Junior Fellows 

To days of inspiration, Playing hookey, making 

something out of nothing, The need to express- To 

communicate, To going against the grain... - 

Jonathan Larson 

To Amanda: You are by far my best friend. I 
appreciate your honesty (especially when I'm being 
ridiculous), your sarcasm and, most importantly, 
your weirdness. What ever am I going to do without 
my twin? To Pete: Thank you for putting up with so 
many crazy ideas. From Christopher Robin 
costumes to Easter egg hunts, you are such a good 
sport. I'm going to miss you. To Melissa: I love you, 
dear! You have been a wonderful "mom." To Greg 
Smith: Since freshman year, you have never failed 
to make me laugh. Oh, how will I miss your 
speeches, debates, and patriotic serenades! To Dr. 
Gillin: Not only did you introduce me to Charlotte 
and other amazing writers, you continually impress 
me with your dedication to your students and love of 
literature. To my drama friends: Even though I'm 
not a major, you have consistently welcomed and 
allowed me to share your passion for theater. 
Thanks for all of the support. To all of my friends 
and professors: You have breathed such fullness 
into my experiences at Washington College, I can 
think of no other place where I would have wanted 
to spend the past four years. 

Seniors 187 

Hometown: Davidsonville, MD 
Major: English 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Andy, and Kait 
for all of you support tfie past four 
years, I love you! Michelle- keep 
smiling, and I'll miss our late night 
walks! Sarah and Amanda- homecom- 
ing and Halloweens I'm so glad to 
know you girls! Amy, Emily, and Sara- 
you are all such special little sprinkles- 
thanks for always being there, I'll miss 
you all so much. Ella- keep plotting. 
Sara- London (and senior year) would 
not have been the same without you, 
thanks for being such a great friend. 
"We are all travelers in the wilderness 
of this world, and the best we can find 
in our travels is an honest friend" - 

Hometown: Wantage, NJ 

Major: Environmental Studies 

Activities: Student Environmental Alliance, 

Concert Band 

Thank you Mom and Dad for all your support 
and love-l couldn't have done it without you 
both. Laura and Lou-I have so many fun 
memories of freshman year thanks to you 
both! Angie-you made junior year a blast! 
Emily & Amy-it's been so fun living with you 
both in our Calvert D home...! couldn't ask 
for better "C's" to live with! Ella- Do you ever 
say 'what about mom?' Love you bean. 
Danielle-there is no one else I would rather 
be traveling the world with. From London to 
Barcelona and back again, I could never ask 
for a better best friend! 

-"Twenty years from now, you will be more 

dissappointed by the things that you didn't 

do than by the things you did do. ..Sail away 

from the safe harbor. ..Explore. Dream. 

Discover"- Twain 

188 Seniors 

Hometown: Newark, DE 
Major: Environmental Studies 
Activities: Alpha Omicron Pi 

Thanks to everyone that has helped me along the 
way to get to the place and become the person I am 
today: Mom and Dad for giving up so much to let 
me experience what you never had a chance to, 
and also for letting me take out all those student 
loans so I will NEVER be able to forget college. 
Katelyn and Jamie for always calling me a dork 
and making fun of me for going to school in the 
middle of nowhere, because I'm still smarter than 
both of you. Thank you to my professors who gave 
me B-' s when I should have gotten A's. And to my 
roommates: I love to hate you. 

Thanks to all my sistas and bestest buds for always 
giving me someone to drink with and to talk to when 
drinking wasn't an option. Once everything is over, 
we won't remember the bad times; only the people 
that got us through them, and were there to share in 
the good times as well. Here is to many more good 
times to come. 

Well, so long good friend. When will we meet 
again? I don't know, but I guess I'm gonna see you 
again. I woke up this mroning. A rainbow filled the 
sky. That was God telling me that everything is 
gonna be alright. -Jack & G-Love 

hometown: Potomac, MD 

Major: Business Management 

Minor: Sociology 

Activities: Basketball Captain, SAM, Alpha 

Omicron Pi, Best Buddies, SIFE, Sociology 

Club, Character Counts, Special Olympics, 

Order of Omega 

"We're fools whether we dance or not, so we 
might as well dance." -Japanese proverb 

"Keep smiling - it makes people wonder what 
you've been up to." -Anonymous 

Thank you to all those who have made these 
past four years so much fun and full of memo- 
ries. I will always cherish the time we spent 
together and will never forget how you helped 
me grow into the person I am today. I am so 
grateful for all of you - you know who you are! 

"A true friend never gets in your way unless you 
happen to be going down." -Glasgow 

'Things turn out best for people who make the 
most of the way things turn out." -Anonymous 


Seniors 189 

Hometown: Hopatcong, NJ 

Major: Political Science 

Activities: College Republicans, IM Soccer, 

IM Volleyball, IM Hockey 

Wow, 1 can't believe 4 years have come and gone. 
It has been an incredible ride, full of many people 
who have touched my life, and made me a much 
better person than I was when I stepped into 
Wicomico in August of 2000. I want to thank my 
parents who have stuck with me and have shown 
faith in me no matter what. I'll always remember 
the lessons you taught me that made me a stronger 
person. I love you and I appreciate everything 
you've ever done for me. To my roommates Alex, 
Dave, and Tyler: gentleman it has been an honor 
and a privilege to serve these four years with you. 
We have had incredible times here, and never ever 
been at a loss for words, beer, and fun. I could not 
think of finer people to be friends with. I am truly a 
lucky man. I'm sure there will be plenty more fun 
times ahead. Angle I know you have graduated, 
but you have also been there for me and been truly 
a great friend to me. Thanks to you as well. There 
is not enough room to thank everyone I want to, but 
you all know who you are and I enjoyed our time 
together. Everyone in Calvert A and B it was 
always a great time with you guys, I was very lucky 
to meet and be friends with all of you. I'll miss you 
all thank you so much for all the great memories. 

Hometown: Baltimore, MD 

Major: Political Science 

Activities: Society of Junior Fellows, Peer 

Mentor, Pi Sigma Alpha 

I would first like to thank my parents for their 
constant and unwavering support. Without you 
both I would not have become the person I am 
today. The opportunities I have been given are 
phceless and I will be eternally grateful for your 
love and encouragement. Also to my room- 
mates: Tyler, Vinny, and Alex. You three are 
the best friends anyone could ask for. Each 
day brought something new. To Elizabeth: The 
memories are priceless. Thanks for making me 
a better man than I was before we met. You 
have always motivated me to be the best 
student and person I can be, and I'll always 
remember it. To Jennifer and Jenna: You both 
have made these years fly by. Thank you both 
for the attentive ear and the open door. To 
Washington College: I had no idea when I 
came here it would change my life so much. 

190 Seniors 

^Hometown: Red Lion, PA 
Majors: Environmental Studies and 

Activities: Zeta Tau Alpha, Swimming, 
Student Environmental Alliance, SGA, 
Habitat for Humanity, International 
Relations Club, Society of Junior Fellows 

Swimmers, you're some of the smartest & supportive 
cheerleaders I know. Just l<eep swimming! Zetas, old 
& new, memories will last a lifetime & so does ZTA, 
live it & love it; K-lo & Angle, long live flying donkeys; 
Tara & Sarah, two words, cafe procrastination; Brian 
may our spirits someday converge at Walden Pond; 
Alex- thanks for believing in me & extinguishing that 
fire; Heather, I admire your strength and kindness; 
Candace- a perfect addition to the family, full of 
confidence & initiative to get involved; Kurtz- uphold 
our reputation as the photogenic family who knows 
how to have fun & hit the books. Never loose your 
spunk & remember, I'll be there for you; Mary- my 
role model of perfection, offering encouragement at 
every turn; Dave- a true friend from whom I have 
much more to learn, thanks for being my personal 
political advisor & charm city tour guide; Lindsey- 
hugs for a fun-loving sister full of ideas & motivation; 
Molly- your talent & hidden drive to succeed amaze 
me, as do your other unmentionable noises; Eileen- 
my spastic mom, what am I going to do without you 
by my side? Some say we're the same person, but 
you have qualities I can only dream of; Jenna- my 
little overachiever, I can never live up to your 
achievements, but I can read your mind, make you 
laugh, cry or feel better with out saying a word. Mom 
& Dad- your support, guidance & love surpass the 

Hometown: North East, MD 

Majors: Anthropology and Elementary 


Activities: Zeta Tau Alpha, SGA, Order of 

Omega, Lambda Alpha, Society of Junior 


Dad, Mom, Poppy and Nana- Thank you for all of 
your support over the past four years; I could not 
have done it without you! Shane- your time is 
coming, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! To 
all of my sisters: Between the work and the fun the 
past four years has flown by. Thank you for all of 
the memories! Keep working hard and remember 
that "only the best get crowned!" Lil, Twin and 
G'LiI- Remember the family motto and have a 
great senior year! Nicole- We had some great 
SGA and ZTA moments, but the best will always 
be the 70's party! Graham- " I am keeping you 
forever and for always". Thank you for the past 
year and all of the incredible memories! Who 
would have thought that a trip to Waffle House 
would lead to this? 

"Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a 

broken winged bird that cannot fly." - Langston 



Hometown: Chester, NJ 
Major: Clinical Psychology 

To my family, I want to thank you for all of your 
love and support. With out you all, these past four 
years would never have been possible. Thank 
You! To my friends, what an amazing time, there 
is no doubt in my mind that these are the best 
years of our lives, and the memories that we have 
shared will be with me forever. Cooters #1 , #2 and 
#3 (you know who you are!) senior year would just 
not have been the same without you. Sarah, my 
little Wilburta, what would I have done without 
you? Janet, my little lovey, I could not have asked 
to be paired with a more perfect roommate! To all 
my friends here WAC, I am really going to miss 
you! "Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to 
leave, and impossible to forget." Fritz, even 
though things between us did not work out, I will 
always cherish the times and memories that we 
shared together, and you will always hold a 
special place in my heart no matter what. 
Wombats Forever! Italia, what an amazing time 
and experience, Jen I am so glad that we got to 
experience such a wonderful and magical place 
together, all the memories and amazing times will 
never be forgotten! Siena, Franco, II Campo, e 
tutto! "Kisses are laid on the right cheek and then 
on the left and before you part, Italy softly intones 
There is something between us, that you will 
never forget, no matter how you try." 

^ Hometown: Hyde Park, NY ^ 

Major: Business Management 

"I'm going to smile and remember it all, and then I am 
going to turn around and walk away... Because this 
chapter is complete, but our story is far from over." 

To my family, thank you for all your love and support 
which has helped me through these past four years. 
Without all the fun times and laughs it would have 
been so hard to keep a smile on my face through it 
all. Thanks for always believing in me. Jon, "Nothing 
lasts forever, not the mountains nor the sea. but the 
times we had together will always be with me." We 
have had some great times together and I will forever 
keep them with me no matter where the future leads 
us. You are a huge part of my life and without you I 
would be lost... I am so lucky to have something that 
makes saying good-bye so hard. To my friends, 
these past four years have been amazing and I 
wouldn't trade them for anything... thank you. 
Danielle, Sara, and Emily (as Ella would say, the 
FW's!) Thank you for everything especially the Sam 
talks...! couldn't have asked for better roommates. 
Sarah, never forget Guiseppe. Thanks for being a 
great friend over the years. 
"I live for the nights I will never remember with the 
girls I will never forget." 

"We all take different paths in life, but no matter 
where we go, we take a little of each other every- 
where." Tim McGraw 

We had us a time. ..didn't we...? 

192 Seniors 

Hometown: Bowie, MD 
Major: Sociology 
Minor: Political Science 
Activities: Varsity Softball 

To my family - Thank you for all of the love and 
support you have given me for the last 22 
years. No matter what life throws at me I know 
I always have you in my corner and for that I 
am forever grateful. I love you so much. To 
my girls - It's hard to believe that four years 
ago I didn't even know you and now I can't 
imagine my life without you! You made these 
last four years unforgettable and we made 
memories that will last a lifetime. I'll miss you! 
To my roommates - It's hard to believe that 
there will be no more nights in the apartment. 
I'll miss the girl talks, the dinners together, the 
goofy moments, yahtzee, late night Ben and 
Jerry runs, and especially the BOP IT 
sessions! I love you guys. To Brad - 1 had to 
save the best for last...! don't even know where 
to start! I don't say it enough but I am so proud 
of you. We have grown so much together over 
the last four years and I finally get to marry my 
bestfriend. I can't wait to start a new chapter 
of my life with you by my side. You mean the 
world to me. I love you. 

Hometown: Bel Air, MD 

Majors: Economics and International 


Activities: Omicron Delta Epsilon 

Thank you Mom and Dad for all of the love and 
support you have giving me not only these last four 
years, but also my whole life. I am incredibly lucky to 
have such great parents that have made many 
sacrifices to give me every chance to reach my 
dreams. Thanks for sending me to London! Allison 
and Jeff, you are so much more to my than my big 
sister and big brother. I am so glad that you have 
become two of my best friends. I know we will 
continue to follow along that path. Jayme, I was so 
lucky to room with you freshman year. I will never 
forget all the great memories, pranks we pulled, and 
all the Eazy-E songs we listened to. Natalie. Thank 
you for providing me with peppermint patties and 
never-ending laughs for the entire four years. I owe 
you. Just remember to stay on your "schedule." Jay 
and Nat you have been the best support and friends 
here at WAC!!! Dance parties, Sunday nights at the 
Washington House, and trips to Annapolis have 
been some of my favorite memories and it was great 
to share them with you. Lindsay, Renee, and Leah, 
this last year has been a blast. Good luck in 
everything you do after graduation, as I am sure you 
will all shine. To everyone, else thank you for 
making the time at WAC memorable. Each of you 
made it special and it would have never been the 
same without you. 

Seniors 193 

/fiometown: Millsboro, DE 

lajor: Biology 
Activities: Best Buddies, IM Soccer and Fie! I 
Hockey, Yearbook, International Relations 
Club, Alpha Omicron Pi 

It's so hard to believe that my college experience is 
coming to an end. Throughout my 4 years at 
Washington College, I managed to develop friend- 
ships with many people who I must thank for making 
those 4 years the best time of my life. To my mom & 
uncle-Thank you so much for your guidance & support 
through everything. There are not enough words that 
I could say to thank you for all that you have done but 
I must tell you both that I Love You Very f^/luch. To 
Crystal-You are such a great person and a great 
friend. We have definitely been through a lot but we 
both always managed to figure things out. Remember 
that the only thing important in life is to make yourself 
happy. I will cherish all of our memories and leave 
you with a friendship that will last forever. To all my 
AOPi sisters-l love each and every one of you. I am 
so happy that I had the chance to meet all of you and I 
will miss you guys. To all of my friends-Good Luck in 
the future and I hope that our paths cross again 

"Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, 
and impossible to forget." -G. Randolf 

'True friends are the people that are there for you 

unconditionally. They are the people that never 

question you and support you no matter what the 

circumstances are. They are the people worth living 

1 for." -Unknown 

Hometown: Mantua, NJ 
Major: Biology 
Minor: Chemistry 
Activities: Alpha Omicron Pi 

Looking back, these past four years have been 
incredible. I have made friendships that will last a 
lifetime and memories that I will never forget. Thanks 
mom, dad, and Rachel for your loving support 
through these four years. I am very grateful for all 
the sacrifices that you guys have made in order for 
me to succeed. I love you very much! Teena, you 
are truly my best friend and we have been through so 
much. Words cannot express how much our 
friendship means to me. No matter where we are in 
life, I will always be there for you... 
"Every now and then we find a special friend, who 
never lets us down, who understands it all, reaches 
out each time you fall, you're the best friend that I've 

found." -Jordan Hill 
Lauren, you always know what to say at the right 
time, you truly are a special friend. Tara, we will 
always have Harford 1 A, thanks for always listening! 
Alex. Brian, and the guys. I will be back to party! My 
AOPI sisters, if there is one regret from these four 
years, it is that I did not have a chance to know you 
girls longer. You all mean so much to me. 
"Don't be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is before 
you can meet again. And meeting again after a 
moment or a lifetime is certain for those who are 
friends." - Richard Bach 

194 Seniors 

'iHometown: Washington, PA 
Major: Business IVlanagement 
Activities: Swimming (Captain), Student 
Athlete Mentor, SAM Council, International 
Relations Club, Best Buddies, BIZ Writer, 
Toastmasters, Lifeguard, Aquatic 
Supervisor, Swim Lessons, NCAA 
Leadership Conference 

Things are not always what they appear. Never before 
have I seen gifts and talents of the people I was lucky 
enough to meet at WAC. Each individual has given me 
the opportunity to succeed whether they realize it or not. 
Family - You have given me the morals & love any son 
could want. I will always do my best to make you proud. 
Dave - The first trip to Baltimore won't be our last. You 
have helped me see life in a different light. Vinny - You 
could always make me laugh when I needed it most. I 
have always been jealous of your wit and aspire to have 
your sense of people. Tyler - The first person I met at 
WAC couldn't have been better. A true friend who does 
the little things to make my day better. Angle - Being 
there as a friend when it was easier to just move on. 
Coaches - The confidence you have shown in me has 
allowed me to give confidence to others. Swim Team - 
What most people know me as. I am proud to be 
recognized with this team as I hope you are to be 
recognized with me. My love and dedication to the 
sport is actually love and dedication to everyone on the 
team. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Friends - 
This group, although not mentioned by name, has given 
me something else, hope that there are more people in 
the world like you. But I doubt it. Footprints in my mind 
and heart will never be brushed away. 

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA 

Major: American Studies 

Activities: Student Advisory Board, Student 

Guide, Swimming, International Relations 


I want to thank my parents for making my college 
experience possible. Without you I would not 
have had the incredible experiences that I had. 
Vinny, Frog and Dave, you guys are the best, you 
made my college years some of the most 
memorable. Thank you Kate for being there for 
me and being my best friend, without you I would 
not be where I am. I love you very much. 

"Anyone can make someone laugh... Its only the 

greats that know why the people are laughing." - 

Groucho Marks 

Seniors 195 

Hometown: Salisbury, MD 

Major: History 

Activities: ZTA, Young Life Leader 

Mom, Dad, Miss Pat, and Reid- Thank you all so 
much for always giving me such amazing love and 
support and for helping shape me into the woman 
I am today! I love you all! Emily- 1 can't believe 
the time has come and four years is over! We 
made it through! We've been through so much 
and I'm so glad God blessed me with your 
friendship. Thanks for being the best friend and 
roommate I could ever hope for. I love you! 
Bathers- Keep your chin up and know that I'll 
always be here for you! I love you little sis! 
ZTA's- Thanks for all the wonderful times... too 
many to count! I'll miss you all! Nick- Last but 
certainly not least. I'm so lucky to have a 
wonderful person like you in my life. Each day 
spent with you is better than the one before and 
I'm so excited to see what's coming next for us! I 
love you! 

Hometown: Sterling, VA 
Major: Political Science 
Minor: Art 

To my parents - Continual thanks for giving me the 
tools I need to succeed in this life. You've taught 
me that all I will ever need to be successful is love 
and happiness. You both stand as amazing 
examples for me to follow. Jules - To the best 
roommate (and fhend) any prep-school snob could 
ask for. We have both grown so much since 
freshman year and our sponge painting days. But 
honestly, if you ever want to paint a wall pink and 
purple again, you won't have to ask me twice. I will 
miss you! "We're all pretty bizarre. ..some of us are 
just better at showing it. "-The Breakfast Club Alpha 
Omicron Pi Pledge Class - Memories made are 
memories never forgotten! Jame - Thanks for 
having the courage to talk to that "cute girl from 
Deckman's class." Every up and down and drive out 
of town has showed me how lucky we are to have 
crossed paths. You have always stood by me and 
made every effort to understand the person I am 
and the person I hope to become. For all our 
memories and those to come, I love you! "I'll lean 
on you and you lean on me and we'll be OK. "-Dave 
Matthews Charles - All the love and liver treats 
your little body can handle! CLH - Thanks for the 
drinks and ride home and the friendship you gave 
to everyone! To all my professors and those 
unspoken for that played a role in my last four 
years, thank you! 

196 Seniors 

Mom and Dad- Words cannot come close 
to describing what great parents you are. 
Thankyou for ail the advice, support, and 
love. I couldn't have done it without you. 
Word. Doug- Thanks for the much 
needed perspective. It helped more than 
you'll ever know. You're the best brother 
anyone could have. Sarah- Here's to 
"Night Moves," wine nights, Jonie 
Mitchell, and 4am ramblings. I love ya 
chica! You've been so much more than a 
fhend- thankyou for your infinite support, 
love, and friendship. "I wish there was a 
river..." (Jonie Mitchell) Reed- Phillips 4 
liiife! Get in there and get it! You've been 
such an incredible friend to me. I will 
never forget the summer of '03. "You 
push and you pull and struggle with the 
knot" (Niki Costa). Good times, good 
times. Domenico- Thankyou for being 
you. Te amo mucho. Brooke- Thanks for 
all the random nights, and deep conver- 
sations. You're a great friend. Glean the 
air, and stop starting fires. To everyone 
else that was a part of my life in the last 4 
years, go after your dreams and don't let 
anyone get in your way. 

Hoinetown: Beltsville, MD 
Major: Psychology 
Activities: Republican Club 

Before coming to Washington College 1 didn't really 
know just how amazing the next four years of my life 
would be. The people I've met here started out as 
strangers but turned out to be more like family. Erin 
and Ronnie, my friends, my sisters, we are the future 
Golden Girls - I missed you guys this year since you 
went and graduated before me. I loved being your 
NAM pledge and your roommate, and even more just 
getting to know the two really fabulous people that 
you are. Aimee, you're a great leader and great 
friend; you can call me anytime if you need a few 
words of wisdom from your amateur therapist. 
Natalie you are hilarious and fun - your energy and 
creativity astound me. To all the CR's I've had the 
pleasure of working with - don't let the liberal 
propaganda get to you. To my fellow Miller Library 
front deskers, if only we could have a moment like in 
Office Space where we take the printer out back and 
stomp the hell out of it. To my bosses - I'm ruined 
for the real world because you set the bar so high. 
It's here, that 1 discovered who I want to be and what 
I can really accomplish when I try and for that I will 
love this school forever. Great Memories: C-Town. 
Dutch Family, the Bird & Andy's. Twigs. Mooing 
Calls, Bearmilkafershizzle, Birthday Ball. CPAC. May 
Day. NY & Panama City, Big Fat Hamsters - I hate 
to say Goodbye. 

Seniors 197 

Hometown: Baltimore, MD 
Majors: Biology and Chemistry 
Activities: Alpha Omicron Pi, Club Lacrosse 
Order of Omega, Society of Junior Fellows, 
Beta Beta Beta 

To my mom and dad, I love you and I 
appreciate all of your support and motivation. 
To my mini-G, you are my best friend, we 
have been through everything together and I 
cannot wait to be closer to home now... watch 
out Baltimore! You are the best sister I could 
ask for. To my friends, AOP sisters and 
family (you know who you are), III cherish all 
the fun and crazy times we spent together. 
Keep the rumors alive girls ;) To Patrick, 
who above all has helped me make it this far, 
thank you for your continuous love and 
support. As long as you are by my side, I 
know I can accomplish anything.'re my 
guardian angel. 

The world is blowing up; The world is caving 

in; The world has lost her way again; But you 

are here with me; But you are here with me; 

Makes it ok 

Hometown: Baltimore, MD 

Major: Art 

Minor: Business Management 

Activities: Alpha Omicron Pi, Volleyball, 

Softball, Student Athlete Mentor, Character 


To my family-thank you for all of your love, support, 
and guidance over the years. I couldn't have done it 
without you- I love you! These past four years at WAC 
have flown by and in that time I've had so many 
experiences with people I'm glad to call my friends. 
Stix & Potts-What would I've done without you two?! 
Thanks for everything! HFG's- you better continue to 
live up to the name and while you're at it win some 
Softball games too-l love you girls! KD, EC, LT, LL- 
dance parties at Ho House! Only more good times to 
come. ..CD & LG-CVS for life! What more can I say: 
The snowstorm and flood of '03, Baja Fresh, the 
random nights, laughing till it hurts, and how can I 
forget our "talks." Nikki-My pledge sister! Thanks for 
putting up with me and don't worry, I'll listen to 
you...eventuallyJ Good luck with achieving your goals, 
you deserve it. AOTT-"Ghances are we've done it 
already!" Write that down. My pledge class- fall of 
'02. changed our lives. You girls will always be in 
my heart. Ford-The best little, I'll miss you and your 
funny stories. You only have 2 years left, make the 
most of them. KA-you guys always knew how to have 
a good time and take it easy on the Polish kid: he's on 
his own now. (D. B. Roomies-3 words: The Real 
World!) "We partied through college, acquired some 
knowledge: we did it our way, looking back on the 
good days, there's still not a lot I regret, Nights I can't 
remember, Friends I'll never forget." Toby Keith. 

198 Seniors 

Hometown: Towson, MD 
Major: Environmental Studies 
Activities: Theta Chi, Varsity Baseball, 
The Elm, Best Buddies 

Hometown: Wilmington, DE 
Major: Environmental Studies 
Activities: Baseball 

Mom and Dad, you've supported me in 
everything I've done. I can't tliank you 
enougli. I love you. Amanda, the best sister 
a brother could ask. I've learned more from 
you then you will ever know. WAC baseball 
team, what can I say? I love the game and 
couldn't ask for a better group of guys. OX 
boys, you've let me forget how old I really 
am whether that's a good thing or bad I 
thank you all. Marco, "my son". I don't think 
I'll ever met someone with the energy and 
character that you have. Judge. Gert, Muff, 
Layfield, Bill. K-Rock. the memories we have 
in Anne Arundel will stay with me forever. 
"Pops" will miss you guys but its time to go 
into the real world and make something of 
myself. To everyone else who helped me 
get through school, thanks. Lindsey, you've 
made me a better person. I can't thank you 
enough. Love ya. 

Seniors 199 

Hometown: Monkton, MD 
Major: English 
Minor: History 

There is too much to say to too many. Mom 
and Dad, you have shown me the size of the 
world, and given me wings. I could not thank 
you enough for all you have given to, and 
done for me. Life, love unconditional, advice, 
encouragement, discipline, cove bills, rent 
money, a credit card, this experience!! You 
are the best. Kate- My forever friend. Where 
do I begin with something that will never 
end? bffaeae. IRP- Will you stay here...! 
don't want to be alone. My best friend and 
my love, when I am with you I am home. I 
love you all more than words. ..To those I met 
along the way who touched my heart and 
lifted my spirit to levels I did not know 
existed, thank you. To those who disap- 
pointed or upset me, I thank you just the 
same. It is all of you who taught me of this 
grand thing called life. I cherish each 
moment I spent with you, and am grateful our 
paths crossed. It is because of you that I am 
me. Dorchester boys, 99 N. Queen St. girls, 
809 High Street, Tori. ALKJ, and anyone else 
I missed... Thank you for the memories! 
Unforgettable and irreplaceable. 

Hometown: Smithtown, Long island 

Major: Sociology 

Minor: English 

Activities: Peer Mentor, Tourguide, Big Ben 

in "Porcelain", Class Secretary 

"Side by side or miles apart friends like us stay 
close to the heart." -Anonymous 

To all of my friends: We did it! Congrats to all of 
us! I wish you all nothing except for health, 
happiness, and success in the coming years. 
Mom, Dad, and Kate: Thanks for all your time, 
effort, love, and support. Sun, Kate, and Mo: 
Enjoy your last year at WAC- It flies! And 
finally, my girls- LH, SH. JD, TL, MS, KP, GF 
and the original crew AL, JH, and LD: Through- 
out our time here, we have grown up together in 
a way that created life-long friendships and 
bonds. Thanks for all the great times! You can 
take the girl out of C-town, but you can't take 
the C-town out of the girl! We're outta here! 

200 Seniors 

Hometown: West Ctiester, PA 
Major: Economics 

Activities: Theta Chi, Varsity Rowing, 
Young Republicans 

Mom and Dad. have always been there 
with love and support, thank you. You 
made it possible in more ways that one. 
Thetas...its' been a lot of fun and good luck 
to you in the future. The Crew Team.'s 

Hometown: Princess Anne, IVID 
Major: Environmental Studies 
Activities: Hunting, Fishing, Hiking, Sailing, 
Surfing, Snowboarding 

Well there are too many people to get into to 
this individually, so to my friends- you have 
made my extended college career an 
enjoyable experience thank you. To my 
brothers of Theta Chi. the good and the bad 
cannot be forgotten, no regrets. I hope we'll 
see each other in the future. To my parents, 
thank you for footing the bill (and not trying 
to killing me for the extra year). To 
Elizabeth, I love you: you have been so 
much more than a true friend and so much 
more than anyone could ever ask for. thank 
you for being there for the past two years 
and hopefully many more. To everyone 
else, see you around. 


Seniors 201 

/fiometown: Matsusaka, Mie JAPAN 
Majors: International Studies and History 
Activities: International Relations Club, 
Japanese Club, History Club, Art History 
Club, International Student Council, Amnesty 
International, Model UN, National Model for 
African Union, Concert Band, Early Music 

I'd like to express my appreciation and gratitude to all my 
friends and professors at WAC. W/o your unconditional 
support & encouragement, I wouldn't have been able to 
accomplisti anything in the last 3 yrs. TOMOKO: A blast 
wA'OSHI. Bon-Odori for Culture Night, Reunion at Tokyo 
Tower in 2013? You're my best friend who was always 
there for me when I needed someone to comfort me and 
make me laugh. Thanks for all the unforgettable 
memories. YOSHI: Phone talks, B-Ball, Abercrombie 
modeling, TIM (fire). I had the most hilarious time of my 
life with U. LAURA: Thanksgiving, Independence Day, I 
couldn't have asked for a better roommate! I had fabulous 
time w/you. I'll miss U. ANDRIA: MUN(t^ontreal), 
AU(D.C.), Endless talks about Indonesia, love life and 
food. I admired you for being one of the most motivated 
people around me. We'll see each other in Mali. Selamat 
Jalan! YUKIKO: Scandalous love affairs, Secrets and 
Unpredictable future. Wherever we're and whatever 
decisions we make, we'll be always in touch. Thanks to all 
my special friends. Johanna. Chris, Gio, Cathy, Nico, BJ, 
Ian, John, Emily, Florin, Aude, Sabine, Mariam, Ryo, 
Tsugu&3 piglets. THE BLACKS: My life in C-Town 
became fabulous b/c of U. Keep in touch. NARITA 
SENSE!: Osewaninarimasita. Ogenkide! Many thanks to 
Thanks for providing me an opportunity to study in the 
U.S. W/o your supports love, I wouldn't have been here. 
As you say. I'll learn from yesterday, live for today and 
lOpe for tomorrow. 

Thank you Mom, Dad, and Pam for 
helping me along the way, I couldn't 
have done it without your support. 
Emily, my love, my life has become so 
much better since meeting you. We 
have been through a lot together, and 
you have that special place in my heart. 
You make me want to be a better man. 
Charlie, you are the man. To all of my 
Theta Chi Brothers, stay out of trouble, 
we have a propensity for it. Christopher 
Lauriston Hardin, we miss you everyday, 
and you will never be forgotten. It's 

202 Seniors 



Baltimore, MD 

Vlajors: English and Drama 

Viinor: Creative Writing 

Activities: Omicron Delta Kappa, Writers' 


A/hen I was in grade school, there was something in 
he yearbool< called"Last Will and Testament". The 
3raduating class always got to pass their legacy on to 
hose who stayed behind; it could be funny, 
sentimental, whatever you liked. So of course I 
screwed up and went for sentimental. Let's try it again. 

bestow the film "Best in Show" upon the wonderful 
Dast of Blue Surge, just in case "A IVlighty Wind" gets 
jverdone. Britt, I bequeath you my answering 
nachine, since you spent a year telling me to get one. 
^idgaway, my giant magma spider is yours. To Mikey, 

leave all of my baseball cards. May Hensley 
VIeulens bring you untold riches. To Drag, I leave my 
:opy of "God's in the Small Stuff" and a desktop statue 
Df St. Francis; how ironic. BBC, you get my wrestling 
/ideo library, on one condition: you have to take the 
WWF Funniest Moments" tape, featuring the 
jobbledy Gooker. To my one and only Carrie, I leave 
Don Cheadle, to carry on my legacy. Anyone I didn't 
Tiention, you are still loved, and chances are you 
made an impact on my life in some way that I haven't 

ven figured out yet. So you guys can pick over 
what's left of my stuff. See you real soon. 

Hometown: Ewing, NJ 
Majors: Drama and History 
Activities: Writers' Theatre, Riverside 
Players, Fakespeare, Pen 1 5 Club 

A man is measured by the support he receives 
from those people who love him the most. His 
parents- who worked so hard to send his five 
siblings and him to college, who love him 
unconditionally, and always are proud of him. no 
matter what. His sisters and brother- who 
supported him in everything, who helped him see 
what he could do, and never let him fall down. His 
best friend- who was always there with help and 
advice, who held out his hand, and gave him 
hope for the future. His girlfriend- who under- 
stands him, who makes him smile. ..always. His 
loves- who taught him how to love, who gave him 
fire, and who gave him the greatest joy. His 
teachers- who gave him passion for learning, who 
encouraged him to challenge himself, and never 
let him fail. His friends- who were there when he 
needed them, who made him believe in himself, 
who made him laugh and cry. and who loved him 
for him. These things measure the man. So, after 
twenty-two years, I am a man. 


Seniors 203 


Baltimore, MD 

Majors: Business Management and Spanish 

"Q, Big Red I dont have the words, but thanks for the 
endless sacrifices that you have made for me, tvly hat is 
off to you for a job well done raising 2 successful children!! 
Jimmy you are certainly a true role model and I appreciate 
the guidance, Fannie Mae and Pop you guys are the best 
grandfolks a guy could ask for, Big Lee and Sherry my 
dorm room would not have been the same without you!!, 
Jimmers your my number one homey and the coolest 10 
year old out there, keep up the hard work and who knows 
I may take you to blockbuster again!! Darrell, Lets keep 
slaying demons, hitting the gym, and getting it done in 
Bmore. Timmy, from high school to college and now the 
real world its been fun. now get a car!! To the Perkins 
family thanks tor everything from Ravens tickets to 
excellent meals and good company during the holidays!! 
Steve, thanks for the memories, everything from skiing, to 
Worcester. St Mary's and everything in between. Chase, 
keep wakeboarding with Gene I know u love it, but dont 
cut your hair!! Jon, thanks I would have never passed 
calculus without you, Jimmy Pope, all the Yoshi stuff was 
a joke have fun and thanks for the help in econ. Corey, 
You want to make a run, you know what i mean!! To Team 
EACMF We are the best thats all their is to it, flag football 
champs 2 years running!! Steve Dejter, Chase Dejter, 
Dave Nordhoff, Tim Perkins, Jon Fallica, Matt Gwin, Corey 
smith, Joe Cioni, Nate Wilson, Rich Maraventano, Scott 
Poleniak, Paul Franklin, Matt Stover, Ben white and 
everyone else on the team. My advice to underclassmen. 
Go Abroad!! "Some people dream of success while others 
go out and work hard at it" -unknown. 

Hometown: Forest Hill, MD 
Major: Business Management 
Activities: Club Lacrosse, SIFE 

"First and foremost thanks Mom and Dad. I 
wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you, thanks for 
being there through the thick and thin. To my 
sisters thanks for pushing me to do my best in 
everything. To the old schoolers and bailers: 
Scotty. Donnie. Mas. Shaggy, Squirrel thanks for 
showing me the ropes. To the Club Lax Champi- 
onship Crew we went the distance even after 
puking on the sidelines at games and struggling 
through the hangover from the night before. To 
the soccer crew: Geoff. Iggy. Pimpin' Pope, Rule, 
Derek and everyone else, everyone knew were 
all getting NICE every Saturday night and 
throwing it down. Lange Brothers: coolest New 
Yorkers I know but sorry about being Giants and 
Yankees fans. Rich: keep up the acting bit and 
those impersonations. Chase: Ride Hard bro. 
Dave: keep freestylin' and you will get your deal. 
Finally Joe and Steve: thanks for putting up with 
me for the last four years, the rides home. 
Ravens games, flag football, and keeping me 
motivated to hit up the weights. 

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. 
Live the life you have imagined" Thoreau 

204 Seniors 

Hometown: Westminster, MD 
Majors: Physics and Math 

Thanks to my parents for all their 
support as I played musical colleges 
and the rest of my family for just being 
there. A huge thanks to the great 
professors I've had especially Dr. Lin, 
Dr. Kehm, Dr. Sidhu, Dr. McLendon, 
Dr. T, Dr. Pagonis, Dr. Marx, Dr. 
Rosenzweig, and Dr. Sarhangi. I'm 
sure more good things are to come, as 
this is only the beginning. 

Hometown: Potomac, MD 
Major: Business Management 
Activities: Waterski Club 

Dad and Mom, thank you for all the hard 
work and dedication on your part to give me 
the opportunity to get this far; a son couldn't 
ask for better parents and role models. 
Jessica, we've been through a lot together 
and it wouldn't have been the same without 
you, you mean more to me than you know, 
never change who you are. Chase, we'll 
always run the table Dejter style, good luck 
with everything. Joe and Tim, you guys are 
my Baltimore boys (Big Jimmy, too) I 
couldn't have had better friends or room- 
mates, Nerdy, my Rock Hall buddy, I 
always know you're ready to throw down. 
All the EACMF squads, we had some good 
times. Baseball guys and Thetas, it's been 
fun, good luck in future. Everybody else I 
can't mention, it's been nice knowing you. 
best wishes for the future. "May the wind 
fill your sails and the sun be at your back as 
you voyage through life." 

Seniors 205 





Hometown: Middlesex, NJ 

Majors: Political Science and Sociology 

"Cause when you live in a world, well it gets in to 

who you thought you'd be. And now I laugh at how 

the world changed me. I think live chose me after 

all..." -Dar Williams 

The past four years have been absolutely amazing, 
and I still can't believe my time at WAC has come to 
an end. I just want to say thanks to the people who 
stood by me along the way... To Mom and Dad, for 
giving me the strength, guidance, and courage to 
believe in myself and achieve my dreams. To Jeffy, 
for loving me for who I was, for who I am, and for 
always giving me the space to decide who I want to 
be. I love you so much! To Jody, for standing by me 
through thick and thin. I couldn't ask for a better big 
sister. To my nephew Aidan, for reminding me 
there's always a reason to smile. To the fabulous 
Jessica Mitchell, for bringing out the "Cha" in me, 
and to the members of the ZBC, especially Andrew 
and Sam, for always keeping WAC on its toes. To 
Kiera, I couldn't have survived these stressful times 
without your encouragement. This Suga knows we 
can take on the world!!! So here's to a bright future 
for all of us— may it be full of success, wonder, and 
excitement. I know not where I'll go now, or when 
we'll meet again, but I do know this. ..I'll always 
remember where I've been. 

206 Seniors 

Hometown: Centerville, MD 
Major: English 

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal." -Henry Ford 

A million thanks to everyone who never let those obstacles get the best of me. Mom and Dad, you guys are the best! 
None of this could have been possible without you. Thanks for helping me and also putting up with my crazy stressed 
out moods. Chris, you are the best brother ever! This quote is for you: "How is education supposed to make me (eel 
smarter? Besides, everytime I learn something new, it pushes some old stuff out of my brain. Remember when I look 
that home winemaking course, and I forgot how to drive?" -Homer Simpson I love you guys! Brandon, I cannot thank 
you enough for all of your love and support over the years. Thank you for listening and for all those annoying bar 
jokes you love so much. You are amazing and I love you so much! Remember: We'll cross that horse when we get 
there. Amy, you are the best roommate in the world, and I don't know how we'll survive without each other. Here's to 
four great years of craziness, complaining, laughing, crying, and a million inside jokes. Here are my personal 
favorites: the 3 am BBQ where we thought our room was on fire, how I froze Uncle Frank (the fish!), Roy, that scary 
masked guy who I think was a tree. Don't break up with me!, hearing people fall down the stairs in Reid, us never 
getting what we want, the sick dorm, waking up at 4 am to see the freaking star thing, and Belgium. I'd like to take a 
moment of silence for Moose (Oct. 2002-Oct. 2002). I love you Amy! Here's to our future: A cruise to Bahamas!! 

"If a professor asks you to submit your paper on multi-colored paper, 
stapled on all four sides, you give it to him." -Amy Levak 


Hometown: Medford Lakes, NJ 

Major: Business Management 

Minor: Economics 

Activities: Rowing, SAM Tri-Captain, SIFE. 


Mom and Dad: Thank you for everything. Your love, 
patience, and support has given me the confidence to 
achieve everything I set out to do. Jennifer and Steve 
I love you! Thank you for coming to all of my regattas! 
Crew team: Thanks for all the great memories. I 
cherish each and every one of you. My role as a 
coxswain was such a unique experience. Your 
personal goals-both on and off the water-became my 
goals too. I will never forget the joy and excitement I 
felt when each of you set a personal record. Van 
rides, spring break trips, all regattas-especially Head 
of the Charles '01 . etc. -I'll miss you all! Gina. Kelly. 
Sara, Meredith, and Leona: It has been a great four 
years. Good luck with everything. Lindsay: I'm so 
thankful we have become such great friends. We've 
had so many laughs and memories. Who would have 
thought a BBQ at 3 am and listening to stories about 
Roy could be so much fun!! I will never forget our 
loss: Moose (Oct. 2002-Oct. 2002) or the 4 am star 
watch, Golden Girls, and the Tender Loving Care 
channel-just to name a few. For everyone else: Best 
of luck in all of your future endeavors!! 

Seniors 207 

Major: Political Science 
Activities: Varsity Lacrosse 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Aunt Missy, Uncle Man, and Mike for all of your support and love. 

To all the fellas: Good luck in the future. It's been a blast!! 

Get'er Done! 

Major: Political Science 
Activities: Equestrian Team 

Mom, Dave: Lots of love, I live to make you 
both proud. 

Nana. Pops; Your belief in me is my 
motivation, your love is my fuel. 

I love deadlines. I especially like tfie 

whoosfiing sound they make as they go 

flying by... 

"Sooner or later we all discover that the 

important moments in life are not the 

advertised ones, not the birthdays, the 

graduations, the weddings, not the great 

goals achieved. The real milestones are less 

prepossessing. They come to the door of 

memory unannounced, stray dogs that 

amble in, sniff around a bit and simply never 

leave. Our lives are measured by these. "-- 

Susan B. Anthony 

208 Seniors 

Hometown: Stroudsburg, PA 
Vlajors: Anthropology and Political Science 
'Activities: Alpha Chi Omega, Anthropology 
3lub, Amnesty International, SGA, Dance 
3lub, Birthday Ball 

Thanks to my parents, you have been so 
supportive and amazing. Lanigan- can you 
believe that 4 years have gone by. You are an 
amazing person and a wonderful friend. I don't 
know what I would have done here without 
you. Marcella- Thanks for everything. I can't 
believe all the stuff we have done. Steph- Its 
been fun! Reid Hall will never be the same. 
Maria- Love ya! You are a great big. Sam- 
Lovin' that we live in l-house. AXO- sorry I 
joined you so late, but thanks for making the 
rest of my time here amazing. Love to all- 

Environmental Studies 

My girls and my boys thank you for the best four 

years. Thank you mom and dad for giving me the 

opportunity. No regrets. 

Seniors 209 

Hometown: Baltimore, MD 

Major: Environment Studies 

Activities: Student Environmental Alliance, 

Campus Greens, Field Hocl<ey, Study 

Abroad in Africa 

Mom, Dad, little bro - not many people go home as 
often as I do AND LIKE IT, ttianks for making home 
feel like home and for being awesome. Frank, 
Betty (the best bosses ever) and the rest of the 
O'Connor's Mug Club, over the past couple years 
you have become like family to me - Never forget 
the w/oman! Hockey girls of 01 & 02 - keep it up, I 
missed you girls this year. Dev - from heartfelt 
talks at Andy's to movie nights you've always been 
a true friend, I live for people like you. Katelyn - no 
doubt, I'll sit on the floor with you any day girl. 
Ambika - I admire your free spirit. Rach- glad we 
got to be such good friends this year J Jules - you 
taught me a lot, miss you girl. Tim - what's a leaf 
hopper anyway?, thanks for being my neighbor 
through the good times and the bad. Jess you are 
the best friend a girl could have, who would have 
thought that sickness could be a blessing, some 
day we'll make it back to St. Lucia, where the days 
are always warm and the nights are always crazy, 
until then ROADTRIPI Gregg - I can't believe 
you're in my car! Tha- 1 miss your a ... b.... Mintey, 
Michelle - 1...2...3 BUNGIE! - live your life like 
that day on the bridge, to all the South Africa study 
abroad girls of 03 - I had the time of my life with 
you guys, I will never forget that - Cheers! 

Hometown: Brick, NJ 
Major: Psychology (Clinical/Counseling) 
Activities: Psychology, Psi Chi, Interna- 
tional Relations Club, Vocal Performances, 
Society of Junior Fellows, Ireland 2003 

"Today is your day. You're off to great places! You're 

off and away! You have brains in your head. You have 

feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself and 

direction you choose. You're on your own and you 

know what you know. You are the person who'll decide 

where to go, and oh the places you will go" -Dr. Seuss 

Where has the time gone?! WAG has given me people 
I will never forget, memories I will always chehsh, and 
expehences that completely transformed me, a scared 
girl who moved to Maryland without knowing a soul. I 
want to thank my parents for all of their love and 
support. They always believed in me and "all the 
places I would go". The friendships I have formed here 
make me feel truly blessed. I will never forget the Reid 
balcony parties, Christina saving me from my freshman 
funk, Thursday's at Andy's, l-house parties with all 
those crazy foreigners!, clubbing with my girls, Cathy's 
bartending skills, Boston 2002, shopping therapy with 
Devin, my DeSales girls coming to visit, and my 
fantastic European adventure. To Devin: Thank you for 
always holding my hand when I was scared, offering 
your shoulder when there were tears to cry, lending 
your ear when there was gossip to be told, and for 
giving me the confidence to do and try things I could 
have never dreamed of on my own. To all my friends: I 
thank each of you for bringing your own special flair to 
the best 4 years I could have ever asked for! 

210 Seniors 

Hometown: Catonsville, MD 

Major: Biology 

Minor: Chemistry 

Activities: Gospel Choir, Beta Beta Beta, 

Society of Junior Fellows, ACS, Jazz 


To Mom, Dad, and John thank you for being my 
constant support. You have guided me on my 
path to a bright future. I love you guys. To all 
my friends you have been everything I needed 
through anything I faced. The tears brought us 
through our troubles and the laughs carry us to 
new adventures waiting ahead. Keep smiling 
and have faith in all that you do. To the Gospel 
Choir, you all have created a new light in my life 
and a stronger faith in God. Keep singing for joy 
and God Bless. To Min-li, I love you 
TTHHHIIIIIIIIIISSSS MUCH!!!! I couldn't ask for a 
better best friend and girl friend. I can't imagine 
being with anyone else. XOXO 

"Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to 
leave, and impossible to forget." -G. Randolf 

Toys R Us Kid for Life!!!! 

Hometown: Timisoara, Romania 
Majors: Economics and International Studie ; 
Activities: IRC, SGA, SJF, Habitat for Hu- 
manity, Model UN, Model African Unity 

Multumesc mama pentru sprijinul pe care mi 
l-ai acordat si pentru ca ai crezut in mine. Anii 
acestia de facultate au fost plini de succese 
datorita tie. I just want to thank all my friends 
and extended Wac family for their wisdom 
and for their guidance in my times of trouble; 
1 couldn't have survived this without you. It is 
great to have friends that are never boring 
and never say a commonplace thing, but are 
thirsty for new discoveries together. This is 
what makes it all worth while. I am truly 
grateful to my South African friends who 
taught me to really look around me and 
appreciate every moment, and to my friends 
in France for sharing their craziness with me. 
The Ould Shebeen will always be there for 
us! To my ASI'ers: Yeah baby! - keep on 
rocking. In the end, remember this: "There is 
a period near the beginning of every man's 
life when he has little to cling to except his 
unmanageable dream, little to support except 
good health, and nowhere to go but all over 
the place." (e.b. white) 

Seniors 211 

Mom & Dad: Without the two of you I would never have made it this far. As much as I 
pushed thank you for pushing right back! Susan & Christian: You have both always 
been there for me and you are the best sister and brother anyone could ask for. Chris: 
You are such a huge part of my life now I know that I will never be the same. I love 
you. Alpha Chi's: you girls are awesome and can do anything you put your collective 
minds to. Best of luck. Laura: my little laura! I'm so sad that we didn't spend this last 
semester together, but I know you had so much fun in Ireland. I love you tons! Jilly: 
You have always been there for me and I know 10 years from now we will still get 
together. Jul: you are the only person I have been able to live with in small spaces! 
You should come work and live in Wilmington with me, you can do it I know it. 
Lindsey: this year was a ton of fun.... I still never want to move out. Lilli: I'm so glad 
that you are as much a part of my life as some "sisters" are. You are absolutely amaz- 
ing. Everyone that I missed I will miss all of you. You have all changed my life in some 
different way. Thank you. 

Hometown: Towson, MD 
Major: Business Management 
Minor: Economics 

Before I begin I need to say thank-you to my 
parents. ..Mom, you are the most inspiring person in 
my life and I never would have made it this far in 
college or anywhere else without you. Dad, you 
were right.... here I am saying thank-you for making 
me work so hard!.... couldn't have done it without 
you. Love you both! Ellen, I don't think I have any 
WC memories that don't include you!... You always 
gave me the best advice, and whether I took it or 
not you were always there for me... you'll never 
know how much I've appreciated your friendship 
over the past four years. Thank-you! To my AX 
golden girls.... Kelly, you're such a special person, 
and I'm so glad that you're my little! Mary, good luck 
with everything!.'re going to do amazing 
things! To all my other Chi's you've each in your 
own way added to my college experience, thanks 
for being my sisters and I wish you all the best. To 
my roomies... as different as we each are, I admire 
you all just the same! Thanks for being the great 
girls that you are. Kurt, I don't think I could write 
about my college experience without including you. 
I learned more from our time together then I did in 
any classroom. are an amazing person, and I 
will carry your love with me always. ..To everyone 
else... I don't think we'll ever ligure out what we 
want to do after graduation".... but I do know that I 
am so glad that I got to meet you along the way!!... 
best of luck! "my cup runneth over"... 

212 Seniors 

Hometown: Pasadena, MD 

Vlajor: Environmental Education/Elementary 

Education Certification 

Activities: Softball 

To my parents- Thank you for every- 
thing! You have done so much to give 
me all these opportunities and I am so 
grateful. There is no way I would have 
been able to do all of this without your 
love and support. I know you told me 
these years would fly by, but I can't 
believe its over already. To all my 
roomie's and friends- Thanks for all the 
fun times and memories! Chris, I'm so 
excited about where we are in our lives. 
You have been so wonderful and 
supportive no one could ask for anyone 
better! I love you! 
Thanks to all the people who have 
helped me get to where I am today! 
Best of luck for the future! 

Hometown: Severna Park, MD 

Major: Anthropology 

Minor: Sociology 

Activities: Alpha Chi Omega, SJF, Order of 

Omega, Lambda Alpha, Student Events 

Board, Anthropolgy Club, IRC 

I am forever grateful to you Mom, Dad. 
and t\/like for your unconditional love and 
support. I've had the time of my life 
because you have provided me with all 
that I could ever ask for and more. 
Thank you for being my best friends. 
For those friends who have profoundly 
touched my life, you know who you are 
and you will remain in my heart. I wish 
you all the very best in the years to 
come. It's been grande... Thank you 
Washington College. 


Seniors 213 

Hometown: Baltimore, MD 

Vlajor: Psychology (concentration in 

Behavioral Neuroscience and Clinical 

Activities: Dance Club, Black Student Union 
Psychology Club 

"Through it all I remember that He loves me and 

He cares, And He'll never put more on me than I 

can bear." 

I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful and 
supportive family. I love you all! Mommy and Dad, 
thank you for everything and I love you so much. 
Brandon, thanks for the strength and making me 
laugh! Shout-outs to my friends: Katie, thanks for 
the fun and the talks. Meredith, you're the best 
roomie ever! I'll miss living with you. Jenae', my 
twin, we made it: now let's take the world! Amanda 
and Tanya, you two will always be my princesses! 
I'm glad you talked me into living with you...l loved 
every minute. Stay sweet and fun. Matt and Mike, 
you are the best "brothers" us girls could ask for. 
Continue to be sweet and life will be sweet to you. 
To the Posse', I'm going to miss y'all! Look at 
this. ..we made it here! My III brothas and sistas, 
hold down the fort and be encouraged. My 
dancers, keep performing and making faces... we'll 
catch up in New YorkJ My friends elsewhere (The 
Crew), you're family and I love you all. Thank you 
all for making my experience at V^/C! Because God 
gave me your love and support. I have grown, 
learned, lived, and loved. Now is my time. ..I'm out. 




St. John's Newfoundland, 

Major: Psychology and Elementary 


Activities: Crew 

To My Meam and Did, Tom and Gill... Thanks for 
everything. The Crew Girls: Thanks for giving 
me some of my best memories, while also 
teaching me so much. I know I can't always be 
"there", but even when I am not, I am wishing I 
was. I love you guys. Leona: You rock. Thanks 
for warning me about the curbs, always being up 
for RO FO or SUPA and just being there for a 
good time. Thanks for keeping me in line. 
Wherever you end up. I will visit. Love ya. 
Candace: Roommates for 3 years... Yikes. But 
we made it. Love ya girl. Tanya and Amanda: 
From the days in Worchester, to our senior year. 
It has been great, I am so glad we got to live 
together again. Love you girls. Jenny P: You 
have always been there for me, I can't tell you 
how much that means to me. Thanks for always 
being up to get out of the WAC. Sara: Double 
Trouble for life. The old school friends: You all 
have given me so many great memories that I will 
remember forever. Stay in touch. 

214 Seniors 

Hometown: Westover, MD 

Major: Drama and Secondary Education 


Minor: English 

Activities: Pi Lambda Tineta 

Mom and Dad ~ Thank you for being involved in 
every phase of my education. Thank you for 
instilling in me the belief that I can do anything if I 
want it badly enough and work hard enough to get it. 
Thank you for encouragement and for thinking 
anything I do is always the best. Thank you for 
providing me with everything I needed to make my 
college years the best they could be. I love you! 
Mommom Alice ~ You helped to develop my early 
love of the classroom. Thank you for playing school 
with me. You will always be my favohte student, I 
love you! Travis ~ I'm so glad you came into my life 
when you did. I couldn't ask for a more supportive 
boyfriend throughout this hectic, senior year. Thank 
you for accepting weeklong separations. Thank you 
for listening to me complain and recite my to do list 
and for rejoicing with me in my triumphs. I love you! 
Amanda ~ Who knew God would bless me with not 
only a best friend but also a life-long friend and 
sister?! Thank you for the inside jokes, the laughs, 
the outings, the cleaning, and, well, everything. 
Meredith and Candace ~ I am blessed to know both 
of you personally. Twice roommates, forever 
friends. ED BLOCK 2003 ~ What an experience we 
have had! Your future students are truly fortunate. 
Drama Majors ~ Thank you for sharing your talent 
with me. I have learned so much from all of you. 

Hometown: Bel Air, MD 

Major: Psychology (Clinical Conseling) 

Activities: Psychology Club, Psi Chi 

Mom- Looking back on the past 4 years, we have 
certainly experienced our share of changes. 
Through good times and bad you have stood by my 
side, providing me with all the love and support I 
could ever hope for. You are the strongest person I 
know and my greatest role model. I am who I am 
today because of you and I hope to continue making 
you proud. Dad- 1 never have and never will meet a 
more caring and generous person. You taught me 
to strive for my goals in life and that no dream is 
ever out of reach. Your unconditional love and 
words of wisdom will carry on inside of me wherever 
life's path may lead. Costa- Where do I even begin? 
You have held my hand through life's darkest 
moments, never asking for anything in return. 
Thank you for being so wonderful these past 4 
years. I love you with all of my heart and know that 
with you, I have found my soul mate. Tanya- Can 
you believe the past 4 years are over? It's funny to 
look back on where we first stood, compared to 
where we stand today. Never forget our 'Lucy and 
Ethel" adventures! Thanks for being the best friend 
a girl could ever ask for. To all my friends at WAC- 
It's been a great ride filled with laughter and tears. 
You are all wonderful and I will never forget the 
good times we've shared. Good luck in all of your 
future endeavors. 

Seniors 215 

Hometown: Arnold, MD 
Major: Business Management 
Activities: SIFE, Best Buddies 

To my mom, my hero, thank you for 
always being there for me no matter 
what. To my mentor: Dad, thank you 
for always pushing me to do better and 
teaching me not to settle for anything 
but the best from myself. Thank you 
both for teaching me what undying love 
and support are. Beck and Shannon, 
thank you for always keeping me In line. 
I love you both! Erin, Care, Meg, & 
Joe; thank you for being wonderful 
friends and always there to put a smile 
on my face. Erin and Care, I miss the 
antics and constant singing already! 
Eric, "tanks" for Europe, it honestly 
changed my life. You all have had a 
hand in making me who I am today and 
I am forever grateful. 

Hometown: Cambridge, MD 
Major: Biology (3:2 Nursing) 
Activities: Beta Beta Beta, Club Lacrosse 

I would like to start by thanking my family: 
Mom, Dad, and Nannie- 1 would not be where 
I am today without your support both 
financially and emotionally. Thank you for 
helping me believe that I can achieve 
anything if I just work hard enough. Thank 
you for standing behind me and giving me 
that extra push when I needed it. Chad- You 
are a great big brother. Thanks for always 
being there if I needed you. And now to my 
friends: Jen, Erin, and Rachel- 1 had a great 
time with all of you. We have enough 
memories (and pictures) to last us a lifetime. 
(Jen and Erin, I promise not to tell anyone 
about the time we went to that American Idol 
concert!) And now to Ike: Ike- You are so 
special to me. We have so much ahead of us 
and I am so excited. I love you. You all have 
made my WAC experience special and I want 
you to know that I am grateful. 

216 Seniors 

Hometown: Peterborough, NH 
Major: Business Management 
Minor: Art 

Hometown: Quito, Ecuador 
Majors: Economics and Mathematics 
Activities: Omicron Delta Epsilon, 
International Relations Club, Soccer 

it has been 4 great years at Washington 
College, but as everything in live it had to 
come to an end. First ot all I want to thank my 
parents, because I know the huge sacrifice 
they made to have me four years abroad and 
for all their support at all times. I will also like 
to thank all of my professors in particular Dr 
Lynch and Dr Amick. And of course I have to 
thank all the people I have met here at 
Washington College for showing me a great 
time, guys in Somerset freshmen year, the 
girls (Jackie, Kiera, Allison, and Jenny), the 
Latin Mafia, Theta Chi, guys at the Alley Cat. 
the Soccer team. And my closest friends: Al, 
Andy, Anna, Dustin. Hunt, Kristen. Louie, 
Noah, Mez, Loui, Steph, and Tine. 

Seniors 217 

Hometown: Middletown, DE 
Major: Business Management 
Activities: Tiieta Chi, Inter-Fraternity 
Council, Best Buddies 

Hometown: Odessa, DE 

Major: Economics 

Activities: Baseball, Theta Chi 

218 Seniors 

Hometown: Hummelstown, PA 

Major: Political Science 

Activities: Society of Junior Fellows, Honor 

Board, Republican Club, Pi Sigma Alpha 

Mom and Dad - Thank you for giving me wings 
and allowing me to fly. I am forever grateful for 
your love and support. Britt - Thank you for being 
a great roommate, counselor, and friend. You are 
an astonishing, beautiful individual. I could not 
have made it through four years without you. 
nice, don't judge. Natalie - I don't think I will ever 
meet anyone as happy and enthusiastic as you. 
Your smile is absolutely contagious. Jayme - 
You are truly one of a kind. Thanks for always 
making me laugh. Girls, I will never forget our late 
night conversations, games, and silly stunts. Pam 
- Oh goodness! We've come a long way since 
Kent lounge. I cannot believe it's over already! 
Amanda and Shane - It has been so wonderful 
getting to know you both. You are amazing and 
unique people. David - It has been a fun, eye- 
opening journey. Thank you for always listening 
and making me think. I'm so glad our paths were 
able to meet. With love and luck... 

Hometown: Severna Park, MD 
Majors: Drama and English 
Activities: SJF 

Mom- You are an inspiration. Your friendship is the 
truest one I know. The positive attributes that I 
have are because of you. Your support is endless: 
thank you for tolerating my tantrums and reviving 
me. You are a queen among women. Dad- Thank 
you for always being my alarm clock over the last 
eight years and keeping me on track of my "to do 
list". You are resilient and generous. Elizabeth- My 
faithful roommate... thank you for your companion- 
ship and thoughtfulness. You are my constant. I 
feel privileged to have been the keeper of your 
secrets over the last four years. Amanda- Thank 
you for picking up the pieces when I was in 
shambles. Your loyalty and friendship are immea- 
surable. Pam- You felt like family from the first day 
I met you. I will always love your genuine Italian 
warmth. Shane-You are brilliant and sensitive. 
Thank you for being my editor and confidant. 
Natalie and Jayme- No one can make me laugh 
and smile like the two of you. I would like to thank 
the following professors for their inspiration, 
dedication to the craft, and guidance: Michele 
Volansky, TM, Dale, Dr. Gillin, Mrs. Gillin, Mooney. 
Lamond, Larry, and Jason. And finally John, there 
has been a lot of anguish and joy over the last five 
years; thank you for intensifying my emotions at 
both ends of the spectrum. 


Seniors 219 

Hometown: Schuylkill Haven, PA 
Major: Business Management 
Activities: Vice President Republican Club, 
German Club, SIFE 

Wow! Does time fly. I can't believe that we are 
graduating. There are so many people that have 
helped to make these past four years memorable 
ones. First off, my mom has pushed me and 
without her I wouldn't be the person that I am 
today. Thank you so much mom. I LOVE YOU! 
To my friends here at WAC, you guys truly were 
my family away from home and I can never repay 
you guys for all that you have done for me. 
Remember I am only a phone call away. To 
Jayme and Caitlin, you girls are the best and 
never forget that I will always be on a schedule. 
Britt and Elizabeth, well you have both touched 
my life in a unique way that I have learned to play 
nice. Thanks for all of the "game nights" with 
Shane and Amanda. To my family thank you so 
much for what each one of you has done for me. 
Your support and motivation is the driving force 
that has made me the person that I am today. I 
love you all so very much. Wayne, you are the 
best brother ever, even though you pick on me 24/ 
7, Betsy!! To Mykal what can I say, you have 
touched my life in so many ways that I can't 
. imagine these past four years without you. Thank 
you for always being there for me. I love you. 


Hometown: Elkton, MD 

Major: Clinical/Counseling Psychology 

it's so hard to believe that our four years 
are through. It seems like only yesterday 
when we were taking part in freshman 
orientation week. Now it's time to venture 
out into the real world; how scary that will 
be. I never thought that I would make so 
many wonderful, life long friends. Girls, you 
kept me on my feet and helped me make 
this journey possible. I will always be 
grateful for that. I love all of you very much. 
I know that this wonderful experience 
would not have been possible if it weren't 
for my family. They have been my support 
and my strength guiding me down this 
tough road. Also, if it weren't for my mom, 
college might have only been a distant 
thought. Thank you mom for pushing me so 
hard and supporting my dreams. Mom, you 
have truly been my soul inspiration and I 
couldn't have done it with out you. Thanks 
to my younger sister and three younger 
brothers for keeping me young and 
relieving stress. I'm so glad that my family 
was there for me through this very 
important journey in my life. I love all of 
you. Well, mom-mom I made it!! 

220 Seniors 

Hometown: Osaka, Japan 

Major: Psychology 

Activities: Tennis, Japanese Club, IRC, 

Psychology Honor Society 

First of all, My Dad and Mom, thank you for letting 
me come to Washington College. I have gone 
through so many culture shocks which sometimes 
made my life difficult. However, I had the most 
amazing 4 years in my life. Yuko, you have an 
awesome ability to make people smile and happy 
which I wish I had. Miako, Ryo, Charles, Alem, 
Marl, Reiko, and Saeko, I had so much fun with 
you guys. I cannot simply express my gratitude 
with just one word. Linda, thank you for correcting 
my papers all the time. I was glad that I lived in the 
same suite with you for our senior year. Ne'ko, I 
was happy that you were my doubles partner for 4 
years. I still cannot volley like you do. Sam, Katie, 
Jackie, Sara, Marisa, and Lindsay, I hope I was a 
good captain for you guys. I will never forget that 
we practiced and fought as a team. At last, 
Christina, you have been and will be my best 
friend forever. I will miss our late night meetings. 
You always helped me when I was sad and 
disappointed. You always listened to my com- 
plaints. Thank you sharing all the wonderful 

Hometown: Salisbury, MD 

Major: International Studies 

Activities: Women's Tennis, Spanish Club, 

International Relations Club 

To my parents: Thank you for always being there for 
me and encouraging me to do my best. Thank you for 
the endless hours of support and guidance you have 
always offered me and always encouraging me to see 
the world. Shoko: You are an incredible friend. I don't 
know what I would have done without you. From the 
endless cups of coffee we have shared to the great 
memories of shopping, traveling, drinking (Thursday 
nights at Andy's) and dancing, I have had a great time 
at WAC with you. Samantha H.: You are the coolest 
girl I know! I don't know how I would have survived 
without the late night coffee or random quesadilla. 
Thanks for everything and good luck next year! Boys 
in Charles D: Blazej. Ryan, Joe and Andre. So many 
great memories! Tuesday nights, Cosmopolitans. 
Russian Mafia and Pablo Phoenix. 3rd Floor l-House 
& Isa; Voy,Voy,Voy, Dancing in the basement. Rolling 
Stones, los clasicos, Fez, "fuel". May Day. Snow Days 
and all of the wacky things in between, it was great 
sharing those times with you. Giris of Howard D: It's 
been a crazy senior year and I have loved every 
minute of it! From throwing parties to cooking curry, it 
has been great living with all of you and I wish all of 
you much luck in the future. To all of the people who 
have been part of my time here at WAC. It has been 
wonderful knowing all of you and I have great 
memories. Thanks! 

Seniors 221 

Hometown: Canton, CT 

Majors: Economics and Mathematics 

The years at WAC flew by too 
fast. Mom, Dad, Paul, and 
Dave - Thank you for all the 
support you have given me 
through the years. I could not 
have done it without you. 
Amanda - We have had so 
many great times together 
and have so many more to 
come. To all my friends - 
Thanks for the memories, and 
I'll never forget the fun I had 
with everyone. To all my 
teammates - We've been 
through a lot together and 
always had fun. To all my 
coaches - I have learned so 
much from you and appreci- 
ate all your help. 

Hometown: West Point, PA 

Majors: Environmental Studies and Philosophy 

Activities: WAC Ultimate, SEA, SGA, MU 

To all of those whom I have love for, thank you. 

To my parents and my sister, thank you for putting up with me; I love all three of you. 

To Kevin, Jeremiah, and Matthew: I loved every minute of being at 51 1 . Thank you! 

To all the old boys and the new boys, thanks for the good times. 

To Nick, thanks for the den. 

To Robbie, thanks for coming back. 

To Sonny, thanks for being TS and caring. 

To Kelly, my love, always we'll be napping under the sun, moon, and stars. I love you simply and totally. 

To anyone I missed or didn't name, thanks and remember: just play smart. 

222 Seniors 

Hometown: Gumstump, PA 
Major: Mathematics 

In the last few years I have had the pleasure 
to be part of a group of friends that have 
changed my life. You have taught me how 
to have fun and grow up at the same time. 
To my fellow Eagles fans, we have had 
some hard seasons, but always a good time 
cheering on our team. To all my suite 
mates, no one can through a party like us, 
thanks for all the late nights and fun times. 
Patti you are the most beautiful, intelligent, 
and caring person that I have ever met. I 
love you more then I can possible tell you. 
Thank you for being such a wonderful 
girlfriend. I wish the best to all of my friends, 
without all of you I never would have had so 
much fun these last few years. One last 
Quaker thought for all my friends; "Great 
spirits have always found violent opposition 
from mediocrities. The latter cannot 
understand it when a man does not 
thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices 
but honestly and courageously uses his 
Intelligence." -Albert Einstein- 


Hometown: Audubon, NJ 

Major: Clinical/Counseling Psychology 

Activities: Peer Mentor, Psychology Club 

To my parents: Mom and Dad, I can't believe that 
four years has come and gone (you were right 
Dad, it does go fast). I want to thank you both 
from the bottom of my heart for sacrificing all that 
you have in order for me to be where I am. Your 
unwavering love and support of me has never 
gone unappreciated. I love you and thank you for 
everything! To Jen: As I sit here and type, I know 
that things have changed between us. ..but the 
past two years have meant more to me than any 
words can express. I learned so much from you. 
the most important being how to love uncondition- 
ally. It might appear that time was against us and 
won, but I now see things in a new way. I love you 
Jen, and will always love you. and in the sense of 
my undying love, I beat time. Thank you for 
helping me grow in to a man that now understands 
the importance of love. I will never forget you. To 
my friends; You guys have just been absolutely 
the greatest friends a guy could ask for. Drinking 
Yuengling, Irish Car Bombs, and Tom Collins and 
watching football on Sundays, The Big Lebowski. 
and rowing will always cause me to reminisce. 
Thank you guys for being there and for the good 
times that we had. 

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it 
. happened."-Dr. Seuss 

Seniors 223 

Hometown: Sparks, MD 

Major: English 

Activities: Class Vice President 

(Freshman), Sailing, Study Abroad in 

Siena, Italy 

Dad and Mom: Thank you for your constant love 
and support. Stiannon: I know we haven't 
always gotten along, but my love for you remains 
unconditional and I will be here for you always. 
Mike: My love for you grows with each passing 
day! You are my true love and my best friend. 
Ann, Liz, & Kristen (ALK): I love you girls! I will 
never forget MM memories, the late night chats, 
and always finding a way to make me laugh or 
make me feel better when I was down. There will 
always be a special place for you in my heart. 
Good luck with life after college! I'll miss you but 
we'll never be too far away... Colin & Mike: 
Thank you for teaching me how to sail- 1 will 
never forget it. Emily: Mi manca Siena! We have 
to visit soon! Thank you for the memories. Italia: 
Ti amo! Dr. Gillin: Thank you for leading me in 
the right direction. Your guidance and support 
will last me a lifetime. 'These are the last words I 
have to say/ That's why this took so long to write/ 
There will be other words some other day/ But 
that's the story of my life" Billy Joel 


Hometown: Sparks, MD 
Major: English 

Dad and Mom: Thank you for all the support and 
guidance you have given me these past four years. 
You have provided me with so much love and faith 
that has helped me grow into the person I am 
today. I couldn't ask for two better parents and 
love you with all my heart. 

"Crazy friends provide for crazy times and oh what 
crazy times we've had." Animal House 

"Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers. 

Just remember when your talking to the man 


That just because he doesn't answer 

Doesn't mean he doesn't care 

Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers." - 

Garth Brooks 

"Don't worry about the future. Or worry, but know 

that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an 

algebra equation by chewing bubble gum." 

"Dance, even if you have no where to do it but your 
living room." 

224 Seniors 

Hometown: Wilton, CT 

Major: English 

Activities: Phi Sigma, 2003 Championship 

Frisbee Team, Rugby 

The years I spent at WAC were some of the 
best in my life. IVlom & Dad- 1 can't begin to 
comprehend your continued love, patience, 
and understanding. The money and birthday 
cards are in the mail, I swear. To all my 
buddies and girls- every one of you made a 
difference in my life. You all have my 
unconditional friendship. Only now at the end 
do I realize how fast it all went- Thursday 
nights at Andy's, spring days at Sassafras, 
back porch grillin'. May Days, Superfree runs, 
etc. etc. etc. Brothers of Phi Sigma- keep the 
dream alive. Continue our standard of 
excellence. Maintain our campus high GPA, 
carry on our philanthropy work, and keep 
throwing those classy mixers. Always keep 
our code in the back of your mind- sobriety, 
cleanliness, determination, and brotherhood. 
Alleycat parties occupied a huge portion of my 
life. Never again will I be able to freely urinate 
in front of a crowd of people from 20 feet 
above the ground. To the lllburger- know who you is. I'm out but I'll 
be back. DAMN RIGHT! 

Hometown: Arlington, VA 
Major: Philosophy 
Activities: Musicians Union, 

Ultimate Frisbee 

Thanks to my whole family, especially to my 
parents for their love and support, and to Mama 
and Dee for helping with the bills. Good luck 
Sarah. To the Kent Rats, the Kent St. ladies, 
my neighborinos at Kent & High and in the 
Complex, and all others I've lived or stayed with 
and among in Chestertown: thanks for making 
this home for the last few years. Two Minutes, 
BlackBall Brandon (f'n B Cubed!). Roland. 
Jordan, all the cats involved in the tribute 
shows, and everybody else I've played with: I'd 
never have been the almost mediocre musician 
I am today without you all. Shock 'n' Awe: a 
rose by any other name would still smell as 
sweet. I can only blame myself for ours. Keep 
Ultimate alive at WC (Fried Ice Cream). All 
others too numerous to mention, and any 
glaring omissions that slipped my mind; thanks, 
friends. Love to all you folks out there. Peace. 

Seniors 225 

Hometown: West Chester, PA 

Major: English 

Minor: Art 

Activities: Society of Junior Fellows 

Will: Thanks for the ear when I needed it. You 
listened to me banter and I'm glad we shared so 
much and that you weren't bored of hearing it all. 
Stay the great friend you are. 
Rob: You made laughter the best medicine and 
shocking comments... well, there are no words. 
Thanks for some of the greatest moments I can 
think of. Remember that you are truly loved. Cat. 
Mandy H.: My first roomie! You were there all 4 
years and I love ya for it. So glad I started college 
with you and got to know one of the most intelligent 
and caring people in my life. I'm not so scary now, 
am I? Fox: Anime, Raid, battleaxes. and all those 
other things that remind me of you. Can't cherish 
them more. Thank you hun. You will be honorable 
no matter where you are. Stacey: You will be a 
beautiful bride and probably one of the most 
successful people in life that I'll ever meet. So glad 
we got closer these past two years. Mike: I still 
hate you. Kidding! Gonna miss you and your 
asian jokes. Keep it up hot stuff. Brian: Drinking 
buddy! We really need to keep this up after 
college. Bridget: Praying for that Tiffany's for you. 
Best of luck to you. Rai: Vroooooom! That's the 
sound of me in my M3. I will own one. Everyone 
else: Each have touched my life and I am truly 
grateful for that. Thanks for 4 great years. 

Major: Psychology 

Confession: I'm an Army brat. This means I make 
friends, but I don't keep them. Leaving my friends, 
moving away, building a new life. . .this is my 
routine. It's how I operate. I'll admit, my time at 
Washington College has changed me, just a little. 
I've learned to appreciate the people who have 
been a part of my life, no matter how minor that 
part has been. I rarely grow attached to people, 
and I rarely keep in contact with them once I've 
moved on. But you know, I have never forgotten 
anybody. I remember the kids I played with when I 
was four just as well as I remember the teachers 
who encouraged me to explore my talent as a 
writer. I promise you, ten years from now I'll still 
remember them, just as I'll remember everyone 
I've met at WAC. Each and every one of you — my 
dearest fhends. friends who have drifted away, and 
even people I've pushed away. . .each of you have 
helped me become the person I am today, and that 
influence will persist long after I've said goodbye to 
you. Whoever I'll be ten years from now, whatever 
I'll accomplish, I want all of you to take pride in 
knowing you had a hand in that. Wherever I go in 
life, I will never forget the help I had in getting 
there. Darianne, Stacey, Rob, Will, Shafe, Chris, 
Melissa, Faith, Ne'ko, Leigh, Laura. Angel, Jenny, 
Graham, Nicky, Bareford, Kim, Megan, my family, 
my professors, and all the rest. . .thank you. 

226 Seniors 

Hometown: Westminster, MD 
Major: Biology and Secondary Education 
Activities: Field Hocl<ey, BBB, SJF, Pi 
Lambda Theta, Education Club 

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it 

As I sit and try to summarize tine last four years, I 
have to laugh; laugh about the memories and smile 
excitedly about what is to come. I followed my heart 
and was supported by the most important people 
along the way. 

"Be who you are and say what you feel because 
those who mind don't matter and those who matter 

don't mind." 
My family has supported me unconditionally through 
it all. Mom and Dad have truly shown me how to be a 
good person through their own example. If I am 
lucky, I will be a quarter of the teacher Dad is in all 
walks of my life. My sisters... My greatest memories 
are full of Meghan, Beth and Caitlin and now my 
"brothers", too. Truffle shuffle eternal! I love you 
guys!! My best friend, Sean. You have shown me that 
love is patient, love is kind... it always protects, 
always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 
Love never fails. I love you and appreciate you more 
than you can know. No more see you next week- 
ends!! Tara- thank you for being you and helping me 
be me. And so I leave Washington College... 
"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your 

shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you 

choose. You're on your own, and you know what you 

know. And you are the one who'll decide where you'll 

go. Oh the places you'll go." 

Hometown: Northampton, PA ' 

Major: Biology and Pre-Vet 
Activities: ODK, Beta Beta Beta, SJF, Peer 
Tutor, Resident Assistant, Really Great Cats 
Rescue Volunteer 

We do not remember days; we remember moments. 
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty 
of their dreams. — Eleanor Roosevelt. To my hard- 
working father, supportive mother and awesome brother 
Thank you for seeing me through the past four years. 
You have been my rock during the stormiest moments 
of my life. Laura - Thanks for showing me the silver 
lining in every WAC cloud. Dr. Verville - I couldn't ask 
for a better advisor (good luck with the goose poop!) 
Dr. Sorrentino - Thanks for feeding my medieval 
addiction! Dean Mac, Diane, Bob - Your support never 
faltered, even in the face of my own self-doubt. Sue - 
You have been the most supportive, patient, and just- 
plain-cool boss a girl could ask for. Pam. Mandi. WAC 
RAs - thanks for giving me two great years... remem- 
ber, one person CAN make a difference. My crazy 
Samoan, Shauna, Alema- Rum and Water forever! 
WAC was never the same without you. Lauren- It's 
taken 4 years to find you, but better late than never! 
Thanks for showing me the REAL way to have fun - by 
being myself. Tammy - You sexy chica. it was worth 
the wait! Beka - Thanks for giving me wings. Twin - 
Got a light? Suzy. Crystal, Mary. Heather G,- Thanks 
for all the lessons, Cliff City trips and fantastic memo- 
ries! Penthouse Beasts - I started out as an RA praying 
I could make a difference in just one resident's life.,, 
but found the 9 of you made a huge difference in mine. 
Yeah Waffle House! 

Seniors 227 

Hometown: California, MD 

Majors: Music, History, Humanities 

Activities: French Club, WC Computer Club, Resident Assistant, Catholic 

Campus Ministry, SJF, Middle States Task Force/Committee Member, Honor 

Board, SGA Senate, DDK 

This space intentionally left blank. Fill in as appropriate. Throw in a little hint of what we learned 
and experienced over the last four years. People, places, events, opportunities, changes. From 
the tiny to the grand, the important to obscure. There are thousands of little items that made my 
time at Washington College amazing. Each one has left a little imprint on me. Connect the dots. 
Then step back, and realize that, while this space may have been left blank four years ago, it is 
now intentionally left full. 

Hometown: Newark, DE 

Major: Business Management 

Minor: Computer Science 

Activities: French Club, Student Academic 

Board, SGA, Dean's List, Early Music 

Consort, Band 

Mom, Dad, Mom-mom, and Pop-pop: Thank you 
tor all your love and support... and tor making me 
go to France!! Eric: These last tour years haven't 
always been easy, and I know I got more than a 
little grumpy a time or two. Thanks for always 
supporting everything I did, no matter how much 
you disagreed! Jen: France was a great experi- 
ence and we are definitely going back. ..this time I 
won't get left in the metro! Memories of Vivian, 
Christophe. Blatt, Viviane, Ann. Marie, Joy. 
Kheira, Elise, and Kate will forever be cherished. 
Marsha: Oh lord, what to say to you... oh, your 
flowers and candy finally arrived. ..but I kept the 
flowers and ate the candy!! Minty: I am going to 
miss you and all. ..but I have one last favor to ask. 
Can you spare me SI 000? You'll be reim- 
bursed... Amy: We are truly superwomen for 
having gotten through this last year. Okay, okay, I 
can't thank all the great friends I met here at 
WAC, so to sum it up... thanks all for being there! 
Remember, it isn't what you have in your life, but 
who you have in your life. 

228 Seniors 

Hometown: Chestertown, MD 
Major: Anthropology 
Activities: Kappa Alpha Order, 
Anthropology Club, Lambda Alpha, 
Academic Technology Committee, Living 
Wage Campaign, Society for Historical 
Archaeology, Society for American 
Archaeology, Maritime Archaeological 
Historical Society 

To everyone who has shared in the 
experience of this 14-year journey with me, 
thank you. The names are far too many to 
list here, but most of them know who they 
are. Many do not, and I thank them just the 

"One seeks a midwife for his thoughts, 
another someone to whom he can be a 
midwife: thus originates good conversa- 
tion." -Nietzsche 

Hometown: Jarrettsville, MD ' 

Major: Biology and Environment Studies 


Activities: Kent/QA Rescue Squad. Student 

Events Board, ODK, Beta Beta Beta, SJF, 

Annual Alumni Phonathon, Biology TA 

It is hard to believe that four years is nearly 
completed, time sure flew with great friends. 
Thank for everyone for the awesome times. Rai- 
Don't forget about the good times in Kent and 
wall<ing the yellow line. Matt- Remember all the 
SEB fun and our trip to Atlanta. Rob- You 
completed the suite. Mandi- 1 salute you! Keep a 
tight hold on Matt and good luck with being a 
teacher. Mandy- You will make a great vet. Don't 
forget all the early parties. Darianne- May a drink 
be always at thy hand and memories of Thursday 
nights in your head. Sarah H.- Thank God for 
fudge, watch out for Bridge. Katy- Good luck next 
year, and don't ever let me find you in bed with 
Sarah again. Jen A.- Nothing like a good PA Dutch 
friend! Amanda S.. Bev S., Paula P.. and the rest 
of the hall- you all were so much fun. don't stop 
being that way! The Kiplin crew- The Alpen Man 
will never forget the fun we had. especially in the 
pubs! Emily S.- Thanks for getting me through my 
Kent years even on the red hot days. Jenna C- 
What would you do without me? Remember the 
hikes, the walks, and the talks. Bridget- You made 
college my favorite place to be. Thank you for 
putting up with my EMT calls and being there when 
I need you. I love you and I hope there are many 
years to come. 

Seniors 229 

Hometown: Chestertown, MD 
Major: Business Management 
Activities: Ultimate Frisbee 

Thanks to all those professors that 
shared knowledge and information with 
me. Special thanks to Dr. Scout for 
sharing his "Scoutisms" and superior 
knowledge. Thanks to my parents for 
providing the opportunities that you 
have. Thanks to those of you who 
helped me proofread my thesis (you 
know who you are). I may not have 
appeared in this book without your 
help. Frisbee people. ...don't let the 
club die out after we all put in so much 
sweat and time. Keep it together and 
make it grow. To all others peace. 

Hometown: Chestertown, MD 
Major: Business Management 
Minor: Music 
Activities: Ultimate Frisbee 

smears rules! Thanks to all who 
made my two years at WAC a good 
one with plenty of fun times. 
Thankyou mom and dad for making 
all the sacrifices necessary to put me 
through college. Thanks also to Tom 
Anthony for your lending your 
patience and sharing your knowl- 
edge of the guitar with me every 
semester. To WAC UF: within two 
years I know you'll be doing great 
things as a team. I'll be at the 
practices when I can so I can still 
offer that spirited insight I know you 
all look forward to. Anyway, see 
everybody in the future, -s., s. man, 

230 Seniors 

Hometown: Middletown, NJ 

Major: Environmental Studies 

Activities: Alpha Clii Omega, Running Club 

To my Marmie, Pops, Jerry, & Sam, you guys 
are the best family a girl could have. Thank you 
for all you've ever done for me. I love you guys. 
To all the AX's-you're an awesome group of 
girls, don't forget that. My Seuss fam-Court, 
Ape, and Kim- we are the best, no question. Flip 
cup, it's not just a game. Court, you've been a 
great roommate these past 2 years. From 
dancing on wine nights to happy hours at the 
Bird, it's all been great. My Ape-what can I say, 
you'll always be my roommate-Wayne& Garth, 
Gangstas, Power hours. Roomie Code-I know it 
will never end. KB, my fellow tree hugger, who 
would have thought we'd make it through these 
4 years. You've been such a shoulder and such 
a great friend to me, thanks for everything. Jar, 
my little stud, who could ask for a better boy to 
nap with. Remember to not be a turtle and to 
use those brains of yours. I love you. To 
everyone else I've encountered along the way, 
thanks for all the laughter, and all the lessons. 
"V^'ell, my feet they finally took root in the earth, 
but I got me a nice little place in the stars. And I 
swear i found the key to the universe in the 
engine of an old parked car." That's Bruce, baby. 
Later, kids 

Hometown: Annapolis, MD 

Major: English 

Minor: Psychology 

Activities: Alpha Chi Omega, Running Club 

To my family: Thanks so much for all your 
support. Mom, thank you for giving me all the 
opportunities I have had. Julia: We made it all 
the way since 4th grade! I can't imagine being 
without you! You will always be my best friend. I 
love you. To Alpha Chi: Thanks for all the great 
times. Good luck! Spring 2001 Pledge Class: 
Many of you were my friends from the beginning. 
Thanks for getting me through that first year! Dr. 
Suess: A-pie and Lil Kim (Horton and Chugs): 
We are the best fam! No one can party like us! 
Kelly (Sam I Am): Thanks for putting up with me 
and always being there. I will miss our dance 
parties! Kiplin Hall 2003: one of the best times of 
my life, I will never forget it. Bren: Thanks for 
walking me down those mountains! To Pete: 
You were such an important part of my 4 years at 
WAC. I couldn't have done it without you. It's a 
good thing Jenn and MB made me go to 521 ! I 
love you. To everyone: thank you for making 
these 4 years so special. I will miss you all! 

Seniors 231 

Hometown: Monkton, MD 

First I would to thank my parents for 
always supporting me in every way. 
I love you botln so mucti. I would 
also like to thank my brother and 
heather, Congratulations to both of 
you. To my friends it has been an 
amazing four years and I am very 
sad to say good bye, though I do 
think it is time to move on. To 
Wayles I would not be who I am 
without you. You have taught me 
how to be a friend. To Courtney, its 
hard to believe its been 12 years 
since we first met. I can't imagine 
not going to school without you. To 
KTB you have made senior year 
bearable and of course laughable. 
To Alpha Chi I will miss you girls 
thanks for sooo much fun. 

Hometown: Lindenhurst, NY 
Major: Business Management 
Activities: Soccer, AOTT, SAM, ODE,, 
ODK, Order of Omega, Sigma Beta Delta, 

"Happiness isn't something you experience; it's 
something you remember." The old cliche that 
college is the best four years of your life definitely 
stands true for my experience at WAC. I have been 
blessed with wonderful friends and family that made 
my four years here truly incredible! Nicholas, thank 
you! Thanks for being there for me, laughing with 
me, teaching me, motivating me, and getting niiiice 
with me. I am so lucky I found you. You are the best 
boyfriend, and best friend a girl could ask for. The 
last four years were amazing; I can't wait to see what 
the next four years will bring! AOPiggies and soccer 
girls... thanks for all of the memories! And to my 
incredible family- Dad-you are the epitome of 
strength and courage. Your battles over these last 
few years have renewed my faith and love for my 
family. Mom- I think if I had to pick one person who 
was my hero it would be you. You are the most 
loving and selfless person I have ever met. I am 
grateful for the special relationship we have and I 
hope that one day I can be half as good a mother 
and wife as you are. Kate and Bri you are the best 
and I am so proud of you both! I love you with all my 

232 Seniors 

I dont even know where to start, 
but i know nothing would have 
been possible without the love and 
support from my parents-thank you 
guys for everything, I love you. Tim 
and Kate-dont know how you put 
up with me. it all started in kent 
101 , were the self proclaimed Iggy 
was invented. From there it went 
to 1 D, words can decribe 1 D, 
Mulch is straight, and Kearney is 
skinny-bullgwit. Bubba Twats and 
Peta Wooogetss, I dont know 
where you two came from, but I 
hope no one else out there is like 
you two-slickup. Iggy and the 
stained futon, then came Miller 
and non stop drinking-"l got 
statistics its easy." ID part II was 
next, Miller and non stop 
drinking. .again, Rizzel, String, 
Doug, pimpin pope'n, and ofcourse 
Derick WhatUpCuzzz. Senior year 
has come and gone-"look at this 
guy" Soccer-win me a title, the 
experiences are unforgetable, no 
regrets whatsoever. WAC is 
Niiiice-lm out 

Hometown: Baltimore, MD 
Major: Business Management 
Activities: Assistant Soccer Coach, Senior 
Class Treasurer, DDK, Sigma Beta Delta, 
SJF, Resident Assistant, School Mascot 

Two words that sum up the past fours years of my 
life: Strength and Honor... I would have never thought 
that my four years at Washington College would be 
such fulfilling experience. This could not be possible 
if it were not for my loving family and my great 
friends. Mom, Dad. Lisa, and Greg, you guys are the 
best and thank you for all your love and support 
while I was away the past four years. Allie. I did not 
come to this school and expect to find a girl as 
special as you. You are one of the best things that 
have ever happened to me. You always motivated 
me to do my best and you were always there when 
ever I needed you. We had some niiiiiiiiiice times 
over the past four years and I look forward to our 
future. You are more then a girlfriend to me, you are 
my best friend! 831* To all my boys: Foltyn. Miller, 
Pimpin Pope, Boba Twats, Kearney Kearn Keam. 
Peter Walgotz. String, Rule, Dougie. The French Kid. 
Ru Dog. Jordo, Ferri, Cuzz, Ben. Watson, Kevo, 
Baker and Chizzle Pizzile (sorry if I forgot anyone). 
You guys made the past four years an awesome 
experience and given me memories that will last a 
lifetime. Keep the legend of Iggy alive! That is the 
slick up and the blick up, no bulgwit about it, WAC 
Soccer is Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! 

Seniors 233 

Hometown: Preston, MD 
Major: Behavioral Neuroscience 
Psychology (Pre-Med) 
Activities: Psychology Club, Art 
History Club 



Hometown: Westfield, NJ 
Major: Behavioral Neuroscience 
Activities: Psi Chi 

Many hugs, kisses and thanks to my family 
and friends. I love you all! Mom and Dad, 
thank you so much for giving me this 
opportunity to make my dreams come true! 
Lauren, I couldn't have asked for a better 
sister! Nana, "wanna hang?" I love you all so 
much! And last but not least my Patrick. 
Baze, I love you more than anything! You are 
and will always be my best friend and soul 
mate! I couldn't imagine my life without your 
smile. "So I have given you my hand to hold, 
I give you my life to keep..." I love you so 
much! "2!!!!" 

"Listen to the mustn'ts, child. Listen to the 

don'ts. Listen to the shouldn'ts, the 
impossibles, and the won'ts. Listen to the 

never haves, the listen close to 

me... Anything can happen, child. Anything 

can be." ~ She! Sllverstein 

234 Seniors 

Hometown: Salvda, VA 

Major: History 

Minor: Political Science 

To my family, thank you. I am where I am today 
because of your love, support, and friendship. I 
more than appreciate the many sacrifices you 
have made for me. My one hope is that at the 
end of the day, I have made you proud. Thank 
you for all that you have given me. 

To my friends, thank you for being my family 
away from home. When I look back on these 
four years I have many memories — first hellos, 
late nights, big wins, ridiculous stories, and final 
goodbyes. These friendships have made me a 
better person, and I will carry you with me 
wherever I go. 

"nothing lasts forever 

not the mountains or the seas 

but the times we had together 

they will always be with me" 

-the samples 

Seniors 235 

^ Hometown: North Potomac, MD 
Major: Business Management 
Activities: Basketball, Alpha Chi Omega 

Thanks to my mom, dad, and sister for supporting me 
drying my 4 years at WAC. Becky- Where would I be 
without you; long drives and our secret spots. It just 
isnt' the same without you. Allyson- Thanks for 
everything, one of the best and craziest girls I know. 
Always an exciting night. Misty, Laura, Kristen- 
always an amazing time. Prob still were 30 @ 
Dewey Beach; been a crazy 4 years, but the most 
memorable. Pat- I mean Kat- always livin' it up at 
WAC and Western Maryland set it off baby, never a 
dull moment. Jer- love you tons, good luck next year; 
I am only a phone call away. Thanks for everything 
this past year; couldn't have gotten through it without 
you. Mis Mia- miss our talks and crazy nights, but we 
have many more coming with your mom def picking 
us up at the bar. Jenny- take it over next year; love 
ya my little! Janine- you taught me some of the my 
crazy ways....LN- "I'm callin' al Ithe shots!!" Jessie- 
miss you tons girl. Mary- what can I say biggie, what 
can I say; always helping through everything. ..OK!! "I 
am not a crook!" Marcie- 1 love you to death girl, 
even though we hardly see each other or talk, we 
always know what's going on. Lindsey- finally made 
it to your apartment, it's been a great 4 years; many 
more memories to come. Gonna miss you all like 
crazy. CLH- forever loved and missed. Basketball 

camp forever FTB!!!! TONGUE SISTERS 4 


Hometown: Bellmore, NY 

Major: Clinical Counseling Psychology 

Minor: Sociology 

Activities: Alpha Omicron Pi, Special 

Olympics, Basketball, Character Counts, 

Psychology Club, Best Buddies, Order of 


To my parents - Thanks for all your love and 
support throughout college, it has meant so 
much to me. Michele & Kristyn - you both have 
given so much to live up to and I thank you for 
that. MS & NP - I love you both, thanks for 
sticking with me. I wouldn't change us for 
anything in the 

world. I have learned so much more here than 
what they have taught in the classrooms. I owe 
that to my friends, who were truly my family 
away from home. It has been an unforgettable 
4 years - thank you for helping me become a 
better person - I love you girls -YP, KP, KS, 

EM, MH, JC, JO, MR, LD - memohes that 

last a lifetime. To the senior lady bailers - we've 
been through so much and I'll never forget all 
that we accomplished. TB's for liiife. To the 
younger girls- have no regrets & leave it all on 
the court. My AOII girls - I'm proud to be part of 
such a great group of girls. Thanks for all the 
great memories. ..keep livin it up. One thing I'm 
taking with me is. ..happiness is not having what 
you want, but wanting what you have. 

236 Seniors 

Hometown: Cinnaminson, MD 

Major: Business Management (Education) 

Activities: Lacrosse 

To Mom and Pop: Thank you so much for 
everything that you have sacrificed for me and 
have done for me. You have guided me all my life 
and now it's time for me to fly with my own set of 
wings. I am truly blessed to have you as my 
parents. I love you. To TJ, Amy and Matty: 
You're the best! Thanks for paving a wonderful 
road for me to follow, but most of all for your help 
over the years. To my first Roommate, Chase; I 
will never forget the times we shared together in 
Wicomico. You are one of a kind. To Bug: You 
know me so well and I am lucky to have you as a 
friend. Your words of wisdom are priceless. To 
Mary and Karl: Thanks for the awesome times 
that we have shared, but mostly for your friend- 
ship. To #25, 23, and 6: Thank you for being 
supportive . oxoxo To the Boys: Thank you so 
much for the awesome times, but most of all for 
watching out for me. To Marcie: You are the 
sister that I never had. We have cried and 
laughed many times together. I love you. And to 
Jenny: We have come so far together. The four 
years that I have spent with you will remain a part 
of my life forever. We have walked through this 
experience together and it is truly UNFORGET- 
TABLE. To my friends: Best of Luck, Be Careful, 
and Remember the Good Times! 

Hometown: Sykesville, MD 
Major: Political Science 

We've learned a thing or two from hopes we've 
seen fulfilled and the assorted troubles we've 
been through. We're looking back astonished at 
how fast the years have flown, how much we've 
done, how far we've come, and how well-mature 
we've grown. Our lives have many stones and 
countless memories that touch us once again 
with joy, tenderness and pain. And still, we look 
ahead with hope, for as the years unfold, there is 
no limit to the dreams our hearts can hold. As we 
graduate this spring, we celebrate who we are. 
the friendships we share, and the promise of 
memories waiting to be made. To my Mom and 
Dad and Misty, the people who have always 
believed in me even during times 1 did not 
believe in myself, I thank you for the love and 
support you have always provided. Tracy, truly 
my first friend in college, from the first day of 
orientation I have chehshed your friendship 
everyday. AHHHH Sweaty Wang, we will always 
be New Years Eve! Good luck next year, I will 
miss you. Billy, since freshmen year our 
friendship has grown stronger and stronger that 
no words can describe my love for you. To all my 
best friends I have made throughout this 
adventure, you we always remain in my heart 
and memories, thanks for an amazing four years. 

Seniors 237 

Colleen Marie Costello 

The places you have been... 
The places you will go... 

Gifts bestowed upon you by God... 
Unbridled laughter. 
Compassion in your heart. 
Determination in your eye. 
Ever inquisitive why... 
Have served you well. 

Your Guardian Angel is ever present. 

We have always been proud of you. 
Sometimes very quietly. 
But never more so then now. 



Dad, Mom, and Charles 

Congratulations! ! 

"Success comes not from the winning, but the 

effort you put in to get there." -H. Brooks 

You are a true champion-our #1. We will always 
be proud of you. Congratulations graduate! may 
all the rest of your dreams come true! 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Congratulations, Son! 

It seems like only yesterday you started Pre-K 

and now you're graduating college, time has 

passed too quickly- Words cannot describe how 

proud we are of you. We know that whatever 

direction you choose in life, you will do great. 

Remember we love you and will always support 

you and be there for you. 

Love always. Dad and Mom 

238 Senior Ads 

Look out world. Here comes 

From your first steps, to your first 
notes, to traveling across the ocean, 
you have included us all in your 
adventures. You have led the way 
to joy, tears, wrong notes and high 
hopes, never hesitating when things 
seemed out of reach. From the 
queen of the sand box, to the leader 
of the band, you played at the 
concerts, danced at balls, and made 
us so proud to watch it all. Now as 
you take the next steps in new 
adventures, know that we will 
always be here for you. 

Mom, Dad, Tommy, Joey 
Mom Mom and Pop Pop 


Senior Ads 23^ 

Reach for the Stars 

As the years ha\'e passed, we hae 
watched you grow into a beautiful, 
talented young woman. You ha\e 
touched so many lives with your 
abilities, wit, "mouth," and deter- 
mination. You have created many 
wonderful moments that will be 

Want to hear a funny story? 
We are so very proud of your 
accomplishments and we love you 
so very much. 

Remember, keep reaching for the 
stars, they're closer than you 

Another Grand Performance!! 

We will never stop applauding as we 
are your biggest fans. We are so very 
proud of you. Congratulations Kari!! 

Love you more. 

Mom, Dad, Adam, 

and Remmy, too 

240 Senior Ads 

Our little superstar-Treese 

From the moment you were born, you were our 

pride and joy. It has been our privilage to help 

you grow into a beautiful young woman. Now as 

you go out into the world, know you will always 

have a home to come back to. We all love you very 

much. Congratulations and enjoy life! 

Mom, Dad, Andy, and John 

Wise, wonderful, and full of grace. 

We could not be prouder of all you 

have become. 

Our heartfelt congratulations and deep 


Mom, Dad, and Aurelie 


^^^^K ' ''''''i'^''^'^^ri 


Congratulations, Kari! 

May the love of your family inspire you 
to greater accomplishments. 

Gramee and Pop 

Lindsev Summers 

Cong;ratulations, with all our lo\"e. 

Not only are we proud of \"our academic 

accomplishments, we are proud of the 

person that vou have grown into over 

these last four vears. We wish you much 

success in e\'ervthing vou do, and hope 

that all of your dreams come true. 

Lo\'e, Mom and Dad 

Senior Ads 241 

Go Girl! 

From grade school to college 
you have always worked so 
hard at everything you do. 
Your accomplishments reflect 
that hard work. Your dedica- 
tion and inner-strength has 
enabled you to reach your 
goals. These last four years at 

Washington College has 
helped to define the wonder- 
ful person you've become. 
We are so proud of you and 
we love you very much. 
Congratulations on your 
graduation. Watch out world- 
Here she comes! 

242 Senior Ads 

You've come to the end of this road! 

Through many arduous tasks and making many decisions, you 

endured. Through making many adjustments, you endured. 

Through friendships, old and new, you endured. Through 

sleepless nights because of your tireless efforts, you endured. 

Through all of this, you have learned to make good choices. You 

are stonger because of what you have endured and we couldn't be 

prouder of what you have accomplished and who you have 

become. You have come to the end of this road, only to embark 

upon another. Continue your journey with integrity. We love you 

very much. 

Mom, Dad, and Brandon 


Reach high for the stars; 

They are within your 


We are very proud of 

Love always. 

Dad, Mom, Erin, and 


Amy Elizabeth Levak 

"Light tomorrow with today" -Ehza- 
beth Barrett Browning 

Being a part of your life's journey has 
given us much joy. Watching as you 
have grown into a confident, accom- 
plished young woman has filled us 
with pride. Experiencing your love has 
brought us true happiness. 

Keep faith in yourself, love in your 

heart, and past successes will be 

eclipsed by future accomplishments. 

Above all, enjoy all that Ufe has to 


Love always. Mom and Dad 









^ \t.p 






Senior Ads 243 

^ ~X^ 7T-- /y^ A-y < ^ 

Congratulations, Jon! 

"In matters of style, 

swim with the current; 

In matters of principle, 

stand like a rock." 

-Thomas Jefferson 

Life is all about choices, 
and we're so proud of 

the choices you've made 

and the person you've 


All our love. 
Mom, Dad, and Jordan 

244 Senior Ads 

For Chris, Dusty and Sonny Mears 

Three separate roads they've traveled 

To get to this same place. 

They've had their own adventures. 

Each setting their own pace. 

Chris was in the army. 

He's traveled far and wide. 

Dusty's been to Brazil at times. 

And broadcasting he's tried. 

Sonny started out at UDEL 

Then transferred here to WAC. 

They've all been gone for different times 

And now they've all come back. 

May you meet your life's ambitions 

May you meet with much success. 

Your parents are so proud of you 

And wish you happiness. 

Senior Ads 24^ 

"Honor," "Conviction," "Passion," 

"Determination," "Persistence," 

and "Humility" ~ all of these 

synonymous with you, "Pamela" ~ 

you make us proud each and every 


We love you, 
Mom, Dad, and Dina 

We love 

246 Senior Ads 

Graduation Congratulations! 

May you always continue to follow your dreams. 

Much love, 
Mom and Daddy 

Senior Ads 247 

Way to go. Squirt 

We are so proud of you. Your 
persistance and hard work has paid 
off, as it always will. 

Love always. 
Mom, Dad, and Jen 

With love to our little princess 

How fast time has passed from when you 

were riding on your first set of wheels, 
your "Mickey Mouse Trike" to your little 

red "Loser." I mean Laser. Words can 
never express how much we love you and 

how very proud we are of all you have 
accomplished. What a wonderful gift God 

gave us when He blessed us with you. 

YOU ARE THE BEST! You will always be 

our "Baby Sweets." 

As always, you are our heart. 
Mom & Dad 

248 Senior Ads 

Congratulations ! 

We are so proud of you and 
all of your accomplishments! 

May you continue to explore 

and catch life's big fish with 

your unbounded energy and 


Mom and Dad 

With love and admiration 

Your perception of the world has grown and 
matured, but hard work and determination 
has remained constant in everything you do. 
Wherever your inquisitive and adventurous 
spirit leads you, success will follow. We are 
so very proud of everything you have accom- 
plished in your life, both athleticalUy and 

Love, Mom and Dad 

You'll alwavs be our little "peanut"! 

Stacev (otherwise known as "C"), 

Our curlv-haired little girl! We are so ven." 

proud of vou! You are the end of the Coomer 

legacy at Washington College. Your hard 

work really paid off this vear. We love you 

more than \"ou'll ever know! 

Mom, Dad, Stephanie, Paul, Mom-Mom, Pop- 
Pop, Grandmom, Pop, Bailey, and Casey too! 

Senior Ads 249 

Casey Ellwood-Pinney Sawma 
We are very proud of you 

We love you so much. 
Dad, Mom, Will, and Maggy 

Congratulations! ! 

Kick up your heals and celebrate! You did it! We are so proud of you and your 

accomplishments. My how time has flown from kindergarten to college 

graduation. Best of luck in all your future endeavors. 

All our love. 
Mom, Dad, Justin, and Ashley 

250 Senior Ads 

CLJKSS Of 2004 


four sfiort years ago you started your journey 

JAt y/asfiington CoCCege. 

It is fiarcCto BeCieve that this journey 

Is over for you. 

yVe want to congratuCate you on your gracCuation ^ 

JAncCwish you much Cuck and success C^^ 

) ,l/L ) I On your future endeavors, C'="'^'^^'^ ^ 

///' ' sM ■ ^"^'^^ - ^ 


y ,^ Love, 





Senior Ads 251 

Look at you now! 

Remember your first day of college? You were so excited to be going to Washington College. 

We drove you there, moved you in, and tried to leave. We hugged, said goodbye, then 

hugged some more. When we drove home, there wasn't a dry eye, or enough tissues, in the 

car. Our little girl was in college and wouldn't be with us. Oh the thoughts that ran through 

our minds; would you be safe enough, would you eat right, who would take care of you if 

you were sick? Well, it's four years later, and look at you now. You were safe, you didn't 

starve, and you survived. Not only did you survive, but you flourished. You excelled 
academically, played sports, worked on campus, joined organizations, and made a differ- 
ence. You've made wonderful friends, some of whom are like family to us. Some of these 
friendships will last a lifetime and others will become treasured memories. These past four 
years have been wonderful for you. We hope that you are as proud of yourself as we are of 
you. You have accomplshed for more than we've ever expected, but knew that you could. 
Natalie, congratulations on your graduation. We love you so very much. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Michael, and Steven 

252 Senior Ads 



Br 1 

Dear Jackie, 

From your first day in Kindergarten to graduating 

college. Where did the time go? Congratulations! 

You are the perfect example of what a daughter 

can be... 

Determined and Independent... 

Loving and Caring... 

Beautiful and Intelligent... 

We couldn't be more proud. Having you for a 

daughter has been one of the greatest gifts life has 

given us. Follow your dreams and be happy. 

We love you. Mom, Dad, and Alison 

Love to our golden girl 

Your educational career has begun in a 

bright and sunny way. The sky's your 

limit! Set you sights high for your future 

students, as you muck in streams and 

explore the stars. We are all so proud of 


Love, Mom, Dad, Meghan, Mike, Beth, Tim, 

and Caitlin 


P 1 ' 







The past four years have taken you far. Through accomplishments and awesome opportunities. Traveling 

to South America, Australia, and Asia; meeting and working with people of all nationalities has broadened 

your sense of adventure and achievement. You dedication to organizations and friends has brought you a 

sense of satisfaction and the desire for more. You've always given your best in e\erything you've done 

and achieved academically with high distinction. The opportunities you'\e experienced have given your 

life a new attitude. Memories of good times; training in Florida with teammates in Tanuar\-, trips to 

Annapolis for dinners with old friends and new, activities with ZTA sisters, and spring break in M\Ttle 

Beach with Habitat for Humanity. From skydiving, scuba diving, and building a house, to \s-orking with 

crew and Shorman swimteams, to reports, tests, and your thesis, you've done it all. Wow! Just imagine 

where life could take you next. Treasure the past and embrace your future. We are so ver)- proud of you. 

Best wishes and much success always. 
Love, Mom and Dad 

Senior Ads 2?3 

254 Senior Ads 

Graduation is finally here!! 

Your walk from our little girl to a beautiful 
young lady has filled us with pride and joy. 
As you enter a new beginning in your life, 
do so with the confidence of your past 
successes and the knowledge of having your 
family and God with you every step of the 

Love, Mom, Dad, and Chloe 

Congratulations, Erin! 
We are so proud of you and all of your 
accomplishments; we love you so very much 
We wish you all of life's best and hope all of 
your dreams come true. 

May the road rise to meet you 

May the wind be always at your back 

And, until we meet again 

May God hold you in the palm of his hand. 

Love you. Mom, Dad, and Mike 

Senior Ads 2:<^ 

1000th point shot- way to go! 

"For there is no friend like 
a sister, in calm or stormy 
weather, to cheer one on 
the tedious way, to fetch 
one if one goes astray, to 
life one if one totters down 
to strengthen whilst 

Katie, you have achieved greatness 
throughout your life, and especially 
during these four years at WAC. We 
are so proud of all that you have 
accomplished! With all our love and 
congratulations. Mom, Dad, Kelly, 
Chrissv, and Brad 

"And when you finally fly away, we'll be hoping 
that we served you well. For all the wisdom of a 
lifetime, no one can ever tell. But whatever road 
you choose, we're right behind you, win or lose...' 

256 Senior Ads 

With much love 

Tracy, thank you for 

being a wonderful 

daughter. Never 

change your sweet 

and loving ways. 

Again you have 

made new^ friends, so 

always remember the 

old ones. Laugh, cry, 

and be crazy. Family 

is forever! 


Mom, Dad, T.J., Amy, 

and Matty 

It's time to kick up your heels!! 
Congratulations on your gradua- 
tion from Washington College!! 
From birth to this day you have 
brough us joy and laughter. We 
are proud of you and wish you 
continued success as you complete 
your fiinal year at Johns Hopkins 
School of Nursing. We love you 
and wish you the best always. 
Guardian angels around you. God 
bless you. 
Love, Mom, Dad, and Chad 

Senior Ads 2?' 

The best is yet to come! 

If we searched the 
world over, we could 
not have found a more 
perfect daughter. We 
are so lucky God gave 
you to us. Our wish 
for you is health, and 
happiness as you pur- 
sue your dreams. 

Congratulations on a 
job well done! 


All our love. 

Mom and Dad 


258 Senior Ads 

Christina, Cliristina- Christina Michelle! 
What a beautiful name fov'Ckristina La Belle. " 
For so long we have waited to see who you'd be, 
And now you are here! What sJie^^r ecitasy: 

We love you already, can that really be so? 

Yes! The small see of love will continue to grow. 

You, yourself are the proof that from something tninute 

A creature, complex (not to mention, so cute;) 

Has presented herself on the old stage of time. 

What you'll be in the future is a thought quite sublime. 

For potential is in you to be-who knows what? 

It is but to be nourished and cherished and caught. 

And the God-given gifts that lie dormant within 

Will flourish and bloom to the joy of your kin. 

So our love just beginning for you, oh my sweet 
Will know full crescendo as together we meet. 
And let our hearts joy in the sweet gift of love, 
The essence of God brought down from above. 

Written by Marian E. Payne, Christina's Nana 
To welcome Christina 's arrival 

Senior Ads 2?9 

Way to be. Patch! 

As you go through life, don't forget to 

stop and smell the flowers along the 

way! We are very proud of all you have 

accomplished and wish you the best in 

this new, exciting time in your life. 

With much love. 
Mom and Dad 


Noah Melamed 

You fill us with Pride! 

You have worked hard and 

accomplished so much! We 
are proud of the caring, strong, 

dedicated man you have be- 
come. You have many special 

gifts and talents to take with 
you as you enter into the next 
phase of your life. Whatever 

road you take we know you 

will succeed. Enjoy the ride! 

"Don't aim for success if you 
want it; just do what you love 

and believe in, and it will 
come naturally." David Frost 

Much Love, 
Mom, Dad and Zach 




260 Senior Ads 

Congratulations Lauren. We love you ! 

"You're off to Great Places! 

Today is your day! Your mountain 

is waiting. So.. .get on your way!" 

(Oh, the Places You'll Go!) 

Love, Mom & Dad 

Senior Ads 2p1 




Always remember you are loved. Pursue every 

endeavor with relentless passion and regret will 

never follow. Always believe in yourself and 

know your accomplishments are limitless. 

Congratulations and best wishes. May God 
continue to bless you. Champ. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Lisa, and Gregory 

Congratulations Sweetie! 

We hope life brings you a lot more 
gold medals. You make us proud! 

Mom and Dad 


Eileen Kasda 

You made the most of your college years. You 

did it all from A to Z, Athletics - Zeta. We 

could not be more proud of you and your 


You WILL make a difference one day in this 

world! All of us wish you the very best!!! 

Mom, Dad, Joanna, Mary Beth, and Rebecca 

Class of 2004! 

262 Senior Ads 

Editor^ Page 
Kathrjm A. Fluhr 


I would like to thank everyone who helped with this y* 
been done without you! 

sus; it could not have 

Thank you to the entire College Relations office, especially Meredith Davies- 
Hadaw,ay,,Greg Waddell, TedlCnight, and Marcia Landskroener for all of their 
assistance and support. Also, our'Jostens representati\'e. Chuck Hudson; thanjc you 
for all of your help and for all of the "homework" you did for the book, t-would like 
to thank Sarah Middleton, Jessica Chiartas, Stephanie Wicks^ Lindsay Hutchinson, 
Sarah Hill, Kristin Koenig, and Guy Carlsward for helping me get all of the pages 
done: Last, but not least, 1 would like to tliank those that constantly put up \vith my 
complaining about the deadhnes and work!! 

Editor'? Page 2'?^ 



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The copier isji custom screened colder that Vi>as designed by %gthryn 
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